Jan 16, 2020

We are no one without your assistance!

My name is Putri, a 25 years old female from Surabaya, East Java. I decided to come to Bogor and left my hometown Surabaya about 5 years ago as after I finished my high school in 2012 my parents could not afford to support my study to university. I am the second child in my family; my older brother at that time was already studying in university. The financial burden of my father was already too big as he worked as a labor in a jewelry factory and when the company collapsed he had to look for another job. Thus he worked as a carpenter, painter, gemstone crafter or another crafting job from scrap wood. It did not last long, and then he works as an online taxi driver until now. While my mum was trying to help my father to earn some income by opening a veggie stall which not last long as she is getting ill and cannot work hard anymore.

I consider that my older brother was luckier than me, as he is a male and the first in our family. He can continue his education to university earlier than me. As female and the second one, I have to wait and see until the financial condition of our family getting better. Or I have to wait until my brother has finished his study. I cannot wait any longer, so I took the offer from my uncle to move to Bogor. I thought perhaps there will be a hope for me to be able to continue my study as I have a big dream.

I moved to Bogor on August 2014 and started to help my uncle (he is a newspaper agent in Bogor) and was becoming one of his newspaper sellers in gas stations and or on events. From my new network I get to know about YCM and its activities. Then I decided to join and learn a lot at YCM.

For me, YCM is my big family that inspires me to have a big dream and live missions. YCM rebuild my passion to study, learn a lot of things, open my minds, develop my social empathy, many more and until influence me to make my master plan for my future (unconsciously).

 I really like to come anytime to YCM as long as i have free time, although my uncle didn’t support me. Istarted my debut as a student at the beginning and after 2 weeks, Ijoined Tourism and Guiding Internship Program as freelancer tour guide and the team appointed me as a Project Coordinator after developing“Bogor Tours”.

Beginning of 2015, courageously I decided to register to a university nearby for Urban and Regional Planning study, I passed the selection test! I was so happy and I also informed by Gesine the founder of YCM that she found a sponsor for my study. Finally I can continue my study after 3 years waiting! My parents were so delighted of course.

While studying at university, I keep my contribution to YCM by volunteering in various subjects for the little ones and also the programs at YCM. I moved from my uncle’s house and rent a small room nearby and now I live with a generous host family for free.

I am in my last university year now; and I have a goal that later I can continue my master degree in western country like Germany, so that is why I also learn German now. I am a woman but I have a big dream. I want to become a mayor like Ibu Risma the mayor of my hometown Surabaya. I want to have a better society and help my people. Big thanks for YCM and the donators. The youth like me will be no one without your assistance!


Oct 14, 2019

YCM teaches me not to give up and to fight to have a better future!

Hi, I am Nur and instead of calling me Nur, many youth call me Bunda at YCM (means mother, as the little one used to call me Bunda since when I started sharing at YCM and I was only a high schooler at that time).   I come from a big family. I have 3 older sisters, 2 older brothers, 1 younger sister and 1 younger brother.  My mother worked as a housemaid and my father worked in a factory as a labor when I was still very young. But for so many years, my father unemployed and stays at home.  When my mum still healthy, she works as a babysitter, but now she is diagnosed with cancer stadium 3 and spend much of her time for post-surgery treatment in a central hospital in Jakarta, while we live in Bogor, about 60 km away.  We must travel for about 4 hours or even more (the traffic is so bad) when she had to get the radiation and the check-ups. The upcoming treatment is chemotherapy. I cannot imagine how can she can overcome it. It is so tiring indeed, especially for the patient and overwhelming for her and our whole family member.

Back to myself now, life was tough. My parents had to pay debts in order to fulfill our family's needs. I was scared when I had to go to school in certain days because my family didn't have money to pay for books and school fee. The condition challenged me a lot. I became a very shy person. I didn't have a courage to even talk to a friend.

In 2002, YCM rented a small house in front of my house. I was wondering what was happening there.  I decided to join YCM on the second day. My life since then was different. I loved to learn a lot about English and Global knowledge. I remember that Gesine and Putu celebrated my birthday at YCM for the first time in my life. They served some delicious food and pizza with a candle on it. I felt people loved me and appreciated me that time.

YCM has been becoming my second home. My other brothers and sister joined after me.  All my brothers and sister are married. Two of them got opportunities to continue their education to learn at a garment training center through YCM. They have nice jobs with good income and can help our family for a better financial condition.

YCM is a place where I found a big support for my dreams, for young people's dreams. I started to build my confidence.  Putu and other tutors helped me gained skills during my participation at YCM. I could, meet many new people, talk to friends, built my character and other things I couldn't mention here.  One of the biggest things was I could continue my study to college. I studied English Education and graduated 5 years ago. Once they asked me what my biggest dream was. I said, I would love to have a place like YCM in other part of Indonesia. I think it becomes real now. After I finished my study, I come back. I don't have my own place like this, but now I have YCM and be part of the core team to run daily activities at this beautiful place. I am a married woman now; my husband and my 3 years old daughter supports me for everything I do at YCM. Together with my 4 other friends in core team, it's our turn now to do best to provide the way, to be the bridge for our beloved brothers and sisters a YCM to achieve their dreams.

Thank you for being our biggest supporters.

Thank you for taking part to make our dreams come true.

Jul 17, 2019

Dreams change my life!

Hi, I am Ono. I have 5 siblings, 4 older brothers and 1 older sister and I am the last kid from my family, my formal education was only primary school as my I cannot continue to higher education level because a year before I graduated from primary school my father passed away in an accident when he was working. Since then our financial situation which was already not good even getting worse after my father the bread winner of the family passed away. I cannot continue my study and decided to help my family by selling fries and breads from my neighbor (a small home industry) to earn a little amount of pocket money for 3 years, until I heard about YCM and finally decided to join with YCM in May 2005 when I was 15 years old. I knew YCM from my aunt who already joined with YCM before me. She said it is a good place to learn English and computer because it is free education for public mainly for underprivileged family.  I lived not far from YCM, so since then I decided to come with my older brothers everyday morning and afternoon to learn English and computer even though English was the lesson that I did not like before but since I study in YCM it changed, because the way of teaching is different and fun.   Now I have been at YCM for about 14 years already. In my first year of learning, I realized a big progress and improvement.  YCM helps me to develop myself from knowing nothing until I know many things.  I gain my confidence and could even speak English in within a year. But it was not enough for me, so I decided to study even more and harder.  In my second year, Ibu Putu (one of the founders of YCM) asked me to help in teaching the kids in the afternoon. She asked me because she knew since the first time, I came to YCM and interviewed me,” what is your dream?” “I said, I would like to be a PPKN (general knowledge and moral values teacher Indonesian curriculum) teacher and a soccer player.” And she knows my talent in teaching. I grab this challenge and I really enjoy it and I feel like I found the real me. YCM’s people had motivate me a lot, YCM is a HOUSE of Dreams, where people or the youth like me did not dare to live our dreams or even to have dreams before. But at YCM we are encouraged to have our confidence in ourselves and dare to dream our dreams and make them come true. Since 2005 until nowadays, I have been here at YCM for about 14 years already and learned a lot from other people and also I learned the cross cultural with many volunteers that have been volunteering at YCM from different countries such as Germany, Australia and some other countries as well. Now I am an English/General Knowledge and Moral Values tutor at YCM and as a sport tutor for futsal, basketball and volleyball. And, I am one of the five core team members and I responsible as Human Resources Coordinator (HRC). Thanks Yayasan Cipta Mandiri, Global Giving, suppoters and donors to assist us to reach our dreams and to have better lives. 


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