Apr 18, 2014

Achon Uganda Chlidren's Fund Report: April 2014

Uganda Newspaper Article: Patient Ward Dedication
Uganda Newspaper Article: Patient Ward Dedication

In February several members of the Achon Uganda Children's Fund team traveled to Uganda to attend the dedication of the James Fee Patient Ward (see attached newspaper headline). This ward, which will soon house up to 40 patients, was named after our Executive Director who was killed in a cycling accident in October 2013.

Since February, we have purchased an ambulance. This enables us to expand our reach into surrounding communities to provide urgent care. As important, we are also conducting daily outreach programs to provide much-needed education on health, disease prevention, neonatal care and more.

This will enable us to host visiting doctors and nurses. Today, there is a challenging hour drive from the closest major town of Lira. In May we will begin construction of a Staff Quarters building so that staff and visitors do not have to make this drive twice per day.

We are also nearing completion of an incinerator, for the save removal of medical waste, and an outdoor kitchen so that patients and their families can prepare meals while recovering from treatment.

Jan 27, 2014

Achon Uganda Children's Fund - Winter 2014

Construction of Patient Kitchen Shelter
Construction of Patient Kitchen Shelter

Achon Uganda Children's Fund, and the Kristina Health Clinic that it supports, are operating extremely well. We are treating over 300 patients per month. The most common illness treated is malaria, but the care varies widely.

As noted in the previous report, the founder and Executive Director of AUCF, Jim Fee, passed away in October. his wife and two sons will travel to Awake Village in Northern Uganda for the dedication of the new James Fee Patient Ward. This building was recently constructed in order to provide a place for patient recover; previously patients were sent home immediately after care, and home is often a very long walk home (several miles).

Additional construction projects are:

1. A small kitchen for patients and their families to use during care and recover.

2. A staff quarters. The current staff is cramped in a small building, and sharing rooms. This additional building will all AUCF to host visiting doctors and nurses, who can train the staff and provide additional patient care.

3. An incinerator for disposing of used medical equipment.

Thank you for all of your help in making this development possible.

The Achon Uganda Children's Fund Team

Oct 31, 2013

Achon Uganda Children's Fund: November 2013 Report & Project Goal Expansion

Jimmy, Julius & Grace Achon at new Patient Ward
Jimmy, Julius & Grace Achon at new Patient Ward

Supporters of Achon Uganda Children's Fund,

It is with both high spirits and heavy hearts that we send this Project Report for the Achon Uganda Children's Fund (AUCF).

Unfortunately, or Executive Director (and husband and father), Jim Fee, passed away on October 9, 2013.  Jim was doing what he loved--riding his bike--when he was involved in an accident. He died very much at peace, surrounded by his family and friends. You can learn more about Jim in this article: http://www.runnersworld.com/general-interest/jim-fee-charitable-ally-of-ugandan-olympian-dies-after-bike-accident

But thanks to Jim's hard work and dedication, AUCF has made tremendous progress toward our mission: to improve the quality of life in rural Northern Uganda through access to health care and education, improvements to infrastructure and means of self-sufficiency. Jim left in place a talented and dedicated team of board members and advisors. AUCF is on solid foundation, and we are moving forward with all of Jim's great work.

We have already brought clean water to the village of Awake with a new well. Further, the Kristina Health Clinic and Staff Quarters has been operating for well over a year. It has already provided low-cost health care to the thousands of people from Awake and surrounding villages--for the first time ever.  A patients ward, where recently treated patients and their families can recover, is nearly complete.

We have nearly achieved our original Global Giving goal of $50,000. With this Report, we are expanding our project goal to $100,000.  With the additional funds, we will pay the growing clinic staff. Further, we are purchasing an ambulance in order to expand AUCF's reach, and are beginning to plan for housing for visiting doctors and a maternity clinic.

Thank you for all of your support, and for helping to bring Jim Fee's legacy to life.


The Fee Family & AUCF Board of Directors

Jim Fee, Executive Director 10/13/1945 - 10/9/2013
Jim Fee, Executive Director 10/13/1945 - 10/9/2013


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