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Mission statement: Empowering communities who work to ensure that children growing up in poverty get good health and an excellent education. . Founding principles:To efficiently respond to the urgent needs of orphans and vulnerable children and the communities they live in through offering formal education to them by paying for them school fees, and provision of other scholastic materials like school uniforms, we believe that education is one of the fundamentals of success
Sep 17, 2015

Children get better lunch at school

News paper pulication of distribution process
News paper pulication of distribution process

Just as there is a great deal happening in the world there is a lot going on at Mountains of Hope. But because this is a short session, I will try and keep my remarks short, taking the opportunity to share some key issues to support the food and nutrition security of those we serve.

We began 2015 with supporting the food and nutrition needs of the most vulnerable people in some of the toughest places in the District. Simultaneously, we are working with partners to achieve what we all agree is attainable, the goal of eliminating hunger and chronic malnutrition among under 5 and pupils in both Primary and Secondary schools.
It is very common to find children during class hours out on the road or in the fields despite the fact that there are many schools offering free education through government’s Universal Primary Education programme.

Through consultation with the Head teacher and pupils, leaders and the community of Mbute (Kampiringisa), we realized that very few children took a meal before they came to school. This meant that pupils left home hungry; they stayed at school hungry, since the school did not provide meals, and only ate in the evening when they went back home. Many families cannot afford to pack for children lunch which is a requirement for the UPE schools.

For this reason, Mountains of Hope Childrens Ministries for a short time has provided 300 kilograms of posho flour to enable pupils have porridge for lunch. Teachers will as well get breakfast and lunch at school which will help them concentrate on teaching because they are sure that they will get lunch at school and then the pupils will always be at school to be taught. We have aplan in place to introduce a Community School feeding programme in which schools take lead in producing food for children to eat while at school. Each class grows a different type of food and later the whole school feeds on the different types of food.

In this programme, the school produces different types of food including beans, maize,bananas and sweet potatoes. The school will provide local resources like land while the pupils provide the labour during co-curricular activities at 4 pm whereas Mountains of Hope provides capacity building.

Mbute Primary school will be a pilot school, once it works out, we will then scale up the programme to cover 20 other schools in Mpigi District.

Mountains of Hope has also provided 4 balls, 02 foot ball and 02 Net balls to enable pupils enjoy soccer, most of the children lose opportunity to join paying sports clubs when they grow up just because they did not have an opportunity to practice it while at school due to lack of balls.

Sep 10, 2015

Pit latrine makes the home complete

Pitlatrine at the home
Pitlatrine at the home


I hope you are fine again, last time I updated you on the glasses on the doors and windows, today its something quite unique, we have already hired people to dig a 40 feet deep pit latrine in the home, the pit latrine is expected to last 30-40 years while in use, this is one of the signs indicating the completion of the mission we started together with you, I again take this opportunity to thank you for your money and care, thank you dear.

Next week we will be putting up a slab on the pit, the next thing will only be building latrine walls, roofing and plastering, we have money for the slab, and we will end there till we get more donations may be by the beginning of next year.

"Once we complete the latrine, there will not be any reason why we should not use the place" said the chair man board of Directors of the Mountains of Hope Childrens Ministries.

I urge you to pray with us for the completion of this latrine and also ask your friends and family to support and pray for the project, Mountains of Hope has many projects on Globalgiving that have transfromed the lives of the communities where we work,you could check them out. I also urge you to keep checking on our website for more updates.

Children have reported back for third term/semester which will run upto November this year, most of our children are in Primary level, a few are in Secondary and some 2 in University, also pray with us for their success in education.

Wishing you all the best

Pit latrine digging in progress
Pit latrine digging in progress
Children enjoying a special meal
Children enjoying a special meal
Aug 25, 2015

Strong doors and windows keep us safe

Windows and doors with glass
Windows and doors with glass


Thanks for supporting Build a home for 50 children in Uganda.

Your donations always helps to keep the construction work going, so far we have fixed the strong doors and windows in the home to keep the kids safe. Our builders have just been fixing the glasses on the windows and doors, what does this mean? it means that its almost over.

The remaining bit of it is just to complete the wall plastering, fixing the floors and painting and that will be all.

What next? Kids will be ready to relocate in there without any problems.

The home will need to build a latrine, a kitchen, bathrooms and a wall fence to completely keep the kids safe.

This home is near a water source and this is not a protected water source and yet the whole community of over 500 people fetches water for drinking in this well, in future Mountains of Hope will work on this water source to enable the children and the whole community drink safe water.

"We have plans of building a guest house for our volunteers to live in, they will not need to sleep in a hotel when they are here" James, Project Leader. The project has a plan to put up a modern guest house just in the home where children will be living, this house will have running water, electricity, a kitchen inside and a toilet to make it condusive for the westerners while they are here.

Many kids will be albe to learn many things concerning income generation, farming and other things while in their own home.

The un protected water source near the home
The un protected water source near the home

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