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Aug 2, 2019

Our New Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum

High School girls learn intro to business skills
High School girls learn intro to business skills

After months of hard work by our team of trainers, we're proud to announce the completion of our brand-new educational curriculum! 

Later this month we will be debuting our new curriculum with a group of rural women in cooperation with the Municipal Women's office in Colomba, Quetzaltenango.

It's strategically designed to get rural entreprenuers active in the market within the first 3 months of training with practical exercises and coaching over 10 months that progressively builds her business. 

We match business training with empowerment training to build public speaking confidence, emotional resiliency skills and determination to help them succeed with their life goals despite gender barriers.

Our special focus on social businesses that promote awareness & education requires workshops on preventative health & environmental awareness to 'teach the teachers' and inspire them with the impact they can make in these areas. 

If you are interested in the details of our course, here's a brief outline of how we set up rural social businesses over our 12 year program:


Empowerment & Entreprenuership training:

    Over 192 hours of in-person trainings provide core and advanced skills necessary to start a microenterprise and advocate for her community. Each workshop topic is directly tied to her success in distributing MPL products while giving her practical experience prior to developing her long-term business plans. The educational program includes practical homework projects, reading, and self-tracking to help new entrepreneurs establish successful habits in business and personal life.   Bi-weekly phone calls coach students to help them achieve their goals. Pre-assessments provide baseline data of each student to be compared to her progress throughout the year. Her final business plan and pitch provide a final assessment of skills obtained during the course of the program. 


Introduction to Small Business

Students become well versed in “Lean Start-up” methods to develop small businesses with a minimal budget. They become familiar with the Business Model Canvas to analyze the MPL business model and apply it in their communities. During the final months of the program, students develop their own business plans that include positive social and environmental impacts as well as personal financial success. 

Market Studies teach students the process of identifying clients, business competitors and opportunities in the market with tools to segment and understand their local markets. New entreprenuers will understand the Growth-Share Matrix and the Boston Consulting Group Matrix to strengthen their business plans. 

Mastering the Elevator Pitch gives students the confidence to express their business, goals and products to attract the attention of potential customers or investors. As public figures, social business women have extensive practical application in town fairs, tabling and community council presentations.

Sales Strategies show new entreprenuers how to access their market segments understanding Value Propositions of products and services. New social entreprenuers implement Mayan Power and Light sales strategies of presentations and workshops to approach low-income and under educated market segments with solutions to basic needs.  These skills and others are incorporated into their own business plans to provide long-term services to their local market. 

Towards the end of the year, new entrepreneurs understand the process to formalize and register their business under Guatemalan law.  They will understand important topics like labor laws; tax requirements and fiscal regulations; forms, fees and processes to register their business with Guatemala’s tax agency.


Financial Literacy 

We train new microentrepreneurs in financial education and how to manage the economic resources they generate. Since women are the often administrators of home finances it is important to recognize between needs and desires, saving and responsible financial decision-making. Students directly apply their learning to managing budgets, inventory and receipts through the Mayan Power and Light program.


Personal Empowerment:

This essential topic addresses the main barriers to success in business for women in Guatemala: self-confidence, communication skills, emotional control, resiliency and motivation.

In dynamic, participatory activities, new business women learn Interpersonal Communication public to build public speaking confidence to hold public workshops, engage with Municipal government representatives, approach customers and respond to their questions.  Strategies for resilience, emotional control and motivation address the ups personal challenges associated in the ups and downs of starting a new business. 

Reading is assigned throughout the program with homework questions based on the readings and in-class reflections. Working with motivational books such as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey; and The Biggest Seller in the World.



As advocates for their community’s development, this module will teach the skills to lead community processes to plan and execute sustainable, community-led projects. By the end of this training, new social businesswomen can confidently build relationships with Municipal and Community committees, complete a needs analysis, identify community projects and create sustainability plans for long term maintenance. 



As public promotors of green technologies, social businesswomen educate the public via her free public workshops.  This module assures they have a complete understanding of the effects of climate change, efficient use and management of natural resources and personal commitments to protect the environment. 



An introduction to preventative health provides a review of techniques to prevent the most common waterborne and airborne diseases in Guatemala.  With an introduction to WASH and Nutrition social businesswomen can educate her clients about important practices to increase family health and the impact of water filters, clean cookstoves and solar power.

Jul 3, 2019

We won an environmental award!

Energy Globe Award
Energy Globe Award

We just got word today - Mayan Power and Light as been selected Guatemala's most sustainable solution by Energy Globe in 2019! 


First of all, Thank You for participating in our Humanitarian Carbon Credit program. You are cooperating with Mayan Power and Light social businesses to offer subsidized solar power to approved applicants.      

Getting solar power into the hands of the rural poor directly reduces carbon emissions for years to come, while improving rural health and wealth.  The family's financial contribution to their solar equipment ensures it's proper ownership and care so that solar power lasts into the long term. Mayan Power and Light businesses offer replacement parts for a sustainable, economic solution to climate change. 

The Carbon Credit program will connect you directly to the families who recieve clean lighting for the first time, in our effort for transparency and trust.    We consider you a partner in a collaborative effort for a real solution to current crises in climate change, poverty, migration, and gender equality.

Consider joining us for a solar service trip in Guatemala to learn basic solar power skills alongside community members in an intercultural effort to spread acceptance of green solutions.

Organize your own group's sponsored solar project at

Rosy displays 10 Watt solar kit and water filter
Rosy displays 10 Watt solar kit and water filter


Jun 10, 2019

Report from our Project Coordinator

The B'atz group consists of 4 women, who have received training to strengthen the entrepreneurship in them, as they are mothers and wives and none of them has had the experience in business, leaving home and having interpersonal relationships with people and places they do not know. But nevertheless; in the production and packaging process they have created fruit and herbal tea to make innovative recipes. They identified an environmentally friendly packaging, biodegradable bags sealed with a heat sealant.

One of the difficulties they have found in the process are the following: Seed capital, because they do not have the raw material, they must look for suppliers and buy the raw material, but the cost of production, promotion and sale is high, since I needed resources to travel, since the market for the products is in the tourist areas around the lake. Due to this, an amount for seed capital has been given to them.

Their first experience was in San Lucas Tolimán market day, on Tuesday, it was a good experience for them because through the speech they gave, they managed to make the first sales to people they did not know, in addition to this the support of Parents, spouses and children have been important in this process, as they support and motivate women to leave their community and experience the promotion and sales process and achieve their economic goals.

The market they had previously was only local,  nowin their own community. Now they have come to present the product in other places, they visited Santa Cruz and San Marcos la Laguna, this has allowed them to find two spaces for the sale of the products, so every Saturday they have a space in The Iguana Perdida hostel's  Saturday market of organic and artisanal products. Also in San Marcos la Laguna will be delivering product for sale in stores of daily consumption.

Despite the many obstacles to starting small businesses, we are pleased to see B'atz Kuxya getting out there to earn their own money for the first time in their lives.

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