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Aug 3, 2020

Together We Can Save Rare Yemeni Tigers

Finishing a training for volunteers
Finishing a training for volunteers

Dear Generous donors,

SYS Organization hopes that you are all healthy and well. It seems that our dream of saving the rare Yemeni tiger will come true.

Four months ago, we posted this project, "Rescue and Save Rare Yemeni Tiger from Extinction." on GlobalGiving. We were so enthusiastic and optimistic, and we still. But with the advent of COVID-19, everything changed in Yemen. There were full blockage and quarantine. Despite all of these obstacles, we, Support Yemeni Society Organization's volunteer team kept working to achieve the goal of this project," Saving Yemeni tiger from extinction. We prepared a new plan to deal with the situation. Therefore, we did the following actions: 

1- We contacted the local authorities in Bani Qais and informed them about our project, and its goal. We discussed with them how to protect the rare animals in the Bani Qais Nature Preserve. We asked them to facilitate our job.

2- We enrolled six interested volunteers and started training them.

3- We launched the awareness campaign to Bani Qais local people on the importance of the Yemeni tiger, which is a National Symbol. Moreover, we lectured people on how to prevent and stop poaching.

4- We distributed 100 flyers about the significance of the Yemeni tiger, and urging local people to collaborate with the local authorities. 

5- We visited Sana'a Zoo and discussed with its manager ways of protecting the only three Yemeni tigers in the zoo.

Dear generous donors, with your donations, we can do more and more to protect this rare animal from extinction. Every

donation helps us increase and raise awareness among Yemeni people on the importance of protecting these animals. Moreover, your donations will help in the tiger population. 

Thank you so much again and again for supporting SYS

Organization. All together, we can achieve our noble goal.

Best regards.


Ahmed Al-Qadhi

At Sana'a Zoo
At Sana'a Zoo
Only three tigers at Sana'a Zoo
Only three tigers at Sana'a Zoo
Jul 21, 2020

Your Donation Makes an Impact

Eyes of Gratitude
Eyes of Gratitude

Dear GlobalGiving donors,

On behalf of every poor and vulnerable school girls in Yemen, in general, and in Sana'a in particular, Support Yemeni Society Organization extends its warmest thanks to you all for your generosity and continuous support.

Yemeni school girls face many difficult situations due to ongoing war, unemployment, and COVID-19. The majority of Yemeni people lost their jobs and sources of livelihoods. Many of Yemeni girls are threatened to stop their education due to these hard and difficult circumstances. Therefore, Support Yemeni Society Organization SYS with the support of GlobalGiving and your generous donations continues the implementation of Feeding 1000 Poor Rural School Girls in Yemen Project. This is the second stage of delivering food for the most vulnerable girls at AlNajah School, Bani AlHareth District. Despite the ongoing war and COVID-19 Pandemic, SYS Organization's team still has a strong determination and commitment to serve those poor girls and help them continue their education. Parents of those girls expressed their gratitude to YOU and GlobalGiving.

Our ambition is to increase this project and involve more vulnerable poor girls and more affected schools. It is only YOU who can make the difference. With your donations, we can continue and see the impact. Believe us that every single dollar you donate will be used in an appropriate and transparent way to reach those targeted girls.

Thank you again and again. Yemeni girls need your support. Please, Enable and empower them to get their rights to continuing education. "Educate a Girl, Educate a Nation." Dr.James Emman

We are all working towards achieving SDG4 " Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.", and its 10 targets.

My best regards.


Ahmed Al-Qadhi

Jul 14, 2020

Prevention of COVID-19 in Yemen- First stage

"Thank you GlobalGiving, thank you, generous donors." One of the Prevention of COVID-9 in Yemen project's beneficiaries said when was given a hygiene kit. Support Yemeni Society Organization SYS with support and fund of GlobalGiving implemented the first stage of Prevention of COVID-19 in Yemen Project. SYS Organization distributed hygiene kits to more than 1200 vulnerable people in Sana'a including marginalized people, displaced persons, poor families, traffic policemen, poor female teachers, scavengers, and sellers in the markets. Moreover, SYS Organization conducted health Awareness-Raising sessions about COIVD-19 and the preventive measures to restaurants' workers and street cleaners. More than 2000Awareness-raising flyers on methods of preventing the Coronavirus were distributed to people in the markets and mosques.

            Implementing Prevention of COVID-19 Project in Yemen is so crucial especially during this difficult situation that country is experiencing. Yemen the war-torn country is seen to be extremely vulnerable to the outbreak." This is a country that lacks almost totally the means to respond to this outbreak." Haduogn, MSF Head of Mission in Yemen.

Thus, Support Yemeni Society Organization needs the donors' generosity to continue its mission and achieve the goals of this project. Our ambition is to cover a wide range of vulnerable needy Yemeni people in the upcoming stages.  


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