Jul 25, 2018

An American Coach and Indian athlete

Coach with the athletes
Coach with the athletes

Mann Deshi athlete is a fast runner. She is also a part of Mann Deshi Champions.

Here’s what Mann Deshi Athlete has to say about the Mann Deshi Champions:

“One of the Mann Deshi’s athlete says. I am from a village called Mhaswad. Right now, I am in the third year of my undergraduate degree. I have been coming to the Mann Deshi Champions ground since I was in 8th grade. Up until the 7th grad, when I wasn't a part of the Mann Deshi Champions, all I did was school and home. I didn’t do anything apart from school. Since the field was built in 2010, I have been practicing running here. With the support of the Champions, I have ran at the All-India level Nationals.At the Pune International Marathon, I came 5th in Indian Ranking.

In the 8th grade, my school timings were 7-12 in the morning. I spent the rest of the day helping my family at the farm. I studied while keeping a watch on our buffalo and other animals. I ran after them as well! This field was right behind the Mann Deshi ground. Whenever I came to this field with my buffalos, I saw some coming to the field to play sports. When I asked them why did they come there, they said that Mann Deshi had given them a playing field to play.

Every day when the sun came out, I left the buffaloes in the farm and went to the sports field to play. After I was done, I went home.

If it were not for this ground, I would not have been in sports. My family is in traditional farming and so they tend to be conservative. They would have said, 'Oh, since you have finished the 10th grade, now it’s time to get married'. I am still studying and about to complete my third year of undergrad. I even go out for tournaments and competitions."

Mann Deshi athlete is a Champion. We look forward to seeing how her success multiplies.

A former University of Maryland athlete and a coach, visits Mann Deshi once once in a month to train 30 young girls for cross-country and half marathon. Coach says these young girls have 'tons of potential. With the right guidance, they could be running on the international level'. Coach’s next visit is in the month of August for two days.

Jul 17, 2018

Bicycle Programme Report

Rajani Biking
Rajani Biking

Hear from, Rajani, a bicycle recipient in the 9th grade to understand a bit more about your donation’s impact.

“My name is Rajani. I am from Dhuldev village. Beffore getting a bicycle, I always used to travel by bus to go to school.

My family’s situation is not that great when it comes to money. My dad is a wage laborer. My mom is also a wage laborer. And because my parents are wage laborers, there’s awlays a shortage of money in my house. Even if I want to buy a small piece of candy, I have to think ten times. I feel sad when I see my mom wake up at 5 AM working on other people’s fields. It’s hard labor.

I believe that money is everything for humans. My mom always says it because she is going through it. She believes that we should all work hard and that is when our situation will be better.

Even though we are poor, they still want me to go to school. In total, we are 4 siblings. I have 2 older sisters and one younger brother. My older sister is in 12th grade so she requires some extra money, which my uncle helps us with even though he doesn’t have that much money either.

Though my mom has never been to school, she still wants me and my siblings to go to school and do something different - not be wage laborers.

From home, my school is 7 km away. Because it is 7 km away, I used to not get home until 6 PM. I always dreamt about my bicycle but because of my family’s situation I never thought I could get it.

Since Mann Deshi has give me a bicycle, it’s like my dream came true.

I also enjoy the breeze while riding the bicycle. I love to ride my bicycle. Now, everyday I go to school on my bicycle. Even though sometimes I’m scared while riding alone on my bicycle, I still want to do it because I enjoy it and my parents want me to study.

I want to study a lot and make my family name proud. I’m really thankful for Mann Deshi for giving me this bicycle.”

We plan to give out ten more bicycles next week to girls like Rajani. On their behalf, thank you.

Rajani on Her Bicycle
Rajani on Her Bicycle

Jul 13, 2018

Deshi MBA Graduate, Seema

Seema at her business premises
Seema at her business premises

Seema wanted to do something which will earn some money to bear household expenses. She was not having any work or business experience and hence she was not confident about starting new business. After   seeking   advice,   she   decided   to   start   soap   case   and   essence   stick manufacturing. Seema availed a loan to purchase required machinery, equipment and raw material. Her business started but was not operating smoothly. She was strongly willing to stabilize and grow her business but, lacked guidance to do so.

Seema got information about Deshi MBA program of Mann Deshi and quickly decided to enroll for it. She     gained knowledge of legal advisory and women rights with a lot of marketing experience through the workshop. Due to proper guidance, it became easier for her to market her products properly and grow her business. Seema was already keeping records of her     daily     transactions     and     after workshop she started using computer for      recordkeeping. As number of clients grew, she hired six women   to   work   for   her.   She   has recently started exporting the products to   other   cities.   She   had   to   bear   transport expenses which decreased the profit levels. So, Seema took a loan of 4 lacs (USD 6200) and purchased a transport vehicle.  Initially she used to earn INR 20,000 (USD 310) and now, it has gone up to INR 50,000 (USD 780) per month.

Her dream of giving better education to her children has become easier due to the business. Due to her perseverance and the growth of her business, villagers started respecting her and women consider her as their role model.

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