Feb 24, 2021

Delivered! Project Soar Girls Receive Period Kits!

Hi Friends! We are sending gratitude to you, our supporters!

Thanks to your contributions, we have been able to cover over $8,000 of period supplies and have already distributed them to 12 Project Soar in a Box squads across Morocco! Supplies have gone to Aourir, Casablanca, Douar Laadam, Fam El Hisn, Mediouna, N’Zalat Bni Amar, Rich, and Tanger.

Recently, 200+ Project Soar girls received their BeGirl sustainable period kits! These eco-friendly, shame free, hygienic period kits enable girls to manage their periods effectively for three years -- so important, especially now that COVID-19 has made period supplies even harder to access for marginalized communities and more difficult to do so financially. In Morocco, like in so many places, period shame is common and period knowledge is scarce.

The PSB facilitators distribute the products to the girls during their workshop, I Manage My Menstruation in Module 3 of our Empowerment Curriculum. During this workshop, girls learn about how their bodies work and are given a safe space to share and ask questions openly. 

Chaimae, a 13 year-old Project Soar girl, first got her period at age 10, before most of her friends. “It was overwhelming to get my period so early. I felt really unhappy and anxious,” she said.

Chaimae struggled to find support during this time. “My family wasn’t very understanding of my situation.” This soon changed when she joined Project Soar and began attending workshops.

When she engaged in workshops about her body and menstruation, Chaimae’s distress and anxiety about her period transformed. Armed with newfound knowledge, a recognition of her self-worth, and a BeGirl kit, Chaimae overcame her fears. “I can now speak openly about my period!”

No girl should be ashamed of her menstruation or let it get in the way of a bright future! Project Soar is proud to be a Period Positive environment.  

Thank you again for your support. Period kits help keep girls in school and reduce the risk of child marriage and teen pregnancy! Never doubt you are making a difference!

Warmest wishes,

The Project Soar Team


Feb 23, 2021

Empowered Women Empowering Girls: Fatima

Hi Project Soar Friends!

We hope you continue to be well and in good health, as we send our gratitude to you, our supporters. 

Thanks to your contributions, we are able to keep vital staff at our Douar Laadam Headquarters location during these challenging times. This team of strong and determined women is the foundation for maintaining our global Project Soar operations.

This week, we wanted to highlight Fatima, one of our team members. Fatima has been involved with Project Soar for four years, working as an Empowerment Facilitator and Coordinator. She impacts countless young girls, modeling outspokenness, confidence, hard work, and compassion.

Fatima contributes to the Project Soar curriculum and helps launch Project Soar’s scaling methodology, known as Project Soar in a Box (PSB) in new locations. Fatima spends most of her time supporting PSB facilitators throughout Morocco and ensuring program effectiveness.

For veteran facilitator Fatima, work as a Senior Program Coordinator is still incredibly rewarding. She recalled that facilitators are often nervous and unsure when they begin implementing PSB; they frequently call Fatima and the other coordinators for help and advice. Fatima encourages the facilitators to take ownership over their squads of Project Soar girls, utilizing their unique abilities to devise solutions. “I love to see their confidence grow.”

Fatima expressed gratitude for everything she has discovered through her involvement with Project Soar.

Living in small communities, there is no exposure to feminist thought and little chance for us to think differently from the conservative society in which we live. With Project Soar, I have been exposed to a beautiful, feminist way of thinking and living that I previously had not known. It has really boosted my confidence and opened my eyes to so many things.”

When asked to reflect on her numerous accomplishments, Fatima said she was, above all, proud of the determination and resilience of the girls.

“Sometimes, their power blows me away. The way they go back after Project Soar and work to change the society around them is amazing.” The girls’ wins are her wins, too.

Ever ambitious and dedicated, Fatima is spearheading initiatives to reach girls from all backgrounds. She is helping launch Project Soar’s first squad of girls with disabilities!

She is indefatigable, tenacious, and kind. Through every position she has held, everything Fatima does, in her heart, is for the girls.

“I feel so sad that there are so many girls that are out there missing out on living their best lives just because they didn’t have that little push or little more exposure, or somebody different that they could look up to or talk with. Sometimes, a conversation changes everything. We need more of Project Soar.”

Stay tuned for more Project Soar news, and never doubt that you are making a difference!

Warmest wishes,

Project Soar Team


Feb 8, 2021

Warda Bouye: Facilitator to Coordinator

Hi Friends! We are sending gratitude to You, our supporters, and positive wishes for good health as we look forward in the new year.

Transitioning back to safe, in-person workshops has been challenging, but the Project Soar team has been giving it our all to ensure Project Soar Girls have access to their empowerment curriculum and feminist support from their Empowerment Facilitators. These courageous women are leaders of change in their communities. They continue to show up and advocate for Girls across Morocco and Uganda during these uncertain times. Your support of this campaign helps provide positive role models in the lives of girls to continue developing their confidence and leadership.

This week, we sat down with one of our Empowerment Facilitators and newest Project Soar in a Box Coordinator, Warda Bouye. She joined us in January and has quickly become a vital part of our team. Warda is eager, warm, and a wonderful role model for Project Soar Girls.

Warda not only helps Project Soar girls grow and find their voices, but embodies gaining more confidence through sharing her own experiences with girls.

After working at Project Soar for a month, Warda is more confident speaking in public and feels she can make friends even more easily. “I used to hide all of my ideas. Now, I just share them.” She also noticed significant changes in the Project Soar girls she works with. The girls “used to be silent and talk in a quiet voice.” Now, she realized, “they just started to defend themselves. They can now say, ‘No’ to people. ‘It’s me, it’s my body. Don’t cross the line.’ When I was their age, I didn’t know this.”

Warda’s favorite thing about working with Project Soar girls is “making them realize how valuable they are.” It’s an amazing thing to tell a girl “that she is someone in this world and she can do whatever she wants. . . that whatever she is dreaming about can be true.”

Warda leaves her younger self and other Project Soar girls with this advice: “Just be you. Sometimes we pretend that we are somebody else and we act how other people would want us to be. Let’s just be ourselves--that’s more true to us and to others.”

Thank you for supporting Warda and all of our Empowerment Facilitators. Our work would not be possible without their commitment to and deep care for these girls.

Stay tuned for more stories from these incredible women, and never doubt you are making a difference!

Warmest Wishes,

The Project Soar team

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