Dec 28, 2020

Counting the accomplishments of 2020

 Dear Donors,

Thank You to all of you individuals who have chosen to support PSA. Your dedication to the People Left Behind in History has allowed them to achieve their desire to move forward during this challenging 2020 year.

PSA has one employee, Claude, our field Manager. With the help of many volunteers and donors, the pygmies in Cyaruzinge village

  • Fixed their storm-damaged homes
  • Learned brick making and built walls
  • Built Kitchens
  • Sold thousands of bricks
  • Organized the making and selling of Brochette Sticks
  • Restored Water supply building and managed sale of city water
  • Started savings society
  • Raised and harvested crops 
  • Received Agricultural Training on Fertilization
  • Initiated Substance Abuse prevention for their youth
  • Six youth started Vocational Training
  • Scouts engaged
  • Family planning taught
  • Medical cards 
  • A neighbor offered to sell the Pygmies his Land; we are buying it!
  • Wheelchair purchased
  • Hip Hip Hooray Electricity on the way
  • Soccer Balls have been given to the community as Christmas Presents 
  • Transportation and communication upgrades have been made
  • Food relief delivered - COVID-19
  • Amakondera Center Drawings and Construction Plans initiated

Thank you for being part of the team that is helping the Batwa help themselves. 

In Solidarity, 

Perrilee Pizzini



Nov 30, 2020

Successful COVID Food Campaign


Your contributions to the fundraiser for the Pygmies during the Covid-19 shutdown of  Rwanda helped more people than you can imagine survive four very difficult months. 

The village people regard themselves as one family living together and thus do not routinely practice social distancing or wear masks. Yet, this photo shows them practicing distancing at the time of the first food delivery in early April. The community of Pygmies have had food through these difficult times because of your generosity, and they send you their profound thanks.

Members of the community shared their food with neighbors, who also had nothing to eat. This generosity was repaid when the same neighbors later gave them sweet potato seedlings, enabling the Pygmies to plant their own field of potatoes. The harvest in August and September supplied additional food to the Cyaruzinge community. Such sharing in times of need represents the best in humanity—made possible by the generosity of our donors. Thank you! 

We gave a second delivery of food the first week of June. The people received an enriched grain, Posho also known locally as Sawa, Beans, Cooking Oil and some Soap per household. As you can see in the photo above they were very excited and sang a song of gratitude. 

When the relatives who live in another Pygmy community (one who does not have a benefactor)  heard of this, they asked if we could give them some food, too. We did supply them as we could in April. Our field manager spoke with the local government to report that we had no more food to give that community. Because we had created a delivery route to that community the government agency was able to receive further food donations coordinated through local officials; and thus, the giving chain extended even further, because of our generous donors.  

Each delivery was approximately 3.7 metric tons of food supplies. The local government distribution came through with 3 kg of posho per Cyaruzinge family between when PSA was able to make the food deliveries. A third food delivery was given on July 13, without cooking oil or soap, as they had received both from the government's contribution. 

All of this work benefitted hundreds of families because of the generosity given to this request for help. 

 We are happy to report that the fundraiser was successful!

Deaths from starvation caused by COVID shutdowns have been prevented. The people are farming, doing day labor, and are again selling goods and services.

Still, the need for nutrition continues in the community. PSA is looking into serving a hot breakfast for school kids at the new Early Childhood Development Center in 2021.


Thank You 


first food delivery to Cyaruzinge Village
first food delivery to Cyaruzinge Village
Third food delivery to Cyaruzinge Village
Third food delivery to Cyaruzinge Village

Nov 2, 2020

Lots going on in Cyaruzinge Village

Lots of exciting things are happening to make the new preschool a reality!

The land for the new building has been cultivated with beans and corn this planting season as a way to support the community while fundraising for the new school continues.  The agronomist helped us learn how to fertilize the crops this time and we are hoping for a great yield because the planting was timed perfectly with the arrival of the winter rainy season.  The young women's saving society or ROSCA is learning how to cultivate land and supporting each other by sharing healthy messages. 

The land will soon be surveyed by the surveyor to give what they call a "topographic" map of the slope and the surroundings so that the plans for the new building can be adapted for the specific lay of the land. 

Meanwhile, wires delivering electricity to the community for the first time are coming closer to the new plot of land and people are excited to have the chance to have electricity - and lights at night!-  in their homes.

The brickmakers are practicing their brickmaking and construction skills by building new outdoor kitchens for families in the Village.  The water cooperative is learning how to manage a sustainable water supply.

The flute makers have added new flute players to their ranks and they are practicing with the traditional instruments together.  

We are so grateful for all your support and all the people send thanks from Cyaruzinge to those of you around the world who are making it possible to build a new future for their children!

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