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Mission statement: Empowering communities who work to ensure that children growing up in poverty get good health and an excellent education. . Founding principles:To efficiently respond to the urgent needs of orphans and vulnerable children and the communities they live in through offering formal education to them by paying for them school fees, and provision of other scholastic materials like school uniforms, we believe that education is one of the fundamentals of success
Aug 24, 2015

Strong doors and windows will keep the kids safe


Thanks for supporting Build a home for 50 children in Uganda, you and other Globalgiving donors enabled us make strong doors and windows for the kids home.

Your donations always helps to keep the construction work going, so far we have fixed the strong doors and windows in the home to keep the kids safe. Our builders have just been fixing the glasses on the windows and doors, what does this mean? it means that its almost over.

The remaining bit of it is just to complete the wall plastering, fixing the floors and painting and that will be all.
What next? Kids will be ready to relocate in there without any problems.

The home will also need to build a latrine, a kitchen, bathrooms and a wall fence to completely keep the kids safe.
This home is near a water source and this is not a protected water source and yet the whole community of over 500 people fetches water for drinking in this well, in future Mountains of Hope will work on this water source to enable the children and the whole community drink safe water.

"We have plans of building a guest house for our volunteers to live in, they will not need to sleep in a hotel when they are here" James, Project Leader. The project has a plan to put up a modern guest house just in the home where children will be living, this house will have running water, electricity, a kitchen inside and a toilet to make it condusive for the westerners while they are here.

Many kids will be albe to acquire knowledge in income generation, farming and other things while in their own home.Children like Sarah were able to complete their education in a safe place and she is now working and earning money, we are sure that many kids would need to stay in asafe home to enable them complete their education.

Children fetch water from un protected well
Children fetch water from un protected well
Aug 24, 2015

Girls feel safe with their pads

A girlshows how to use the pad
A girlshows how to use the pad


Thank you so much for your donations towards this project, Mountains of Hope bought a box of re usable sanitary pads for the girls to enable them have safe menstruation periods, however, Mountains of Hope staff thought it wise to have the best sustainable way to solve this problem and as a result Mountains of Hope hired a firm that teaches girls to make their own reusable sanitary pads using locally available materials, as a result 55 people, Men, women, girls and boys were trainied in making of lacal re usable sanitary pads, this means that we will not again need to post a project requesting for more saniatry pads but will only post those requesting training of more girls in making of their own pads, this comprehensive sustainable menstruation management will encourage collective responsibility in menstruation management, before the training, menstruation was only left to mothers and girls, but after the training, it was realized that it was a family responsibility.

Other Globalgiving donors like you also donated towards this training and we combined both fundings (the balance from your donations after purchase of a box of re usable pads)to cover this training.

All participants were taken through a practical process of making locally made pads, and every female and participant went back with their made pads.

James,  a project Leader interviewed some participants and here is the interview between James and Sarah, a 14 year old girl:

James: What are your expectations of this training?

Sarah: I expect to be trained to make my own sanitary pads and to know what materials to use to make them.

James:Have you been buying sanitary pads? and if yes who was buying them for you?

Sarah: No. But I have been using old News papers, I squeeze them until they get soft. If I run short of them I pluck off some pages in my exercise book.

James:When you heard of this training, how did you feel?

Sarah: I felt like the savior has come... "Laughs louder"

Sarah, is one of the girls that will never forget about the day she received this training, she was able to make 2 pads, and these 2 can be used for a whole year according to the expert.

Many girls had dropped out of school and others could absentee them selves because of fear to stain their clothes because of menstruation. Sarah and the rest have called this history now.

Our project is planning to train more 50 people in another community in making the same to enable girls continue their education and also enable mothers do their work better as most of them can not also afford the sold pads.

A girl makes her own pad during the training
A girl makes her own pad during the training
Pads made by girls during training
Pads made by girls during training
Community members that attended training
Community members that attended training
Juliet is now making pads using her sowing machine
Juliet is now making pads using her sowing machine
Taught on the usage
Taught on the usage
Aug 14, 2015

How piggery makes a difference

“We have maintained a parent stock of 10 pigs,” each pig can produces 15 to 20 piglets every year.

“We sell each piglet at $33. This is indicative of how high modern farming can uplift society, and if every household in our community could do this as a business, every household daily income would increase.”- James, Project Leader

Although exotic pigs consume about 20% more food than local breeds, the heaviest weighs up to 300kg compared to 100kg, the maximum weight for local breeds.

A kilogram of pork costs between $3, in the urban area. We are able to use the proceeds from the venture to educate children and help the community with basic needs.

We urgently need to raise money for the installation of a 500 liter water to ease harvesting of rain water to sustain the pigs. The workers are currently having to get water from a well outside the farm on bicycles involving several runs a day and this can be very tough in the hot dry season.

We also need to purchase a small pick up truck to help with transportation of produce, feed, vet runs and any other farm work.

Here are responses from people who have visited the farm:

hey i want those exotic breeds-Juliet

Allen contacted us online:Hey my name is Allen am interested in those exotic breeds how much do you sell piglets of two months you can contact me on this on……. or my email adress is …… i will appreciate it so much waiting for your reply thanks in advance.

This seems to be a promising business of which if more funds are added, can really sustain the home and the community at large.

Thank you for continuously donating to this particular project, I appreciate your help.

Children having a delicious pork meal in a home
Children having a delicious pork meal in a home

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