Mann Deshi Foundation

The organization seeks to improve the quality of life of women and their families living in the rural areas of Maharashtra & Karnataka. Our primary objective is to empower rural women and fight injustices based on gender, caste and class. Our programs are designed to improve our clients' quality of life by promoting education, health, property rights, leadership and technology.
Aug 1, 2016

Nutrittion and Sports training summit in Mumbai

Mann Deshi Champions: Mann Deshi Champions Sports Academy is a program of Mann Deshi
Foundation that offers sports facilities, equipment, space, training and nutrition for children and
youth in Mhaswad, India. The aim of the Mann Deshi Champions is to empower rural girls and
create opportunities for them to broaden their physical and social skills through sports.

Facilities offered under Mann Deshi Champions Sports Academy

  • 400 Meter Running Track, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Soccer and Handball Ground
  • Equipment’s for all the major sports
  • Dedicated trained coach
  • Sports Shoes and Kit
  • Nutritiously balanced Breakfast
  • Annual Medical Camp
  • Winter Camps with specialized Trainers from the City (Mumbai and Pune)
  • Leadership Development opportunities through social-motor Skills and personality development

Issues in India which will be addressed through Mann Deshi Champions Sports Academy:

  • 47 % of Indian girls are married before the age of 18 and after school dropout they start working as laborer or get married
  • In India 37.2 % women experience domestic violence and community abuse
  • World’s 30% illiterate population lives in India
  • In India most of the rural government schools are not able to provide sports facilities,coaching and sports awareness due to unavailability of appropriate resources and policies

Sports as a solution:
Unity: In spite of India’s socio-cultural norms such as caste discrimination, sport has the power
to bring everyone together. Mann Deshi’s Sports program is embedded to empower children
through physical, social activities and education.

Experience Sharing: After the sports practice the breakfast session is used as the opportunity to
gather boys and girls together in a casual environment. Every child should be given the
opportunity to talk about achievements and challenges of their daily life and learn the daily life
skills. . This session will consist of storytelling, motivational film watching and social game for

Personality Development: The sports’ characteristics such as quickness, speed, alertness, team
spirit, and strategies help athletes and especially the Mann Deshi Champions’ girls to become
stronger, competitive and healthier. These characteristics are important for women in developing
countries. Sports makes a positive contribution to the development of children. It increases
confidence, builds life skills, swiftness, physical strength, and creates social networks. This
results in to girl empowerment.

Mann Deshi Champions Sports Academy Curriculum: A well-designed sports curriculum is an
effective platform for empowering girls in rural India.
Session 1: 6:00 am to 6:30 am Warm-up
Session 2: Morning 6:30 am to 8:15 am Practice.
In this session the instructor will teach the basic skills of various sports. At the end of the practice sessions there are practice games to make the children’s competitive
Session 3: 8:15 am to 9:00 am

How can you sponsor? Mann Deshi Group is empowering girls through sports, your donation could give thousands of Sarita a pair of shoes, equipment’s, dream to represent the country and power to develop their life. As the great leader Mahatma Gandhi once said that “Women can bring positive change in the family, society and nation but to do that we need to empower women” Mann Deshi Champion believes that with our sponsors help together we can bring this change.

Goals for 2016-18:

  • Empowering 100 girls (Athletes at the National level)
  • Advance Training for the Coach
  • Increasing Girls Participation
  • Starting Co-ed Field Hockey program
  • Advance Winter Camp for the Athletes
  • Equipment Stock- Specially Wrestling and Long Distance Run

Case Study: Sarita is a young tribal athlete who was trained by Mann Deshi Champions, a 13 years old Sarita who currently plays field hockey on a national level. Sarita’s family lives below the poverty line. For six months, she used to live and attend school in Mhaswad, but for the remaining six months she used to migrate with her parents to cut the sugarcane at different sugarcane plantations. Her task was to help her parents to cut the sugarcane and take care of her younger brother. When she was in Mhaswad she attended Mann Deshi Champions. Today, she is in the national school of sports and the government provides her education and employment. To develop the rural community and empower women on a grassroots level, Mann Deshi Champions is using sports as a tool to improve the lives of children. As part of the curriculum girls such as Sarita who get selected for the national field hockey team visits the Academy and serves as a model for the junior players. This can help the young women to believe in their own ability, enhance the self-esteem and make their own decisions.


  • Mann Deshi Champions has been able to train more than 1,000 athletes
  • 32 athletes of Mann Deshi Champions got selected to play at a national level
  • Increased girl’s participation by 20% since 2011

Sports Summit in May-June 2016/What we achived:

Focused on holistic development of Mann Deshi Champions athletes
Conducted complete health checkup and plan follow up over the coming year
Created mentor mentee program for excellence
Provide exposure to current development, opportunities and resources in sports
Partnered with national running club in Mumbai for training/Sprinters club, Bandra

Jun 3, 2016

13 and Married

 13 and Married-

Ranjana looks like an ordinary 13-year-old girl. However, when you look at her neck, a gleaming gold mungalsutra is visible—that is because Ranjana is married. Five months ago, Ranjana was married to her twenty-year-old husband who resides in the village of Bacheri.

She dropped out of school when she was in eighth grade. As Ranjana grew and took on the responsibilities of a woman, her mother started to worry. Ranjana’s mother had concerns about her daughter’s safety because she was alone all day and living with an alcoholic father. Her solution was to get Ranjana married.

Now Ranjana is living with her husband and mother in law in Bacheri.  Her mother in law is against Ranjana going back to school because she does not want Ranjana to be more educated than her son. Her son is a wage laborer who tries to get work wherever he can—cutting sugar cane, building houses, and crushing stones. Mann Deshi has provided another alternative for Ranjana. Through skills based workshops such as tailoring, Ranjana will gain the ability to earn an income so she can support herself and her household.

Thank you so much to Mann Deshi Supporters !

Jun 3, 2016

My Best Friend is a Cycle

My Best Friend is a Cycle
My Best Friend is a Cycle

"Cycle is my best friend so I take a good care of my best friend", says Sunita

Sunita (aged 16) lives with her father, mother and 2 elder brothers in Mhaswad, Maharashtra. Both of her parents are farmers and support Sunita’s eduation but the jounrey has been a difficult one. It used to take Sunita 40 minutes to get to school so she would get there late and come home late—a very exhausting process that affected her studies.

After receiving a bicycle from Mann Deshi, Sunita is able to reach school within 15-20 min by cycling, thereby saving time by almost 30 min. Because of that she able to studied more for her 10th grade exams and is achieve 90%.

She wants to be a police officer and serve the nation; and for that regular exercise is must. However cycling is one of the best forms of exercising. Sunita said "Cycle is my best friend so I take a good care of my best friend"

Thanks to Global Giving as this all possible because of Global Giving Supporters.


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