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Mar 19, 2018

The adventures of La Van de Panchita

Dear Supporters,

It has been six months since we started our expeditions with our mobile unit, “La Van de Panchita”, to low-income districts on the outskirt of Lima. The minivan is a donation from one of our partners, meant to increase the outreach of AGTR to empower women who work in domestic service or wish to access this sector. We can now go to the peripheral areas where most of them live and invite them to take part in free workshops and then find a dignified job through our free employment agency.

Over 80 women have participated in our empowering workshops thanks to the work of the minivan and its team. This way, we hope to increase the number of domestic workers who have access to decent working conditions.

These are some comments from the women we met during our expeditions:

“Thank you for coming this far to invite us! I will go to the place you talked about, La Casa de Panchita” (Yessenia, 36).

“I didn’t want to look for a job through an employment agency, because they retain personal documents and a percentage of my salary. But you offer something very different. I am going to visit you” (Florencia, 40).

“I heard about La Casa de Panchita on the radio, but I wasn’t sure I believed what they offered. Now that I spoke with you I am convinced” (Jennifer, 44).

Thank you for your support!

Best regards,

Blanca Figueroa

Jan 5, 2018

Building New Beginnings in 2018

Learning in a Community Kitchen
Learning in a Community Kitchen

Dear Donors!

Our center, Jugando Aprendo, celebrated its 9th anniversary in October 2017.  We were grateful to share this important and proud moment with mothers, children, volunteers, and psychologists.  We played games and danced. Children and mothers spoke words of gratitude and thanks. It was an exciting and heartfelt moment.  The words spoken were sincere and gratifying. We are certain we are changing lives.

As I wrote in a previous report, our center has relocated.  For now, we are carrying out our program from a community kitchen, in order to ensure the children receive attention, while we construct our very own institutional home.

The construction of the new "ludoteca" is going well. With much love and affection, we have designed a wonderful new space for the children, teenagers, and their families. This space will be beautiful like our previous space. We only must wait a few more weeks before we are able to open it. Surely, in my next report, I will send photos of the inauguration. Our dream has come true, thanks to volunteers and friends who trust in our work and love for children.

In the month of December 2017, volunteers from Brazil, Guatemala, Argentina, Colombia, and Perú visited Jugando Aprendo. These volunteers visited us from an NGO called AIESEC, which is associated with la Universidad del Pacifico. These volunteers enact a program called "Raise Your Voice" which develops psychosocial abilities, reinforcing self-awareness, self-esteem, career planning, vocational training, and professional vision in children.

The program offers tools that strengthen children's abilities, while creating spaces that seek to achieve teamwork through group integration and cooperation. They will be with us for a total of 4 weeks, and we have two weeks left before they return to their countries. The children are very happy to learn and participate. 

While we wish you all the best in the new year, we thank you for the support you give us.  With your help, we are able to continue changing the lives of child domestic workers, and children en riesgo (at risk).  Your confidence and generosity fills us with happiness and true joy.  We thank you.


Muchas gracias amigos donadores.

Kind Regards,

Eveli Leyva 

Building a Forever Home
Building a Forever Home
Home Wasn't Built in a Day
Home Wasn't Built in a Day
Dec 22, 2017


She is Juana, but everyone used to call her Juanita. Juanita is the older sister of 12, she is a mother, grandmother and a good companion. For 19 years, Juanita worked in the same house. At first, she did what is called "all service", until one day her employer became pregnant. Five weeks after giving birth, her employer went back to work and her husband never stopped working very late. Then Juanita started taking care of the baby and had no rest. She went to work at 9 in the morning, but never knew what time she would be off. 

A year ago, Juanita's 38-year-old son died. Juanita wanted to continue working, but could not. The sadness would not allow it. She felt bad for all the time she had lost with her own son.

A after her son’s passing, Juanita arrived at La Casa de Panchita, where she attended labor rights workshops and learned that she is entitled to a fixed schedule, as well as to social benefits and bonuses. Now she has a written contract and can spend time with her own family. Juanita feels safe and is happy to have known of La Casa de Panchita. She still feels responsible for the people he works for, but she also takes the time to be with her family. Now everyone calls her Juana, no longer Juanita. And she likes it.

Juana is one of the hundreds of women who every year learn what their labor rights are, what social benefits they are entitled to and who improve their living standard, thanks to the training provided by AGTR. You can help women like Juana improve their income, avoid exploitation and spend more time with their children.

We would like to thank you for your support and we wish you and your families a merry Christms and a wonderful new year!


Blanca Figueroa

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