Jul 5, 2012

Seattle Dentist Provides Care at Vinto Boys Home

At the invitation of the Smiles Forever organization, Dr. Tracy Wayman provided care for 40 young new patients. 

Forty lucky young boys, with no prior dental care, were treated by Dr. Tracy Wayman of Seattle, Washington.  Sponsored by the Smiles Forever organization, Dr. Wayman volunteered a week of his time to treat these formerly homeless boys.  These boys now live in a safe haven home in Vinto, a town 45 minutes outside Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Dr. Wayman's many talents were called into play as he administered much needed care to children totally without access to basic dental hygiene services.  Because this boys home has no money available to budget for preventative dental care, each child had at least 5 cavities, and many were in need of extractions and root canal therapy. 

It is no surprise Dr. Wayman had to soothe and calm down scared and crying young boys who were at first difficult to handle.  It is wonderful that he has a special way with children, and that he could win them over and make them feel at ease.  Soon they became easier to work with as he gained their trust, and they knew they would be feeeling much better free from awful toothaches.  The generous and kind Dr. Wayman truly has a gift for working with those so much in need.  All his new patients left with smiles on their faces! 

Our Bolivian Dental Hygiene school is grateful to dedicated professionals like Dr. Wayman who are willing to leave their comfortable dentist offices and come and give of their time, working in some difficult situations with minimal supplies. Of course, it is thanks to our caring Global Giving family of donors, who make it possible for these fortunate boys to receive follow-up care.

Apr 2, 2012

Dental Hygiene Educator of 23 Years Visits School

Hygienists-in-training &  Deborah McLynn Chiu
Hygienists-in-training & Deborah McLynn Chiu

Volunteer Deborah McLynn Chiu Instructs Hygienists at Unique Bolivian Dental School  

    Seattle area's Deborah McLynn Chiu RDH, dental hygienist and educator for 23 years, came to enrich the teaching program at the Smiles Forever one-of-a-kind vocational training program in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Deborah arrived February 12th and stayed for a whirlwind week of instruction and the sharing of the most up-to-date techniques.  Because the Smiles Forever sponsored Dental Hygiene School in Bolivia is the first ever dental hygienist training program in Bolivia, maybe even the only one in all of South America, there is a need for a Spanish/ English training manual.  Deborah McLynn Chiu is helping to write the book!    

     This book will provide a how-to guide on Mastery Level Dental Hygiene techniques.  Our current manuals are being rewritten and updated to include our latest training techniques.  One specialty of Deborah's is how to use scaling instruments for cleaning teeth, and she has taught our indigenous Bolivian women the latest techniques.  Everyone here is so appreciative of her enthusiasm and help and energetic spirit to take on such a big project.  We all are hoping Deborah McLynn Chiu can return for another teaching visit. 

Our Graduates Form Dental Hygiene Association and Give Preventative Care to Children, and are Mentoring This Year's Class of Indigenous Bolivian Women

     Our graduates, who have now formed their own Dental Hygiene Association in Bolivia, returned to attend evening and weekend continuing education courses to further develop their skills.  In the spirit of Smiles Forever's Mission of giving to the community, the new Dental Hygiene Association of Bolivia has decided to raise funds for their own sealant and flouride school program, as well as aiding and mentoring other indigenous young women who attend the Smiles Forever Dental Hygiene School.  We are all so proud to report that our graduates have branched out to help even more children who need preventative dental care for improved overall health. 

Project Milestone:  Celebrating a Year with the Global Giving Family 

     Our special dental school, which changes the lives of young Bolivian women who might otherwise be homeless, without skills to support their families, and living a day to day existence,  offers these women a better future with your generosity.  Thank you.  Muchas Gracias.   

      In total, our school has been here in the heart of the Bolivian high plateau country operating for over a decade and giving quality dental treatment to literally thousands, including burned children and rural populations.  Many have received urgent care with the help of our irreplaceable teaching staff and volunteers.  

Our Global Giving Ranking is Superstar in 5 out of 6 Categories!

     We have been ranked #124 in this wonderful organization of over 8,000 projects.    Our current Leader Title Overall has meant the Send a Homeless Bolivian Woman to School for a Year can be featured in matching campaigns, listed on corporate giving sites, and featured in South American campaigns.  We just need to bump up to the $24,000 and above donation level, and with your help this can happen.  An easy way to help this project you care so much about is to become a recurring giver.  That way I'll be even busier sending out my sincere thanks.


Dec 29, 2011

Highlights for 2012 Bolivian Hygienist School

New Class of Trainees in Cochabamba Hygienist School

This past season has been a busy one as the new class of future hygienists have been learning and practicing skills.  The rains have now returned to Bolivia, and the women are with their families celebrating the holidays and thankful that their training is changing all their lives.  Sandy Kemper's parents who have been benefactors for the school were able to travel here for a much-welcomed visit.  Especially thrilled is Sandy and Freddy's adopted Bolivian son Andre who you may remember has benefited from cleft palate surgery.

2012 Upcoming Highlights

Plans for the new year are ambitious and the school's founder hygienist Sandy Kemper will continue to work side by side with the students.

In February Dr. Tracey Wayman and his hygienist Deb Chu will be coming to Bolivia for 10 days.  Both will be giving a lecture on the capabilities of the dental hygienist to the Bolivian dentists.  This will be the same lecture they give at the University of Washington.

This will help further the hiring of our graduates as well as allowing them to utilize their skills to the fullest.  Deb Chu RDH will also be giving a lecture about the latest dental hygiene techniques to our students and graduates.  Dr. Tracey will be working in our community service projects filling and saving teeth!!!

In 2012 it might be possible to welcome more dental professionals using the volunteer registry through GlobalGiving.  Thank you GlobalGiving for continuing to help in so many ways.  Particularly gratifying has been the response generated by the Holiday Gift Card program.  Be assured that every dollar benefits so many people here in Bolivia.

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