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Aug 7, 2018

Updates from Kenya!

Our MedTreks team just returned from our time in Kenya working with Village HopeCore International. As always, it was a week full of education, training, collaboration, laughter and of course competition, as we had our annual Kenya VS U.S soccer match! (Kenya won during penalty kicks!) Here are a few highlights from our trip: 

1. Helping Babies Breathe: Our MedTreks team trained and certified 20 HopeCore staff on the course, Helping Babies Breathe. In addition to this training, MedTreks certified 2 HopeCore staff to be certified instructors of Helping Babies Breathe, they will now be ready to teach and certify other Kenyan's in their community! We were grateful to the Perinatal Rescue Association for sponsoring this training. 

 Telemedicine in Kenya: we successfully initiated our Telehealth program in Kenya. Each of our nurses at HopeCore has tablets that they use daily during the mobile clinics. We installed the telehealth application and trained our nurses on the basics of navigating the application. Our MedTreks team looks forward to providing ongoing training and consultation to our medical staff in Kenya through Telehealth in the future! 


Thank you for your continued support and helping our program expand! 

Jun 26, 2018

Recent Updates & Successes

June 2018


With the success of our NCHV program and Health Champion program we have a huge number of agents of change based in the community supporting Maternal and Child Health.

We have been collecting success stories from our NCHVs and CHWs, some examples of these are below.

-      “Last week I visited a baby who had asthma. I am pleased that the baby is doing well after HopeCore nurse, Winjoy did regular and strict follow ups and was able to advise the mother on the best way to care for the baby”

-      “After visiting a household which had no latrine for 12 days, the head of the household has started constructing a latrine. Also, 4 new households have reported drinking clean water after my regular home visits”

-      “After visiting a mother who was pregnant and advising her to go to the hospital to delivery, I found that she took my advice and delivered in the hospital”

We also regularly collect data on the condition of our patients after they have completed their course of treatment, or a few weeks after we have seen them. We do this in order to measure the effectiveness of our programming and treatment plans. We are happy to report that to-date in 2018, 75% of a representative sample of patients are healthy when we follow up, 18% are showing signs of improvement, and only 7% need additional visits from our nurses.

Additionally, we are happy to report that our NCHVs and CHWs conducted 1,012 home visits between May 1, 2018 and June 18, 2018. Additionally, we have an update on number of clients reached so far this year:

-       5,422 mothers have been educated

-       2,347 children under 5 have been treated by HopeCore nurses

-       3,615 children have participated in growth monitoring

-       1,923 mosquito nets have been given to children in the entering class of their school

-       1,666 children under 5 years have been dewormed

-       1,177 children under 5 years have gotten their recommended Vitamin A dose.

In April 2018, we trained an additional 25 neighborhood community health volunteers, bringing the total number deployed in the field currently to 52.

In May 2018, we deployed an additional team into the field so HopeCore now has 4 teams daily visiting schools. Each team is composed of 2 nurses, 1 health educator, and 1 or 2 community health workers. We expect to see the number of patients treated to increase this year and are excited to continue to share updates with you.

We are only able to accomplish everything with do through the generous support of donors like you!

May 10, 2018

Updates for MedTreks Kenya Educational Program


Our MedTreks program has continued to expand and we are excited to share some updates on the project. 

As the nursing and community health team continues to grow at HopeCore, there is an even greater need for mentorship and continuing education and training for the staff. Our goal with MedTreks is to provide this opportunity through our MedTreks educational program. We have identified a few new areas that we can help to facilitate training and education for the HopeCore staff. 

1. Educational Newsletter: in May of this year, we started the MedTreks educational newsletter, where several MedTreks members provide articles on pertinent public health topics that would be useful to the staff in Kenya such as basic first aid topics, pediatrics, dermatology, infectious disease, orthopedics, women's health and family medicine. This newsletter will continue on a quarterly basis and we look forward to having feedback from the HopeCore staff on topics that they would like to learn in the future newsletters. 

2. Telemedicine Program: we are very excited about continuing our contribution to facilitating education, training, and consultation the implementation of HopeCore's first Telehealth program. A group of the MedTreks nurses will be returning in July to help set up this very user-friendly Telehealth system for the HopeCore staff. The plan will be to use this for monthly education meetings but also scheduled follow up visits that will be conducted by the HopeCore staff and used to consult with medical providers from MedTreks who will offer medical advice. 

 As we continue to expand, we are fortunate to have such a strong team of dedicated individuals as part of this program, both at MedTreks and HopeCore. 

Thank you for your continued support!

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