Jul 20, 2021

First COVID-19 vaccines arrive to Haiti amid unrest

As of this past May, we have seen a surge in COVID-19 cases throughout Haiti. On May 14, the Ministry of Health announced that the national laboratory discovered two new variants from Brazil and the United Kingdom that have been found in Haiti. Unfortunately, the Haitian population has not been as resistant to the new variants as it seemed to be when COVID-19 first appeared in Haiti in March 2020.

Thankfully, COVID-19 testing has become more available and accessible in Haiti. Hospitals have recently been overwhelmed with treating COVID-19 patients, and lack beds and oxygen, which is already not readily available in Haiti. Hospitals are having to turn down patients with less severe cases and sending them home without treatment. 

Consider the reality of Haiti’s situation. The pandemic may be receding in the US, but in Haiti, barely a two-hour flight away, the vaccination roll-out has not even begun. Haiti is the only country in the western hemisphere that has not vaccinated a single person against COVID-19. This grim statistic adds yet another doleful data point to what is already the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

Fortunately, approximately 500,000 doses of Moderna vaccines arrived in Haiti a few days ago, making it no longer the only country in the Americas without any. But vaccine hesitancy, to say nothing of the recent violence and political unrest, could delay distribution for weeks.

The vaccines, which will be stored in hundreds of solar-power refrigerators throughout Haiti, were donated by the U.S. government through COVAX and delivered to Port-au-Prince, the nation's capital. While this is a good start to making COVID-19 vaccination available to Haitians, we hope this first donation of doses will be followed by others. More donations will be needed for Haiti to reach those most vulnerable to COVID-19 infection, especially in today's volatile political and social climate in Haiti.

There are many challenges in Haiti currently, like the economy, food instability, gas shortages, political unrest, gang violence, and COVID-19. The loss of the president brings forth great uncertainty. As we fight against COVID-19 in Haiti, our mission remains unchanged. We will continue to ensure that vulnerable communities in Haiti have access to high-quality care to safeguard the health of themselves and their families.

Thank you to everyone who has supported C2C on GlobalGiving during the difficult time that Haiti has experienced the last two years. Our work would not be possible without your generosity! The reality is that we're fighting a losing battle without a vaccine distribution plan, more doses coming to Haiti, and a shortage of personal protective equipment for our medical professionals. Please continue to share our campaign and spread the word about C2C! 

Thank you again for your help and support!!! 

Jun 30, 2021

Kicking Off the Campaign to Launch the Project

At C2C, we believe in providing "healthcare for all, close to home." All families deserve high-quality, reliable care that helps them to get well and stay healthy. Health is the cornerstone of family and civic life, education, and economic productivity.

Over the last decade, C2C has worked to strengthen the health system in Haiti. Our model for community-based healthcare delivers results for under-resourced communities. We provide high-quality, affordable, patient-centered care through a social enterprise clinic model that begins to financially sustain itself over time, ensuring that people get the health care they need today and in perpetuity. We serve a population of more than 250,000 people, treat over 50,000 patients every year in our clinics and over 11,000 patients at home through community health screenings, vaccinations, and public health education campaigns.

Through our Public-Private Partnership with Haiti's Ministry of Health, we rehabilitate struggling government clinics and make them by completely renovating the clinic, fixing the infrastructure, equipping it with electricity via generators and solar energy, introducing our electronic medical systems, as well as supplying it with more than 80 new medications and over a dozen lab tests. 

Since we pride our clinics as being a one-stop-shop center, we aim to reduce waiting time for patients, provide more accurate results, and increase efficiency in the laboratory. It is for that reason that we are investing in a hematology analyzer. This will really improve our service and patient volume since we are the only clinic in the catchment area to have this type of laboratory equipment. Hematology analyzers are used in routine complete blood count analysis, reticulocyte count analysis, and to diagnosis anaemia.

The project has gotten off to a slow start but we hope to kick off a campaign to highlight this need for an additional hematology analyzer for one of our clinics. We hope to obtain one by the end of 2021 to be able to support the demand and need for in-house diagnostics. Thank you for the opportunity to procure this lifesaving medical equipment! 

Jun 2, 2021

6 Months of Maternal Healthcare in Bayeux!

Thanks to the generosity of GlobalGiving community members like you, C2C launched the maternal health program in the rural area of Bayeux in October 2020 and has consulted with pregnant women every Monday since. From the start, the program was managed by our amazing team, consisting of an OBGYN, a midwife, and a registration nurse. Since our doors first opened, we have recorded 208 antenatal care visits! 

In addition to promoting the program within our clinic, our community health team promotes it in the different communities that surround the clinic as well, in order to increase the popularity of the program and spread awareness through word-of-mouth. When we began the program in October, we were only seeing about 7 patients per day—now, we are seeing 17 patients per day! Some of these patients travel great distances to come to our clinic, even from an hour away. In the region of Bayeux, C2C is the only organization providing antenatal care consultations in a catchment area of about 10,000 people. Without your support, pregnant women in this area would not be able to access the level of care they need to ensure healthy pregnancies and deliveries.

We are committed to providing care that is accessible to poor and low-income women. In surrounding areas, an ultrasound test can cost $15-20 each on top of a consultation fee—too expensive for the women we serve. At C2C, our patients love that ultrasounds are included in our low bundle price. Another aspect that our patients love about our program and that has helped increase our patient volume is the care and attention our amazing staff gives each patient that comes to our clinic. We limit our volume to 25 patients a day to ensure that each pregnant woman receives adequate time with the midwife and the OBGYN. In addition to medical care, we also provide each woman with educational information on their pregnancy, reproductive health, and newborn health. We also call each woman to remind them of their appointments so that they attend all of the recommended visits, and after they have given birth, we call again to check on the woman and the newborn's health status. 

We are so grateful to the GlobalGiving community for making our maternal health program possible in Bayeux and we are so excited to continue to update you on the progress of the program and the expansion of the program to other clinics in the future! Mèsi anpil!
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