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Jan 22, 2010

Acute need for logistics support

Aftershocks felt in Haiti More than a week after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, strong aftershocks were felt through the area, adding to the devastation. Over 200,000 may have perished in the last nine days; the dead have yet to be buried. But as one survivor said, "We need now to pray for the living".

Todd Shea, Executive Director of CDRS, reached Haiti on Jan 14th and has since then facilitated the deployment of close to 100 doctors and medical staff, set up a warehouse in Croix de Bouquets and opened an urgent care facility where we are seeing over 70 cases a day. Medical supplies are critically short, and patients are arriving everyday who have not yet received any medical treatment. Todd has pointed out two key problems - the limited number of supply lines that have been established and the lack of sharing of resources and intel by some of the larger agencies on the ground.

Our goal is to continue facilitating teams of the ground, and ramp up to 10 Urgent Care Centers over the projected six week deployment. Our supporters have reached deep and so far we have raised close to $40,000 in donations and pledges. Our goal is to raise $186,000, so there is a ways to go.

We need your help so that we can continue to deploy doctors where they are most needed, and help fill the gaps in availability of water, relief supplies and medical necessities. On the stateside, CDRS is joining hands with NYC Medics and IMANA to create an on-line registry of medical and non-medical volunteers, and with the use of GIS mapping, create an accurate match between demand for and supply of volunteers over the affected areas.

How to Volunteer For those interested in volunteering in Haiti with CDRS, please fill out the electronic Volunteer Form, which can be found at:

We will get back to you as soon as we can. For more information, please contact Laila Karamally at or at 714-261-1044.

Jan 18, 2010

Update from Haiti

Dear Friends,

We are working very hard to ramp up to minimize the loss of life from a second wave. Things are very dire. CDRS is coordinating with multiple agencies on the ground and in the US to identify the system bottlenecks and put people and resources where they are most needed. Please help put the word out - we need all the volunteers and funds we can get. Todd's latest report from the ground is posted below:

"I'm sad to report that the situation in Haiti is acute and worsening-people are beginning to get even more desperate and frustrated. The leadership of the Government of the U.S. and its partner nations are "forming up" great things that will take shape in a week or so down the road, but they really need to quickly work through the current paralyzing logistical challenges Many large agencies are failing to think selflessly and share their financial, operational resources with smaller but super-effective agencies. This attitude is is not helping anyone. Quite frankly, I would have though some of them would have learned an important lesson from other disasters where some of the same mistakes were made. Here's the bottom line: If things don't start improving very rapidly, then life and limb-threatening infections and deadly dehydration and unnecessary conflict will likely emerge on a scale that has the potential of becoming rampant and widespread. The correct option would be to stage multiple and overwhelmingly robust and well managed multi-national supply lines and helicopter sorties using locations and bases other than Port Au Prince Airport, particularly from the Dominican Republic through the border near Jumani. It's a darn good road compared to the roads in the Pakistan earthquake affected areas that I've been traveling on for the past four years. Distributing aid from several points over a more widespread area can reach far more people far more quickly. Everyone needs to accelerate and better coordinate relief efforts to avoid conflict and a potentially dangerous escalation of tensions being felt by Hatians throughout the country, some of whom I found waiting and suffering without any outside help whatsoever so far. The first team of four doctors from IMANA and a nurse from Destiny World Outreach is here. I came back from Haiti to pick them up and will deploy them and more medicines/supplies at 9 am Sunday, after picking up one more doctor. At least 5 more teams are planning to arrive in the next 7 days. The border is OPEN for our mission. Some rumors have led people to believe that the border is closed. The gate in shut and locked it at night, I have been coming and going at all times, including 2 am last night/morning. Photos of our mission will be provided when I come back to Santo Domingo to deploy more volunteers (Tuesday). VOLUNTEERS: PLease contact Laila Karamally at (or call at 714-261 1044) for further information. Our needs at the moment: a steady supply line of syringes, I/V Fliuds and lines, anti-inflammatory pain medication, Oral Rehydration Salts, first line anti- biotics, Pediatric Medicines and supplies, ob/gyn medicines and supplies, surgical gloves, alcohol swabs, Q-tips, baby formula, baby wipes, tents, clothes, cash for renting more trucks and purchasing fuel and critical field supplies AND as much water (and water purification systems) as can be procured through donations or government distribution. These can be mailed directly from the US or procured with funds here (please contact Laila Karamally for further information). Sincerely, Todd Shea

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