Mar 10, 2016

Molly the Koala Joey

Molly the Koala Joey

Age: 18 months

Sex: Female            Weight: 2.2kg

With mum’s permission, Molly the koala joey began the search for her own home. While on her new adventure, Molly mistook a backyard fence as yet another obstacle to face while finding the perfect tree.

In our hot summer weather, poor Molly was stuck on a roof of a home with no shade, no water and no food for three whole days! Molly did her best to find a way off the roof and out of the scorching heat but the barking dogs in the backyard meant there was no safe escape.

On the third day, Molly was desperately weak and dehydrated. She mustered enough strength to let out a ‘yip’ (a baby koala’s cry) and thankfully drew the attention of the homeowners. After being rushed to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, Molly was immediately treated for dehydration and exhaustion. To make matters worse, during her examination, Molly also tested positive for conjunctivitis.

Molly is now receiving some much-needed TLC from the Hospital team and once her conjunctivitis has cleared, she will be released back into the wild in an area away from any potential threats. With the help of your donations, Molly will be able to safely resume the search for her new home soon.

Dec 10, 2015

Harry the Barn Owl

Harry the Barn Owl
Harry the Barn Owl

Harry the Barn Owl                             

Age: Adult

Sex: Unknown           Weight: 330gms

Found: On the ground getting attacked by other birds in Caboolture, Queensland.

Transported to: To the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital by the Australia Zoo Rescue Unit.

Veterinary Assessment: Dr Mike noticed Harry was quiet on arrival. After a thorough examination under anaesthetic, Dr Mike found that Harry had a dislocated shoulder.

Treatment: Dr Mike strapped Harry's wing and administrated fluids, pain relief and anti inflammatories. Harry was then transferred to the Intensive Care Unit for close observation.

Future: Once his condition stabilised he was transferred to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital for specialised physiotherapy. When he is ready, Harry will be released back into his home range in the wild, but safely away from any potential risks.

AZWH Fact: The 'heart shape' of a barn owl's face collects sound similar to human ears, allowing it to have one of the best senses of hearing in the world!


Sep 10, 2015

Lettuce the Agile Wallaby Joey

Lettuce the Agile Wallaby Joey - Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Patient Story                                

Age: Juvenile

Sex: Female    Weight: 860gm

Found: Lettuce was sadly left an orphan after her mum was hit by a car in Gatton, QLD.

Transported to: The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital by a kind member of the public.

Veterinary Assessment: Dr Claude was on duty to assess Lettuce when she arrived. After a thorough examination and x-rays under anaesthetic, Dr Claude found that Lettuce had some bruising, but had thankfully escaped any fractures.

Treatment: Lettuce was given pain medication and fluids to aid recovery and was then transferred to the small animals ICU for close observation.

Future: Lettuce was transferred to a registered wildlife carer to raise her until she reaches independence. After this, Lettuce will be returned to her home-range in the wild but safely away from roads and other threats.

AZWH Fact: Agile Wallabies are easily recognised by their sandy brown or reddish colour. They have a distinctive black stripe down the middle of their eyes and ears and light coloured cheeks.


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