Oct 29, 2020

Coral Restoration May to July 2020 Report

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, no actions were taken during this period. We appreciate We appreciate the donations received, mostly recurring and few new ones. We hope to be able to go back out to sea, as given extremely high sea termperatures we fear many corals will die from bleaching. Stay tune for next report.

On a different project, and taking advantage of covid-restrictions that included a drastic decline in tourism activities, we might be able to see some positve environmental responses as a result of this. A water quality study is being conducted to assess potential water quality improvement due to the drastic reduction in water use for the reduced human activities.

Jul 1, 2020

Coral Restoration February to April 2020 Report

Tagged coral fragment
Tagged coral fragment

During this reporting period, a total of 9 donations were received, 6 of them recurring. A total of USD507.76 was raised, for which we thank all donors.

Nursery Location: Las Terrenas, Portillo Residences

Last Monitoring Visit: Februray 6th

Next Planned Visit: July 2nd

Status: A frist visit was conducted after the installation of this nursery. Given temporal conditions of heavy rains, lots of sediments were produced, which resulted in some of the coral fragments to die. Suriving coral fragments were then tagged with serial numbers for follow up moniting.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, local activities were halted, which limited our movement and travel, and also the use of boats to conduct more visits to other locations. We will resumen our activities once conditions allow.

Tagged coral fragment
Tagged coral fragment
Portillo Residences Coral Nursery Aerial View
Portillo Residences Coral Nursery Aerial View
Mar 3, 2020

Coral Restoration November 2019 to January 2020 Report

During this period, a total of $437.14 was received in donations from 13 donors, 4 of the recurring. We thank them all for their support.

Nursery Location: Las Galeras

Last Monitoring Visit: December 10th
Next Planned Visit: May 2020
Status: Some coral fragments have died due to rough seas conditions as cold fronts moved in the north coast.

Nursery Location: Las Terrenas
Last Monitoring Visit: January 26th
Next Planned Visit: February 2020
Status: A new coral nursery was installed in front of El Portillo Residences to start an adopt-a-coral program with properties owners. This nursery would serve as part of the current snorkeling trail.

Nursery Location: Montecristi
Last Monitoring Visit: January 31st
Next Planned Visit: June 2020
Status: Poor water conditions rain runoff and also rough seas conditions as cold fronts moved in the north coast caused mortality in this coral nursery. A new location is being scouted.

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