Mar 24, 2021

Cohort 9 Report

Cohort 9 Box making classes begin!
Cohort 9 Box making classes begin!

We began Cohort 9 in February 2021  with 10 youth from underprivileged homes in Nairobi, we picked a smaller number due to the rising numbers of Covid 19 in Kenya. We are doing physical classes at the center where we have implemented all government and WHO set precautionary measures.  We are reworking our remote model to ensure quality and will be embarking on an hybrid system starting May with 25 students per intake.

Kenya did not carry out its secondary examinations KCSE in 2020 due to the pandemic and many of the youth enolled have been home for long and some were aleady doing menial jobs to survive. We've had to accomodate them working with trainers and the team to be more flexible. I would like to hightlight Vivian who works as a demostic worker and is able to do her duties and attend 2 hrs of class every day carying extra assignments home. We chose to support her because she is her family breadwiner and missed her univerty spot due to poverty,  her family coud only afford to support one child and chose her brother to procee to universty and her to stay home. She scored a B stand and we are working to support her get admitted to the public university and truly impact her life trajectory.

We did not reaching our funding goal of USD 10,000 to enable us to purchase the box making machines which will ensure that our students make income that will afford them dignity of life and savings towards their goals while undertake our program, We will be launching an appeal in April for the balance amount through global givng and we invite you to join and support us on this mission. This machines will ensue vivian doesnt have to work as a domestic worker but be more creative and create products and earning from the sales.

The good news is that our partner Seeds For Hope has increased our college scholarships for 2021 to five, these scholarships are truly life changers to the youth who would have never afforded to go to college. I would like to take this oppoturnity to thank them and appeal to anyone who may have any connectins to more schoalrsips to kindly reach out.

We are now at 130 youth and we have achived this milestone because of all our donors. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Vinick from Cohort 5 sharing her story to C9 youth
Vinick from Cohort 5 sharing her story to C9 youth
Gift Boxes made for our new client Youtube
Gift Boxes made for our new client Youtube
Vivian doing her 1st class presentation
Vivian doing her 1st class presentation
Oct 29, 2020

Program Update October 2020

Materials for Art, Design & Crafts Classes s
Materials for Art, Design & Crafts Classes s


Good News!

The Government of Kenya reopened Universities and Colleges and Ten youth from Cohort 7 are finally in University/College settling down. We would like to thank our Mentors for contributing funds additional funds to Susan enabling her not to miss her spot at Maseno University. Susan’s fees were USD 260 and she had saved USD 130 from doing part-time jobs after Good Kenyan and the mentors contributed the balance 160 and also gave her pocket money to cater for upkeep. We would also like to thank her mentor Shiru Mwai for giving Susan part-time work in her Interior Design Firm Wonder Concepts Ltd.

Cohort 8 Training Update

We began cohort 8 in early September and a lot of content has been covered by the Trainers bringing us to the halfway mark with each module.  The Cohorts are now more empowered to handle and operate computers, they are more aware of themselves and others as they build personal and interpersonal relationships, they are growing more and more hands-on with making boxes, cutting and plotting; and they are now more empowered to start, register and run a business with little help.

With only 8 weeks left, the trainers are preparing to finalize the content as well as fine-tune any gaps that may arise. The students have had physical sessions, in small groups, with the Art & Design trainer, and seem to be more and more interested in the art of box and card making.

Guest Speakers

We have had several guest speakers and in the month of October; Ann Ichungwa of Wylde International tackled Personal Finance. She challenged the students to practice saving now when they are earning ‘small’ and not to wait for the big bucks to start a saving culture.  James Karongo of LCVT Health tackled Relationships & Sex while challenging the students to make wise and informed decisions about their sexual and mental health; not just act toward their feelings. Finally, Doris Muigei of Shortlist tackled the Career classes where she took the students through a process to evaluate the best career choices available to them based on their personality and strengths.  


 On the 30th of October, all students from within and without Nairobi are scheduled to gather at the open-air Nairobi Arboretum for a socially distanced Teambuilding Activity that will see the students meet each other for the first time since they began this Online Cohort.  They will be joined by the Co-founders, Trainers, and staff for a fun and refreshing day that is bound to be fun.  We hope to create more teamwork and cohesiveness among class members and trainers by the end of the day.

Mentorship Journey begins

Recruitment for Mentors began early in October. So far, 25 mentors have been successfully recruited and are preparing for the Mentors’ Workshop scheduled for October 31st, 2020 via Zoom. With a rich combination of former and new mentors, we hope to have Mentors begin their year-long Mentorship Journey in November 2020.

Orientation Day for Cohort
Orientation Day for Cohort


Sep 1, 2020

May to August 2020 Report


The month of August marks six months since the COVID-19 pandemic was announced in Kenya. Despite many challenges, Good Kenyan has found new ways of embracing and surviving in the new normal. We have continued to soldier on to recruit mentors for the previous Cohort, recruit new students, and respond to the needs of our former students by providing a food aid package. We continue to stay aware of the challenges they are facing, and endeavor to stay in touch with our students frequently.

The following are the highlights of our August activities.

        I.            MENTORSHIP

For the very first time, mentors and former students are undergoing full virtual Mentorship. Mentorship is a key pillar in our program and we were sure that we didn’t want the students to miss it. We organized two virtual pieces of training for the Mentors which was well attended and two sessions for the students to prepare them for the Mentorship journey. So far, all students and their Mentors have had at least two Zoom meetings, a couple of phone calls, and a WhatsApp call. Impressive reports continue to trickle in after each meeting.

     II.            RECRUITMENT C8

The next Cohort was due to report to Good Kenyan. So, using posters, word of mouth, and online forms, we attracted a total of 57 youth who were interested in the program. In recruiting this cohort we have partnered with Oigara Community Foundation who had an influx of youth available to them and who were interested in a youth program,

After a first phone call interview, the list of shortlisted students came to 36. We are scheduled for the 2nd and final Interviews via Zoom during the last week of August, after which we hope to admit 30 students. We plan to run two groups of about 15 each on this cohort: 8A and 8B or they shall rename themselves, once oriented. Opening day is set for 9th Sept 2020 and we look forward to starting virtual classes.


With the emerging and changing trends, it became apparent that the trainers needed to sharpen their virtual training skills. It is in response to this that we held a Training of Trainers and Curriculum sharing meeting. Trainers were trained on various tips and tricks to make their classes engaging and productive via Zoom. They also shared their anticipated curriculum ahead of the new Cohort coming in Sept 2020.

The Trainers will be expected to prepare well for their classes, ensure 40-minute classes for maximum productivity, use ice-breakers and other interesting class ideas to engage the students further.

  IV.            FOOD AID

Food shortage is one of the challenges that our students face. This August, we donated a food package comprising of maize flour, rice, cereals (ndengu/beans), sugar, salt, and sanitary towels (for girls) to ten needy students.  The students, who were identified as the neediest at this time, were appreciative as they received the packages.  More continue to grapple with food shortage and low or no incomes, especially those coming from Kibera. We hope to continue giving food aid to those in dire need, as much as we are able.


In the months ahead, we hope to continue making an impact in the current as well as former students, engage more mentors and see the success of the current cohort that is the first fully virtual cohort. We look forward to your support.


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