Oct 9, 2018

Give a girl a bike

Bicycle Girl - Jyoti
Bicycle Girl - Jyoti

Dear Mann Deshi Supporters,

“The cycle given to me by Mann Deshi has allowed me to reach school on time. And since I have started saving time on my daily commute to school, I utilize it to study. Earlier I was able to score 60 percent marks in my exams, but now I am scoring 75 percent” says Jyoti.

Jyoti is a student in the 5th standard. Her family situation is very financially insecure. She lives in a small house, with a thatched roof, along with her parents, her four sisters and her younger brother. Her family does not own any land of their own to cultivate, and therefore, Jyoti’s mother, Shantabai, works as a wage labourer. They barely manage their household expenses with her income.

Jyoti and her family’s everyday existence became even more difficult when her father started drinking. The entire responsibility of running the household and taking care of the children had to be borne by her mother alone, and she became depressed. However, to manage expenses, Shantabai began to work on their neighbour’s field, from which she earns around 3000/- a month. On holidays, Jyoti and her four sisters go the fields to help their mother.

Shantabai dreams of giving her children a good education and making them independent. Jyoti mentions that, without Mann Deshi’s timely help, her mother’s dream could not have had a chance to come true. Mann Deshi, under its Young Girls’ Initiative, gifted Jyoti and many other school-going girls like her bicycles, to make it easier for them to go to school. Jyoti says that they barely manage to eat two meals in a day, so purchasing a bicycle would have been out of the question for them. Jyoti and her four sisters used to go walking to school before, from Gundevadi to Chetavali. Now, at least two of her sisters can use the cycle to go to school, in much less time. They use the extra time productively, to study.

Since she received the cycle, Jyoti’s hopes have risen and she has become inspired to learn more. She now goes to school on time every day, and gets more time to study. She is determined to achieve her goal of becoming a police officer one day.

Quote from Jyoti's mother: 

“Since my husband and me are both engaged in daily labour, both our daughters used to commute on foot everyday. Even the younger one used to walk long distances. We are grateful to Mann Deshi Foundation for giving bicycles to our daughters. Since my husband is an alcoholic and I am a daily wage earner, we live a hand to mouth existence. Under these circumstances, we would never have been able to afford bicycles for our daughters.”

Thank you for all support received from GlobalGiving.

Jyoti with her family
Jyoti with her family
Oct 9, 2018

Empowering Women, Transforming Lives

Meera at her hotel
Meera at her hotel

 “A year ago, I used to only cook at our hotel because I am not well-educated. I was under the assumption that I would not be able to manage the accounts and other financial aspects of my business. But since I have started attending Mann Deshi Foundation’s Deshi MBA program, ‘a fire has been ignited in my belly’. Now I have employed a woman who needed employment to cook in my hotel, and I myself sit at the reception desk and look after the accounts. I settle the bills and even keep a record of the small loans. I feel confident and have started saving money too. I sincerely thank Mann Deshi for transforming my life.”

Thanks to GlobalGiving supporters.

Jul 25, 2018

An American Coach and Indian athlete

Coach with the athletes
Coach with the athletes

Mann Deshi athlete is a fast runner. She is also a part of Mann Deshi Champions.

Here’s what Mann Deshi Athlete has to say about the Mann Deshi Champions:

“One of the Mann Deshi’s athlete says. I am from a village called Mhaswad. Right now, I am in the third year of my undergraduate degree. I have been coming to the Mann Deshi Champions ground since I was in 8th grade. Up until the 7th grad, when I wasn't a part of the Mann Deshi Champions, all I did was school and home. I didn’t do anything apart from school. Since the field was built in 2010, I have been practicing running here. With the support of the Champions, I have ran at the All-India level Nationals.At the Pune International Marathon, I came 5th in Indian Ranking.

In the 8th grade, my school timings were 7-12 in the morning. I spent the rest of the day helping my family at the farm. I studied while keeping a watch on our buffalo and other animals. I ran after them as well! This field was right behind the Mann Deshi ground. Whenever I came to this field with my buffalos, I saw some coming to the field to play sports. When I asked them why did they come there, they said that Mann Deshi had given them a playing field to play.

Every day when the sun came out, I left the buffaloes in the farm and went to the sports field to play. After I was done, I went home.

If it were not for this ground, I would not have been in sports. My family is in traditional farming and so they tend to be conservative. They would have said, 'Oh, since you have finished the 10th grade, now it’s time to get married'. I am still studying and about to complete my third year of undergrad. I even go out for tournaments and competitions."

Mann Deshi athlete is a Champion. We look forward to seeing how her success multiplies.

A former University of Maryland athlete and a coach, visits Mann Deshi once once in a month to train 30 young girls for cross-country and half marathon. Coach says these young girls have 'tons of potential. With the right guidance, they could be running on the international level'. Coach’s next visit is in the month of August for two days.

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