Feb 11, 2010

Two more teams to head out of Southern California

SHINE/CDRS Haiti Update Feb 9th, 2010

SHINE/CDRS will deploy two of its own teams to Haiti. The first leaves out of Southern California on Feb 11th, and among the 12 team members are two SHINE board members, Asim Ashary (Chief Financial Officer) and Dr. Farzana Naqvi. The next group leaves on Feb 19th, and will consist of 24 doctors, nurses and non-medical personnel.

We are now in Week 3 of the Haiti mission. Operations are running smoothly on the ground. The main mulit-agency hospital in Bojeaux Barc continues to see upwards of 300 patients a day who present with a variety of issues - including post operative care, infections and primary health conditions. We are currently staffed by 25 volunteers from three different agencies across the United Sates, with each individual performing at a high level of excellency.

Medical volunteers are providing care out of the main hospital, as well as deploying to surrounding general hospitals, community hospitals and church clinics. They are also conducting two to three outreach missions daily to poor neighborhoods. On one occasion earlier this week, some of the volunteers working the night shift at the general hospital were able to save the life of a young woman who was hemorrhaging from an ectopic pregnancy. In addition, Executive DIrector Todd Shea met with actor/humanitarian Sean Penn and his foundation representatives on the ground last week and he has been asked to provide medical volunteers to the facilities that the foundation runs in Haiti.

SHINE/CDRS is also supplying food, water and medical supplies to camps housing the homeless, distributing rice, cornmeal, and other staple food products. We are continuing an appeal for donations of baby food, infant formula and oral rehydration salts.

Feb 4, 2010

Field Update

Shea briefs doctors
Shea briefs doctors

Dear Friends and Supporters,

SHINE/CDRS started from nothing on January 14th. Now we assist with a multi-agency effort that has saved hundreds of lives and taken some of the pressure off of tertiary care hospitals. As a team, we have a wealth of disaster relief experience and a strong partnership with a reputable local organization. To date, we have: Delivered medical care to over 4,000 patients

Delivered food aid and water to thousands affected by the quake

Facilitated over 100 medical staff and logistics support volunteers

Maintained a well-stocked pharmacy

A secure compound with professional security staff and around the clock support with four vehicles and six local employees

We are pleased to announce that we are the proud recipient of a grant from the Canadian agency, IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation) (www.idrf.ca) which covers much-needed food aid, water and medical supplies needed for earthquake survivors.

We now need your support with a few more key resources and pieces of equipment to enhance our capabilities and service delivery. Our running costs are $10,000 a week to keeping existing services going. You have helped us come so far- Please help us see this mission successfully through till its conclusion in early March.

To view a list of the supplies that we need, please see the attached file.

To those of you who have deployed with us, our deepest thanks and appreciation. They have some kind words of feedback to offer us. Monica Adorno, an emergency responder who plans to redeploy says: “Todd Shea is simply awesome. What SHINE/CDRS has accomplished on the ground with so little is staggering..”

Dr. Nabile Safdar, also of IMANA, adds: “SHINE/CDRS is bringing their experience to the relief effort in Haiti. For many IMANA Relief volunteers, Todd Shea and his crew were among the first to greet them at the airport, help arrange for transportation, and provide valuable debriefings regarding what to expect.”

For more information, please contact Laila Karamally at 714-261 1044 or lailakaramally@cdrspakistan.org

Thank you, Todd Shea Executive Director Comprehensive Disaster Response Services Bojeux Parc Joint Medical Relief Mission (CDRS/SHINE, IMANA, Destiny World Outreach and Aimer Haiti) Haiti Cell Phone: 011-509-3790-2108 e-mail: toddshea@cdrspakistan.org

Jan 28, 2010

CDRS Update - January 27, 2010

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Fifteen days have passed since the 7.0 earthquake shook the island of Haiti, claiming 200,000 lives and leaving 3 million homeless. CDRS has been on the ground since January 14th, and in the words of CDRS executive director, Todd Shea, it has been “simply hell” out there. Early teams witnessed death and misery of an untold scale and even for the volunteers, it was too much to bear.

Chaos and confusion are now beginning to subside, and with improved coordination and the opening up of supply lines, the delivery of aid and medical care is gradually coming up to speed. We have much good news to report:

- SHINE/CDRS assisted in the identification, and setting up of a multi-agency field hospital at Bojeux Parc, right at the city limits of Port Au Prince, which is now seeing up to 200 patients a day. Congresswoman Maxine Waters visited the facility, and had praise to offer the collaborative Hatian and American effort. Following her visit, USAID facilitated the establishment of a fully-fitted air-conditioned operating tent where volunteer doctors are now able to perform more complicated procedures. - SHINE/CDRS continues to play an active role at the facility, providing ground support, supplies and food/water aid to assist in the running of the hospital, which is also providing post operative and outpatient services. - The agency is facilitating in the deployment of volunteers from the United States. Our ground staff meet the volunteers at the airport in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, provide overnight lodging, transfer into Haiti by road, followed by accommodation, food, communication, medical supplies and security in Haiti. So far we have facilitated over 100 doctors and medical staff. -SHINE/CDRS facilitates 2-3 mobile health teams a day that go out to poor neighborhoods and provide on-site medical care to earthquake victims. The more serious patients are transported back to the hospital where they receive further attention. At present, these mobile health units are seeing up to 300 to 500 patients a day. - The agency is poised to set up a medical camp at a tent village. We hope to funnel doctors, medical supplies and donations of food and water to the earthquake-affected families seeking shelter in the village.

SHINE/CDRS is honored to have received the following note from Marie Lochard-Lubin, an RN who volunteered with SHINE/CDRS in the first week:

“I found that Mr. Shea was very resourceful. He conducted a meeting at the end of each day, so that we may be updated on his activities, to hear about our day, and to strategically plan our next day. Also during our daily meetings, he would update us on the news, medical stock, transportation status and he required us to provide him a list on what stock is needed. I don’t believed that any one was looking for everything to go 100%, but in spite of all obstacle Todd Shea did a great job. Todd would remind us almost daily that any issue we had to make sure that we address him. I do believe that it is everyone's responsibility to do your home work, regarding the status of a country before you decide to come on board. Overall Todd Shea was a great facilitator, and was very attentive to our needs.”

SHINE/CDRS’s efforts in Haiti also received a mention in a story on the State Department’s web site, at


Our current fundraising total is in the excess of $58,541. Our thanks to each and everyone of you for your prayers and support. Looking ahead, we anticipate a six to eight week deployment in Haiti. At every stage, we need to be responsive to changing needs on the ground and do what it is that this small and nimble agency does best: fill the gaps in the system and work closely will all other agencies on the ground.

For the next week, we expect to continue to facilitate surgeries and trauma patients. There is a dire need for food and water for patients and their families. Following this, we expect to shift our focus to primary care, mother and child health, and aftercare. We are in the process of securing an additional four medical satellite facilities and hope to establish supportive relationships with four to five additional facilities led by other field agencies. The need for additional volunteers will continue to evolve with the changing ground realities. Right now, nurses are in short supply.

On a closing note, we wanted to highlight the effort of one of our youngest volunteers. Thirteen year-old Saanya Hassan Ali, of Washington D.C. designed beautiful "Hope Haiti" cards, and got her friends together to make over 100 cards. A couple of hours and e-mails later, there were so many orders and donations for almost $1,000 for SHINE/CDRS. Saanya, thank you!

A note of thanks also to all our volunteer teams and ground partners: AIMER Haiti, Destiny World Outreach, IMANA, NOAH NY, and NYC Medics. Without you all, none of this would have been possible.

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