Jul 12, 2017

On NOW: Early morning matching gift event!

Kizzy in her harness
Kizzy in her harness

Here is the link to the matching gift event we promised you last week - the matching gift event is underway now!  Give early to get a piece of today's matching funds!

Your financial support will help us pay for the medical needs of the over 500 birds in our care - including birds like Kizzy, the Goffin's Cockatoo we told you about last week.  Kizzy started her life with humans by being secreted away in a dark dorm closet, where she started her feather-picking habit.  She now has a loving adoptive guardian and a sunny home where her diet is being improved and her plumage is starting to recover.  

Would you like to help Mickaboo rescue birds today and EVERY day?  Your monthly contribution can do just that!  By giving monthly, you provide dependable support to help us continue to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home these beautiful, intelligent, feathered companion animals.  If you start your monthly donation plan today, Mickaboo will receive a 100% match of a single installment amount after your third installment.  You can earn this benefit by starting your installment plan at any time today, up until 9 pm PT.

Whether you choose today to give a single donation, or start a monthly donation, any amount is deeply appreciated by our volunteers and our birds.  Thank you for your kindness.


Jul 5, 2017

Early morning matching gift event coming!

Kizzy, doing some personal grooming
Kizzy, doing some personal grooming

What if you could help our beautiful, intelligent (and numerous!  over 500!) rescued birds simply by going online earlier than usual?  GlobalGiving's most generous Bonus Day of the year is Wednesday, July 12, starting at 6 am PT.  This Bonus Day will match your gifts at 50%, boosting your donation's effectiveness while the $110K in matching funds last (and usually the funds go VERY fast - sometimes depleted in less than 30 minutes!).

AND for a short time - GlobalGiving is reducing Mickaboo's processing fee to roughly half its normal rate for most donations, again helping your gift go further.

Your financial support will help us continue to help birds like Kizzy, a Goffin's Cockatoo. Kizzy's first owner lived in a college dorm and kept her as a secret pet, stuck in a closet. Likely because of her environment, she developed a bad feather plucking habit. She changed owners five times in seven years, ultimately landing with an owner who loved her but realized she couldn't afford the large cage and plentiful attention a cockatoo requires.

Kizzy was surrendered to Mickaboo by this owner and has since been adopted to a new permanent home. Kizzy has had a diet change (but still resists her vegetables, of course), has grown in her plumage a bit, and has adjusted well to her new home.  The adoptive parent says "She's a complete love, has become harness trained, and steps up for everyone. Kizzy is my close companion and we go everywhere together. I can't imagine how it's taken her seven owners to find her forever home; she's an absolute joy."

 * * *

Details about the upcoming Bonus Day:

  • the 50% match is limited to $1,000 per donor per nonprofit
  • we will email you the donation link at 6 am PT on July 12
  • want to sustain Mickaboo's work on a monthly basis?  Start a recurring donation at any time on July 12!  After your third installment, Mickaboo will receive a 100% match of a single installment amount.

Our recent veterinary bills have been very high, reaching $50,000 per month at times, in part because we have sooo many birds in our care.  Please save the date on your calendar to help us; it will be much appreciated.


Jun 5, 2017

Mickaboo Spring Fling - You're Invited

Pencil drawing of Wally
Pencil drawing of Wally

You are cordially invited to Mickaboo's 4th Annual Spring Fling:

   Pueblo Springs Clubhouse
   27930 Pueblo Springs Drive, Hayward
   Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Spring Fling is a time and place where our volunteers and supporters will celebrate all that makes Mickaboo special - our dedicated, resourceful volunteers and the birds about which they care so deeply.

Here are just two of the many stories that play themselves out on Mickaboo's stage, one with a happy ending, another where the ending is still to be written.

Wally's is the success story we wish all of our birds could have. He is a Nanday Conure of uncertain age, surrendered to Mickaboo after being found in a Walmart parking lot, sick with a bacterial infection. Wally's foster "parront" taught Wally to strut and "sing" in time to music. Wally has been adopted, and now gets to hear his "bee bop" every day. His new guardians say "We never imagined that we would have a feathered John Travolta living and dancing under our roof. I think his favorite tune these days is 'I Dig Rock & Roll'. Wally is quite settled into his new life and is happy to report that he's got his humans well trained. He earns his treats every day by barking like a dog when we come home. Imagine it: our very own feathered watch dog. Wally has brought much joy and laughter back into our lives. For this, we both heartily thank the wonderful Volunteers of Mickaboo."


In this second story, we withhold some details to protect those involved.

Mickaboo makes a commitment to each of their birds for life.  A woman running from an abusive relationship contacted us from another state for help with her two birds, both previously adopted from Mickaboo. Neither she nor her birds had eaten in some time, and she feared one of them would not live to see the end of the day. Communications and logistics were complicated by her waning smartphone battery's life and by the fact that she lacked a home, a car, and money. Our volunteers managed to arrange for transportation to an avian clinic, where the birds were formally given back to Mickaboo. Both birds were severely dehydrated and thin; the vet thought one of them had had only a couple hours of life left. Today, both birds are doing well under veterinary supervision, and are scheduled to come to California with a volunteer returning from a business trip. (Our volunteers also assisted the woman on a personal level.)



Learn more about and RSVP for the Spring Fling here.  We hope to see you soon!


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