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Mar 29, 2018

Children in mid term exams


Thanks for your continued support to Mountains of Hope children, our programme is supporting 40 children on direct sponsorship and 200 HIV infected Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children, your donations have enabled these children to continue Education from yera to year and from one class to another.

People like you have transfromed the lives of Ugandan poor children like Joseph, Joseph graduated from university this year with a bachelors degree in social work, right now, Joseph is employed with one telecom company here in his District, he is helping to support his siblings at school and his mother, he has helped his mother to establish aretail shop in thier village, had it not been for people like you, Joseph and the family would be in dare poverty now and his siblings would be looking for sponsorship from donors, when you help transform a life, you transform the whole family.

This school term ends last week of April and will be preparing to return for another school term second week of May 2018, these children will need schorlastic materials and school fees worth $885, currently none of their guardians can afford paying for their child yet some of them are in their candidate classes (completing grade seven, senior secondary education).

Your sponsorship/donation enables them continue school even next school term

Mar 29, 2018

Farmers empowered


Thanks for your support to Mountains of Hope projects, your continued donations enabled us to empower 20 farmer groups with skills of doing modern farming, modern vegetable farming methods have been disseminated to them.

These farmers have also been facilitated with non interest loans to enable them boost their farms, one farmer group has been enabled to market their bananas in Ugandas capital Kampala and are now earning profits, bananas are now scarse as they were attacked by banana disease, this is one of the farms that survived the attack because of the mechanism they were taught.

When programs like these affect positively the lives of poor families, transformation is realized hence development.

Next quarter, this program will train these farmer groups to make their own manure and herbicide using localy available materials like animal and human urine, cow dung among others.

Mar 2, 2018

You are transforming the community


Thanks so much for your generous donations to this project, since 2017 Mountains of Hope has set up vegetable kitchen gardens in over 500 families, this year alone, this project targets 600 families, your donations are helping us reach out to 20 families in Mpigi families, when families grow their own vegetables, they are enabled to feed their children with a vitamin rich nutritious meal daily, this minimizes on sicknesses caused by lack of vitamins in the body, families are also able to sell some vegetables to raise money for other basic household items, your donations count, they help to save and transform a life in Uganda.

Poor nutrition in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life can also lead to stunted growth, which is irreversible and associated with impaired cognitive ability and reduced school and work performance.

The current malnutrition levels hinder Uganda’s human, social, and economic development. Although the country has made tremendous progress in economic growth and poverty reduction over the past 21 years, its progress is reducing malnutrition remains very slow.

In Mpigi District, the majority of the households sampled had high calorific diet which included root tubers and cereals but greatly lacking in vitamins and proteins, 80% of the families had a poor meal without proteins in their diet, 20% had maize and matooke. The sample results above depict that most families do not have a balanced diet in their nutrition.

Will you continue supporting this project?

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