Jun 19, 2018

Your help has made us known world wide


Thank you once again for your monthly commitment to our great programs in Uganda, Harriet is doing well, she is at school, she will be breaking off for a holiday this June and will be resuming second week of July, we will be paying her tuition for the coming semester that begins July, Harriets school will only have a one week holiday.

Harriet will need a few materials to be used while in training, her course requires her to have some requirements to enable her practice effectively, last semester she bought some gloves and text books, she will require gloves again  and uniform all worth $300 and a little upkeep worth $150 while in the field.

Am also delighted to tell you that Mountains of Hope program was aired on BBC world service on all platforms recently, our program trained communities to make sanitary pads using locally available materials, little did we know that this would catch the attention of the bbc crew, find link here: https://t.co/p0MHuk0ePW

Harriets school is soon communicating to us the graduation year, I will let you know.

Jun 18, 2018

Our project on the world news

Josephine being interviewed
Josephine being interviewed

Thanks for your support to Mountains of Hope projects always, last month we were featured on the BBC world service for the work we do in Ugandan communities especially teaching children to make their sanitary pads, they donot need to look for a sponsor to donate a sanitary pad, that problem has been solved,one of the children that Mountains of Hope is supporting had this to testify to the crew: 

Josephine a 14-year old girl in grade six in Besania Primary school in Mpigi District told her story during the BBC interview recently; "The teacher asks you to come at the front to write your answer on the black board, you're standing in front of your class when giggling erupts from the back and everyone's pointing at your behind. With despair you realise you have stained your dress, you start imagining the days you will spend without going to school, you have to keep checking your dress,"Have I leaked?"

But am grateful for the training Mountains of Hope brought to my school- she adds

"These days I don't have to miss school, unless if I have malaria or any other problem, no one in my class can notice that am in my periods, Mountains of Hope taught us to make our own sanitary pads and as a result, I made 8 pads, I carry 3 to school to change, our school has provided us a safe room to change pads from.

The sanitary pads in the shops cost 2500 shillings per pack.(1USD)That's nearly a whole day's pay at the minimum wage - and you really need two packs per period.

Imagine spending two days' wages every month just on sanitary pads.

There are many more projects that Mountains of Hope does in the Ugandan communities, you support one, you help the entire community

A link to the BBC video on our project:https://t.co/p0MHuk0ePW

Jun 18, 2018

We are telling the world how we did it


Thank you for your continued support to the Mountains of Hope projects, recently we have made tremendous interventions in our communities, two weeks ago the bbc world service crew picket interest in our intervention in the community and featured us on ther focus on Africa program: https://t.co/p0MHuk0ePW

This project is continuing to provide safe and clean purified water in rural communities in Uganda and we are hoping to continue our good relationship with you and other partners to ensure the rural communities are free from disease and ilnesses.

Mountains of Hope has many projects on the Globalgiving site, we are celebrating the impact of such projects and we are happy to tell you that we are celebrating the impact of this project too as over 100 households are enjoying safe water in rural Ugandan villages

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