Apr 17, 2018

Give a girl a bike: help her to go to school

Snehal with her bicycle
Snehal with her bicycle

Dear Mann Deshi Supporters,

I would like to share a story of Snehal, a bicycle girl.

Fourteen year old Snehal attends the 9th standard of the New English School in Vele. Her father is a truck driver and she lives with eleven other family members in a tiny home about three kilometres away from her school. Early each morning, Sneha and her brother walk to school. Despite the gruelling commute, she is not only an excellent student but also enjoys  participating in sports, cultural and other co-curricular activities after school.

Since she received her new bicycle, Shehal, who also ferries her brother to school, has more time to participate in her beloved extracurricular activities. Her family is also very relieved that both children now have a safe journey to and from school.

Thank you so much for GlobalGiving for all its continuous support.

Apr 17, 2018

Manisha, The Farm Engineer

Manisha Driving Tractor at her farm
Manisha Driving Tractor at her farm

The residents of Kolegaon village famously address Manisha as ‘Farm Engineer’. Despite of leaving school after 8th standard, she still managed to earn this respect due to her work. 

Few years back, Manisha would sell pomegranates from their garden to earn a living. However, owing to the meagre income and the seasonal nature of this business, she was left struggling to handle day to day expenses and send her children to school. Meanwhile, she got introduced to Mann Deshi through a mobilization drive in her village. She enrolled with Mann Deshi and learnt how to develop her own business, time management and self-management skills and financial management. Inspired by what she learned, she decided to start her own goat, cow and hen rearing business to compensate for the seasonal loss in agriculture. 

Manisha mentions that she gained the confidence that change her life after realizing that she was not alone. She used to be much isolated from the community. She had learnt electrical appliance repair but used to repair the appliances only in her own house and farm. With her increased confidence, she started helping others in the village to repair any faulty appliances. Today, villagers residing in Kolegaon and vicinity come to Manisha for many kinds for appliance repair. She repairs all types of motors, pumps, drives a tractor by herself and fixes any problems with electricity. 

Villagers ask her, “You’re just 8th pass and how do you always innovate and come up with solutions?” To which, Manisha blissfully replies, “This is an era of technology. Rest of the world is using so much technology so why should we stay behind?” 

Now, she is more active within her community and participates in social events regularly. She is very proud of where she is today because through her own hard work, she gained the respect and appreciation from her family and community members. She always recommends Mann Deshi to her friends so that they could also be helped the same way. 

Her children are her inspiration to work with dedication. She wants to provide higher education to both of her kids. Her daughter wants to be a doctor and son, an engineer. Manisha is confident enough that she’ll expand her business further to bear the educational expenses of her children.

Thank you so much for all GlobalGiving Supporters !

Manisha at her farm
Manisha at her farm
Manisha at her pomegranate farm
Manisha at her pomegranate farm


Jan 29, 2018

Doing Sports: The Mann Deshi Way

"Regular practice has made my everyday life very disciplined. I wake up early and also ensure healthiness in my diet. Active mind and healthy body has also helped me excelling in academics"- says Neelam.

Neelam is a vivacious, young 14 year old school student from rural Maharashtra. She is currently in the 7th grade and loves studying Mathematics & English. She loves playing more than anything but coming from a very poor background, she never got formal sports training.

Neelam’s brother was already an athlete with the Mann Deshi Champions program. And his stories always inspired Neelam become better athlete. In her community, it is very unconventional for a girl to participate in sports. Her mother forbade it but Neelam was adamant.

She would always say, “Although no other girl is into sports, I love it and will do it!” Entering block level wrestling competitions and winning with no training gave her the confidence to go further. She knew she could achieve so much more with the right guidance.

Once at Mann Deshi Champions, Neelam saw other children training, learning and competing in sports she hadn’t even heard of. After meeting other athletes and learning about their stories, Neelam signed up immediately.

Now, she is receiving formal training in wrestling as well as explore other sports like running, badminton and volleyball. Apart from gaining access to facilities and training, Neelam also receives education about her physical health and a nutritional meal for breakfast, daily.

Thank you so much to GlobalGiving for its continuous support.

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