Sep 7, 2021

Sports going online during the covid crises


The objective of the Mann Deshi foundation’s Champions program has always been to help majorities of young women athletes from which most of them are belong to NT/ SC/OBC/STs communities. Its main focus is on Improving their achievement in sports and build a positive self-image in order to boost their confidence. Mann Deshi foundation established Program training centers including Mann Deshi Champions center, Sanas ground, Nasik Government Sports School, Balewadi Sports School, etc. these centers provide training in track, wrestling, swimming, badminton, field hockey. Also, these centers prepare their participants for the competition through physical fitness regimens and personal development workshops.  


The standard curriculum of this program is based on physical sports-related training. The training is held for 3 to 5 hours, including expert sessions and visits from guest coaches from the sports industry, individual-based sports training, field trips, and opportunities to speak on the Mann Deshi Community Radio. The program provides nutritious meals, nutrition sessions, proteins, accommodations, facilities, including Gym, a Swimming pool, a 400m track, a Wrestling area, physiotherapy. Many athletes enrolled in our Championship program. Among those enrolled, many athletes compete at the National and International levels.

The wrestling program consists of a Total of in-person 20 wrestling sessions by coach Hangeshwar and coach Mahaling. It is divided into two sessions, Morning and evening, two hours each. There is a Segregation of athletes for upcoming year’s competitions—athlete Harshad endurance and performance check. In August, we will be sending him to Chatrashal stadium in Delhi. 

The wrestling program for Female athletes started in person after a long break of covid. The first two weeks of the training focused on physical fitness and endurance. During these sessions, we provide nutrition and protein to all the athletes daily. Due to the times of COVID-19, we started conducting online workshops through the Zoom platform. We conducted a session of Chakravarti mam based on nutrition, a session of Paresh sir regarding conditioning and gym, then Kiran sir conducted a session for a confidence booster

Wrestling: Total in-person 20 wrestling sessions by coach Hangeshwar, coach Mahaling, and coach Reema. Morning and evening are two and half hours each—athlete Prasad Pukales's assessment and planning of the following year’s University Competitions. Athlete Kiran Bhagat came back from Delhi for a week of rest. Zoom and in-person session with coach Paresh for gym and conditioning.  In our wrestling program, Coach Reema and Hangeshwar arranged a small scouting camp for female scout wrestlers. New athletes added for athlete program: athlete Mumtaj’s workout planning and addition of heavyweights. Also, we organized Two Zoom sessions with the conditioning coach from Pune, Coach Arshad, three zoom sessions with other national athletes, and a Zoom session with Coach Paresh.

Track and Field:

We arranged 18 in-person sessions of all running and field events by coach Babar, coach Dhula, and coach Virkar in the morning and the evening, three hours each. We observed an increase in the number of athletes due to relaxation in the lockdown. Vaishnavi 400m relay athlete came for the practice after a long covid gap. Head coach Justin planned the workout for the next two months for athletes Dada and Shivani. Mann Deshi Champions started the village bus service to pick up all the athletes from their respective village

In our Track and Field program, we conduct 18 in-person sessions for all running and field events by coach Babar, coach Dhula, and coach Virkar. The training for this is also divided into two sessions i. e—morning and Evening sessions, each for three hours. Due to the relaxation in the regulations of lockdown, there is an increase in the number of athletes.

Vaishnavi, a 400m relay athlete, came for the practice after a long covid gap.  Conditioning and gym, Zoom session with Nutritionist Ms. Chakravarti. Head coach Justin planned the workout for the next two months for athletes Dada and Shivani. We arranged a zoom session with coach Justin per week, an A-Zoom session of Paresh sir for conditioning and gym, Zoom session with Nutritionist Ms. Chakravarti.

Then, we conducted 22 in-person sessions for all running and field events by coach Babar, coach Dhula, and coach Virkar in the morning and evening, three hours each. There is an increase in the number of athletes. Sneha, the hammer throw athlete, came for the practice after a long covid gap. Head coach Justin collected videos of all the athletes and, over a call, corrected the positions. Also, we arranged Zoom and in-person sessions with coach Paresh for gym and conditioning. Foundation started two buses service to pick up all the athletes from their respective villages.



In our swimming program, there are a total of 10 in-person sessions in July due to the lockdown. Coach Savita is in charge of training national athlete Balu for next year’s competition. Coach Savita also arranged a scouting session in July where she has enrolled new athletes for swimming. 



Kajal and Ashwini were at the Champions center last year; Kajal plans to leave for the Haryana academy late August. Every day Kajal and Ashwini are working on their hockey skill-set and muscle building with the coach Paresh over a zoom call and in-person. Zoom session of Chakravarti mam for nutrition, Zoom session of Paresh sir for conditioning and gym.


  • Sneha is Selected for the Olympic trials; Sneha also represented India in 2017 for the Hammer Throw. 
  • Aditi won the gold medal in the Junior national championship for Discuss Throw
  • Sudeshna has been selected for the India Camp for 100/200 m and also won gold and silver at the nationals



Aditi belongs to a small taluka of Maharashtra. Her father is passionate about sports since he is a retired army soldier. Her father used to play Basketball. she is trying to get qualified for the World Youth Championship. For the last two years, she has been training with the Mann Deshi Champions program. Aditi is a hardworking athlete who inspires to win a medal in the future Olympics. On several occasions in the state championships, Aditi has her record, and despite being under 18, Aditi has participated in the open age group and won medals. Aditi has won awards in double digits. At that moment, Aditi went to Haryana for training.


Last year due to covid, she could not participate in competitions but worked hard, and she could receive the required training, equipment, and adequate diet. In July, Aditi won the gold medal at the Junior national athletics championship. 

Aug 31, 2021

Mann Deshi's covid relief work

The COVID-19 pandemic hit rural India hard. While the first few months of the pandemic were felt mostly in cities, rural India was impacted most when the second wave hit. The state of Maharashtra has had the highest number of cases in the country, and the Satara district, where we work, remains among the most underserved and overlooked communities in health and education. At Mann Deshi, we have stayed true to our mission of empowering rural women and their communities. This has been our first foray into healthcare, initially as an emergency relief response, but now with a commitment to improving health outcomes for our women and their communities. This report presents Mann Deshi’s grassroots health relief work from March 2020 to July 2021. We have provided rations to 25,000 families, refurbished, and are now running two rural hospitals in the Satara district, which have served 2,500 patients and continue to serve more each day. We provide nutritious meals to patients at isolation centers, run two cardiac advanced life support ambulances, ensure women and children can access tests and scans, and run an oxygen bank. We run two covid hospitals that have treated over 4000 patients. We have offered interest-free loans to help women pivot or restart their businesses. We have also invested in digitizing our Business School courses and Chambers of Commerce workshops. We have supported our women to make the most of the digital world by introducing them to apps and platforms for easy payments, networking, marketing, and accounting. Our bank has created new financial products to support women during this time. Introduction All this has been possible only because of generous partners and donors, for whom we remain ever grateful, who have given us the confidence and support to deliver equitable healthcare.


Through the support of all our funders, we were able to provide the following things in the pandemic and especially in the second wave.


  • Mann Deshi has provided over 200+ patients with Oxygen Concentrators; we provide each patient an O2 concentrator machine for seven days.


  • Mann Deshi is running two covid hospitals in a partnership with the government. We have treated over 4000 patients; we provide daily meals to these patients, medical equipment like ventilators, portable X-ray machines, pathological labs, oxygen cylinders, etc. As well as some of the advance doctors' payments.


  • Mann Deshi provides daily meals to over 500 covid patients, including two meals, fruits, and operation costs like transportation.


  • Mann Deshi has done the vaccination drive for 25,000 rural women. We provide the covishield vaccination free of cost and the set-up of the entire operation, including food, facility, and transportation.


  • Over 10,000 frontline workers are supported with safety equipment like N95 masks, PPE kits, and sanitizers.


  • Twenty thousand women received bi-weekly health camps through Mann Deshi’s health doctors. In the health camp, our doctors provide information and check BP, Blood Sugar, anemia, and iron deficiency.


  • Mann Deshi is building a diagnostic center on a charitable basis where we will be having CT scans, a Pathology Lab, and a doctor consulting room for rural patients.


  • Mann Deshi Foundation has also been running two cardiac ambulances free of cost.


  • In the pandemic, Mann Deshi Foundation provided the cost for doctors approved CT scans for the covid patients, especially women and children under 18



Testimonials of the beneficiary


“We can approach the staff for help at any hour of the day. Once, a nurse came in to check on me at 1.30 am because she noticed I was having trouble sleeping - that’s the kind of personal attention you get there. The hospital is also fully equipped with all the facilities we may need for our treatment, so unlike other places, we didn’t need to run around for additional tests or medicines.” - Teacher | Patient at Gondavle RH hospital run by Mann Deshi and the government.



“The hospital’s transformation is phenomenal! I couldn’t believe I was in the same hospital that I had last visited 5 years ago with a relative. As a community, we are fortunate that Mann Deshi is involved in the running of the hospital because this way we know we have a voice in its management.” - Farmer | Patient at Gondavle RH hospital run by Mann Deshi and the government.

Aug 9, 2021

Defining Resilience & Determination

Dear GlobalGiving Supporters,

Educated till Std. 6th, Lalita resides in Adai village in Panvel taluka of Raigad district with her two children. Her husband passed away a few years ago and since then she has been managing her house and kids single-handedly on a meager income of Rs 2,000 that she earned by buying vegetables at wholesale prices and selling them at retail prices in front of her house.

In July 2020, she joined the Mann Deshi Foundation and registered herself in a Financial Literacy course. She learned about savings, cash flow, investments, loans, bank and bank services, insurance, self-help groups etc. She was also taught using digital modes of payments such as GooglePay, PhonePe, and mobile net banking. She learned various different business ideas. That’s when she decided to sell vegetables and fruits. She took an Rs. 30,000 loan from Mann Deshi Bank, rented a small shop, and began selling vegetables and fruits.

Gradually, she started making a profit of Rs 10,000. “I am happy that even during COVID when so many people lost jobs and struggled financially, I was able to earn and run my household expenses. I also maintain a digital account to record my earnings, payments etc. I have begun saving Rs 500 monthly in my bank account. I have opened an RD account of Rs 100 and an FD of Rs 5,000 in Mann Deshi Bank. I also save Rs 1,000 in  Bank. “I proudly tell everyone that the credit for my success goes to Mann Deshi,” adds Lalita.

'I am happy that even during COVID when so many people lost jobs and struggled financially, I was able to earn and run my household expenses.'

Thank you so much for all our supporters !!!

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