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Oct 24, 2014

News from La Casa de Panchita

Dear GlobalGiving Supporters:

This time we would like to share the story of Elizabeth. She is currently 17 years old and was born in an Andean community in Peru.

When Elizabeth was 12, her older brother took her to live in Lima. Living in the city was hard for Elizabeth; she missed her family, cried constantly and was afraid of everything. Very soon after her arrival, Elizabeth´s brother got her a job in a hostel. She was there responsible of the cleaning and washing duties. Just a month passed and she decided to quit after being falsely accused of stealing money. Her employer did not pay her at all.

Elizabeth´s aunt got her a new job as a nanny. She started taking care of a 4-year old boy. However, she soon decided to also quit that job because her employers would not allow her to go to school. Her older sister, a domestic worker, recommended Elizabeth to a family so that she can be her domestic worker. Although she was able to go to school in the evenings, she decided to quit after a year because the school was too far away and the neighborhood was dangerous.

Sometime after that happened, she got a job with a middle class family. They also allowed her to go to school, but would never pay her on time or the salary they agreed on. She quit after two years. She then got a job is in another house in the same neighborhood. Everything seemed to be going well except for the way she is treated by her employer, she is very harsh. Elizabeth did not want to say anything about it because she did not want to lose her job. She would cry hidden in her room.

In 2012, Elizabeth learned about La Casa de Panchita through her sister. She started coming very regularly and participated in several activities we offered like field trips, drama classes, etc. Elizabeth learned how to communicate effectively with her employer and so the next time she was exposed to a bad treatment from her part, she calmly talked to her employer and told her she does not like being treated in that way and that if she did not change her attitude, she will quit. Her employer improved the way she treats Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has not stopped coming to La Casa de Panchita in all this time. She is now a very happy and communicative girl. Her deepest wish is to be able to pursue further education after she graduates high school and to get a job in which all her rights are respected.

Thank you to your continuous support we are able to keep providing Elizabeth and other girls services they need in order to improve their lives.

Blanca Figueroa

Asociación Grupo de Trabajo Redes.

Oct 24, 2014

News from La Casa de Panchita

Dear GlobalGiving supporters,

We are very happy to share some of the main accomplishments at the Ludoteca Jugando Aprendo. All these positive changes in the children and their families make us feel very excited for what comes next for them.

We wanted to share with you some of the changes we have noticed:

  • Mothers have improved their communication with their children. This has resulted in fewer arguments between parents and children.
  • Children improved their hygiene habits; they have also increased the number of nutritious meals at the Ludoteca and worked better in groups. Girls and boys speak up and defend their opinions.
  • Children have learned to identify themselves as child domestic workers and understand better the risks associated to this occupation.
  • Girls and boys have improved their reading skills. They also are more motivated to do their homework.
  • The Ludoteca is a safe space for children and their mothers to learn, do homework, enjoy time together and play!

All this is possible only because of your continuous support. Thank you very much!

Blanca Figueroa

AGTR – La Casa de Panchita

Jul 14, 2014

Sharing our joys!

Dear GlobalGiving Supporters:

Wednesday July 16th is a very special day! It's BONUS DAY and GlobalGiving will match all donations to our project at 50%! This makes this date even more special and important for us:  on the same day, we, Asociación Grupo de Trabajo Redes (AGTR), celebrate our 25th anniversary!

Domestic workers, former domestic workers, professionals, students and Peruvian and foreign volunteers, we all pursuit that children in child domestic work (CDW) will be withdrawn from child labor by their families; we develop labor and personal skills of adult domestic workers so that they can get better jobs in which their rights are respected; and likewise we protect domestic workers of all ages from abuse and exploitation advocating for the full respect of their rights.

Some of our greatest joys in these 25 years are:

  • Young women, former girls working in CDW who used to come to La Casa de Panchita, manage their own organized groups and provide direct services to children currently working in CDW or at risk of CDW within their own communities. Their work is highly appreciated.
  • Adolescents in CDW and adult domestic workers have learned to face their emotional problems with guidance from a psychologist or an expressive arts therapist.
  • Every year almost 400 women take part in job training sessions, a requirement to access to the free services offered by our employment agency, LA CASA DE PANCHITA S.A.C.
  • Thousands of domestic workers have received information and assistance related to their labour rights and duties, recognised by Law 27986 – Law of domestic workers. They have succeeded in improving their working conditions.
  • Nearly 20,000 people have listened to our weekly radio program “No somos invisibles” (We are not invisible). Our program targets mothers of girls in CDW and aims to motivate them to take their girls out of work or to improve their daughters` working conditions, when withdrawal is not possible.
  • Parents have recognized that investing in education is more important that putting their children to work especially if they do not have the legal minimum age to be employed.
  • And more joys…

We wish to invite you to be part of our celebrations, by checking out our new website: We also invite you to like our Facebook page ( and get all the news from the events we are organizing for this 25th anniversary!

Please consider participating in this special event and make the most of your support! Remember, BONUS DAY starts on July 16 at 9am (Eastern Time).

Thank you for your support!


Blanca Figueroa and AGTR’s team

AGTR – La Casa de Panchita

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