Jul 5, 2021

Update on Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mothers

Dear Donars,

The Darfur Women Network (DWN) has implemented the Safe Stoves Project for the benefit of the survivors of genocide in Darfur., who crossed the border to live away from violence in refugees’ camps in Chad.

There are around 30,000 people living in the camp with, most Darfur refugees are women and children. In addition to challenges to mental and psychological wellbeing, these families are suffering from poor physical conditions resulting from the lack of access to basic social services, such as health, education, water, and sanitation. Continued conflict in the region subject these vulnerable communities to violence and a lack of protection, which consequently creates tremendous challenges to their livelihood and wellbeing. In addition to all these challenges of lack of income, food, healthcare, education, water, and protection; there is challenge of usually using traditional wood-burning cooking stoves to cook for their families. This stove consumes a huge amount of firewood. Firewood scarcity due to deforestation leaves women and girls vulnerable to walk long distance into dangerous forest where high dangerous conflict territory which put them at risk for rape and risk for hostile attacks. Also, walking long distances to collect firewood has become a burden on the women and weakening their physical ability. In addition to safety issues, smoke inhalation and fire hazards are a constant concern. Also, the economic empowerment group has earned income for making safe stoves to protect women and girls from rape, hostile attacks, and other negative impact of using traditional stoves.  

The impact of your donation is the following:

The DWN has distributed 1200 safe stoves.

The efficient safe stove reduces the number of trips and distance that women trek to collect firewood from the forest by 75%.

Open flames encourage respiratory issues and open fire hazards that can quickly ignite a shelter. It also leads to serious risks like smoke inhalation, burns to children and accidental home fires. Safe stove helps in reducing all these health hazards.

Increase and restore the preservation of the ecological system in and around the camps.

Create economic empowerment opportunities for women to earn income for themselves and their families. There is little to no way for women to earn an income which will allow them to purchase  food or basic living necessities within the camps.

The Safe Stoves Program merges income earning opportunities with filling a vital need that benefits families in the camps.

This project has helped some refugee women to transfer themselves from dependency to self-sufficiency.

The women practice decision-making, entrepreneurship skills, and teamwork which helped them to become social change agents by changing the perception of community about women.


Currently due to rainy season, the production safe stoves by refugee women have stopped because the stoves need sun to dry and there is very little sun during this period. As clay is the main material used to make stoves, it gets easily damaged in rain. We are hoping for the production to resume by the end of rainy season.

We are thankful to the students from UK university who helped us raise fund for safe stoves.


Future plan

Safe Stoves have already reduced some of the need for firewood and have made living conditions healthier by not emitting as much smoke into the homes of refugees. However, DWN wants to come up with a a more sustainable and environment friendly solution. A solar-powered pot is the idea which is in the pipeline subjected to more funding. The goals of the Solar Pot program are to greatly reduce the use of firewood and allow for food to be stirred without any heat being lost. The Solar Pot would help change that and they will become social change agents.

Your generous donation and your commitment have enabled Darfur Women Network, DWN, to address the challenge faced Darfur refugees in the camp. Please visit our project to donate: https://goto.gg/44316

Thank you


Mar 28, 2021


Hello our supporter,

Thank you for standing for Darfur refugees, the survivors of genocide, who fled their country to live in Chad for over 17 years. The majority are Women and children of the residents of the camps and are unable to meet their basic needs of living.  Lack of social services, for drinking water, and sanitation expose these vulnerable communities to numerous challenges and life-threating situations, including malnutrition and diseases.

  The 2020 has been a quite challenging year, COVID-19 has presented the Darfur refugees in Touloum camp in Chad with unprecedented challenges in addition to lack of food, water, healthcare, education, and no jobs or any sources of income.

The Darfur Women Network committed to serve Darfur refugees with passion to survive. We worked with the refugees to raise awareness. We conducted ten awareness sessions on the prevention of COVID-19, each session for the habitants of each zone, the refugee camp consists of ten zones. Our staff taught them about the important of social distance, wearing masks, wash their hands to enable them to survive. Then, we distributed personal protective guidelines education and materials such as:  Masks, gloves, sanitizers, and soap to the 30000 refugees.     

 Clean Water has been the critical needs for the refugees to survive COVID-19. Your donations have helped us to provide safety tools to our volunteers’ team to clean up water drinking wells to ensure that clean water is available for drinking and for personal hygiene to prevent coronavirus.

The refugees depended on drinking water on rain, but, now, they drink from water wells. However, the wells have been buried during rainy season

DWN needs your generous support to be able to us to overcome the challenges to managing a COVID-19 outbreak. The refugees are in need to water for their personal hygiene. We are committed to provide water for consumption and hygiene. Your donation makes drinking water available to the refugees. When we ensure that refugees have access to water , soap, sanitizers, and mask, they will survivors COVID19.

We would like to invite you to support the refugees from Darfur to survive the COVID-19, please check our link below.

Please share our link with your network and your friends to create an opportunity to harness the generosity of people around the world to bring about real change in our refugees’ camp. During this challenging time,  http://goto.gg/44315
















Mar 7, 2021

update and invitation

Hello our friends,

Thank you for your generous donation and for taking opportunities to participate in letting women and girls by improving their lives. We appreciate your investing in DWN wok.

The Darfur Women Network, DWN, committed to provide economic empowerment service to displaced and vulnerable women to improve their lives and their communities.

What is the problem?

Over two-million people remain internally displaced struggling with dire living conditions and left with no choice but to live in crowded camps and scattered settlements.  The majority of them are women and children. In addition to challenges to mental and psychological wellbeing, these families are suffering from poor lack of access to basic health, education, water and sanitation. Children are forced into child labor.  Girls often are vulnerable to sexual violence and are forced into early child marriages.   Many children, less than ten years old, spend their day working, and do not get a chance to experience their childhood or a fair opportunity to receive education.

What is our solution? The Darfur Women Network, DWN, is committed to providing education for dropouts and Women’s Economic Empowerment Programs, which enable families overcome poverty, adapt means of sustainable development, and empower women to improve their livelihood. 

The Darfur Women Network committed to serve the displaced and vulnerable families through the following projects

  2.2. Education Program: The DWN committed to address the needs and to design comprehensive program to provide dropouts from displaced and vulnerable families with quality education to reduce their risk of abuse, exploitation, trafficking and child labor. 


2.3. Economic Empowerment/Growth Program: The DWN provides women with access to education, training, financial assistance, or resources needed to earn sustainable sources of income to enable women to support their children to learn. Raise awareness about women and girls’ rights, secure steady income for dropouts’ mothers to support their children to learn –with focus on girls.


 This way the project shall contribute towards participants’ resiliency and addressing part of the millennium development goals of the United Nations (SDGs) for 2030. It is aligning with SDGs such as education, sustainable economic, resilience, promoting a peaceful and sustainable society, capacity development, financial resources, and partnership. 



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