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Mar 26, 2020

New professional workshops for domestic workers!

Dear Supporters,

We started a new initiative to face a stereotype that for a long time has been one of the main issues for domestic workers. The notion of servitude and a marked class structure, which continue to characterize Peruvian society since colonial times, combined with a segmented rights system, have prevented domestic service from being included in the labor and social conquests of the last two decades. Work in domestic service is not considered “real work” or qualified work. As a result, domestic workers do not receive the same labor rights and benefits as other workers.

AGTR and its in-house employment agency have created a program aimed at the professionalization and certification of domestic workers. We now offer four specialization workshops: 

  1. Early stimulation workshop, for the development of the brain functions of babies, through games and exercises; 
  2. Child psychology workshops, on behavior management techniques that promote the child's self-esteem and self-control; 
  3. Workshop for the care of the elderly, to attend their basic needs and promote dignified aging; 
  4. First aid workshops, on how to take care of victims of accidents or sudden illness (until specialized personnel arrive).

Through the professionalization of domestic workers, we plan to change the stereotyped image of the women in this sector, reducing the discrimination they continue to suffer. We would like to thank you for your continued support, which has enabled us to embark in this new project. Thank you!


Andrea Gandolfi

Jan 17, 2020

Meet our new team!

The "Atrevete en Peru" team
The "Atrevete en Peru" team

Dear Supporters,

We are proud to introduce our project team, especially the new members who joined us to empower Venezuelan migrants and refugees through personal brand and entrepreneurship workshops, administrative assistance and support for migration status regularization. Since the beginning we knew that it was necessary to combine AGTR's experience with the knowledge and skills of experts in migration processes.

Three Venezuelan professionals, who migrated themselves to Peru because of the social and economic crisis in their country, are now part of our team: Andreína is a lawyer specialized in labor rights, Martha is an expert in migration regulation and administrative processes in Peru and Loredana is a psychologist specialized in helping children and adolescents overcome traumas due to migration. We can also count on a team of Venezuelan volunteers, whose commitment allows carrying out all the activities and programs included in this great initiative.

This month we launched the subsidies program to help extremely vulnerable migrants and refugees face the administrative expenses for the regularization of their migratory status in Peru (a long and expensive process). We soon realized this program is even more necessary than we anticipated, as it is the first step towards formal and decent employment. We will soon share with you stories and results from the field!
As always, none of this would be possible without your support. Your donations make it possible to increase the impact of the project and improve people's lives. Thank you!

Andrea Gandolfi

Nov 27, 2019

News from AGTR-La Casa de Panchita

Dear Supporter,

We are close to the end of the year and we are about to complete this year's cycle of Sunday sessions with child domestic workers. We are going to start again next year, after the Christmas holidays. 

Girls from low income households are likely to become child laborers, working as babysitters for neighbors or relatives, because of the need to improve the family financial situation or so that they "learn a profession" as early as possible. Improving labor rights, working contitions and livelihoods of adult domestic workers is part of our holistic approach for the eradication of child labor. If the livelihoods of mother improves, their daughters have more chances to stay in school, break the spiral of poverty and have access to formal and dignified imployment. 

At AGTR we empower adult domestic workers so that they learn about their civil rights, are better prepared to negotiate decent working conditions with employers and learn to value their work and experience. We would like to share with you some testimonies from women taking part in AGTR's workshops:

Verónica: “After taking part in AGTR’s and La Casa de Panchita’s workshops, I feel more comfortable with myself. I have met other women working in domestic service in Lima and that has given me more confidence. I felt understood here, because other domestic workers also went through the same difficulties I had to face. I have learned to value my work experience and the knowledge I have acquired in recent years, to organize myself better in my work and to know how to adapt to the customs of my new employers”.

Karina: “I came from Venezuela almost two years ago, due to the economic crisis. At La Casa de Panchita I felt included, like I belong and I felt comfortable here. In my situation, as a migrant still trying to rebuild my life in a new country, this was very important for me. This place and the people here are very warm, and one can feel it from the very moment they open the door. Gloria, at the reception, is very empathic”.

We would like to thank you for making this project possible and for enabling us to keep serving girls in child domestic labor and adult domestic workers. 


Blanca Figueroa

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