Jan 10, 2018

CDRS & OBAT Helpers plea for Rohingya refugees

The humanitarian crisis occurring in Myanmar is unbelievable and heartbreaking. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims are fleeing for their lives to refugee camps near the border in Bangladesh. Their struggle to survive does not end at the border. The camps are overburdened and are unable to provide for all of the refugee’s needs without help.

CDRS has partnered with OBAT Helpers, a wonderful organization that has been serving the Bihari refugee community in Bangladesh for the last 14 years. Their experience and effectiveness makes them a key organization to work with in this refugee crisis.

They are delivering aid, setting up medical camps, and establishing schools so children can learn and get a respite from the harsh realities of life in a tent city which is approaching 1 million Human Beings. They are coordinating with the Bangladesh Army, the UN and the local community to find solutions to the many complex issues the refugees are facing.

The Primary Health clinic is up and running and they have made over a dozen classrooms with 3 shifts each of 100+ students. They have built community centers, new paths, cut stairs into the hills and constructed 4 bridges in the huge area they're looking after. They're also working in direct coordination with UNHCR, the UN Cluster System, the Bangladesh government and local partners.

They are one of the best Humanitarian organizations CDRS has ever worked with, working in one of the most challenging environments. We simply can't say enough good things about their noble efforts.

CDRS has provided advice, technical assistance, volunteers and financial resources to the “Humanitarian Assistance Program” of OBAT Helpers and their partners. We have delivered or arranged over $45,000 USD so far from donors in the US and Pakistan and have connected them with GlobalGiving’s Rohingya Refugee Fund.

Please support this team and its long term commitment to serve these deserving families who have suffered in ways most of us can't imagine. The children are amazing and beautiful, and they really need and deserve whatever you can give towards the effort to ease the immense suffering they and their families have been enduring. It's very hot, and there's a huge shortage of clean water, medicines and relief supplies. More people are still coming in from Myanmar. If everyone does a little, it will mean everything to these innocent victims of hate and oppression, and it will really help those who are on the ground doing everything they possibly can to serve them.

Dec 12, 2017

More Structures Restored & Families in Safe Homes

Keith & 3 volunteers with Peter, his wife and son
Keith & 3 volunteers with Peter, his wife and son

CDRS (Comprehensive Disaster Response Services) and the Chocolate Bayou Worship Center have been able to restore many homes damaged by the severe flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Each of these homes have been cleaned out or 'mucked,' removing the contaminated materials by cutting them out from the remaining intact structure. The gutted houses were then sprayed with chemicals to kill mold and other health hazards and coated with bleach. At this point the homes had to be vacated and aired out before the removed material was replaced with fresh drywall and insulation.

One such home was Peter's, or Lucky as his friends call him. Lucky, his wife and son (seen in the attached pictures) lost almost all of their crops in the greenhouse they maintained next to their house in Little Cambodia. Lucky was consumed with worry over how his family would recover from losing his house and livelihood. He expressed his feelings in an interview with local news media even as CDRS and CBWC were assessing the damage to his home (see the attached link to the article).

Luckily for Peter, donors and volunteers like Keith (seen on the left in the first photo) answered our call for help and came from all over the country, working tirelessly to restore the homes of Peter and many others just like him to safe conditions for their families.

Please consider donating or volunteering so we can continue working towards our goal of restoring 100 homes or about 1% of all homes impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Peter's house after cleaning, spraying for mold
Peter's house after cleaning, spraying for mold
Peter's house with fresh drywall and insulation
Peter's house with fresh drywall and insulation
Another house that had to use tarps for walls
Another house that had to use tarps for walls
This home also restored with drywall & insulation
This home also restored with drywall & insulation
Sam finishing up another restored home
Sam finishing up another restored home


Feb 25, 2010

New fundraising goal of $250,000!

Dear Supporters,

Due to the continuing need on the ground and in the absence of municipal healthcare workers and funding, the SHINE/CDRS mission in Haiti will be extended for four to six weeks.

With your support, we have collected in excess of $180,000. With the extension in mind, our aim is to reach fundraising goal of $250,000 which will enable us to run the services for the additional time period and handover at that point to local non profits.

We need medical volunteers to staff the main facility and outreach camps and mobile health units. Ground teams see between 300 to 800 patients daily, and are working closely with AEMIR Haiti to facilitate the distribution of much-needed food and water.

SHINE/CDRS is also assisting in the establishment of a new tent village for families with small children. We hope to put in place a medical camp that will attend to the needs of mothers-to-be and children.

Please visit us on our new website, www.shinehumanity.org. And now, Words of Appreciation for Todd Shea (Executive Director, CDRS):

1. “The success of IMANA mission is due to sincerity, quick action and most of all networking and collaboration. First credit goes to our relief chairman Ismail Mehr and Tod Shea of CDRS who acted fast and decided to make a team of IMANA, CDRS/SHINE and AIMER Haiti which brought further cooperation of other organizations like USAID to Zakat Foundation.”   Dr. Parvaiz Malik   President Federation of Islamic Medical Associations [FIMA]                                                       and Member IMANA Relief

2. "Todd I was really impressed with your dedication and hard work. I guess the word NO has no place in your dictionary. I was pleasantly surprised to come across people who knew of you once they saw you photos.”                M Azhar Ali  MD                 Feb 18, 2010

3. “ It was an honor  to serve with you Todd. ” Ronald A. Tomo MPA, CCP, CNA VP & Chief Information Officer Nassau University Medical Center
 February 9, 2010

                                  4.  “I want to thank you again for all you did for me from finding me a place to stay in DC, getting me fantastic transportation from Santo Domingo to Haiti, the city tour of P-a-P, the midnight egg sandwiches, and so much more. I consider the week I spent in Haiti the most important significant thing I have done professionally and again wish to thank-you for your part in making it happen.” Janet Jasper  Glen Ellyn, IL  60137                                         February 8, 2010

5. “Todd has really proved that even in very difficult circumstances, when there is a will there is a way and by creating a set up and  a platform , where we could all work was a great achievement. Rest of the components of the team starting from communication, logistics, nursing and doctors really blended very well and I can say with utmost confidence that this was the best combination. This model should be a good one for IMANA relief to expand on and refine.” Saeed Akhter MD, MPH, FACS Chairman and Professor of Surgery Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan February 14, 2010

6. "Todd,  I always knew you are doing a wonderful work with remarkable consistency and dedication but after visiting you in Haiti I am convinced.  Thank you for making our team's  stay so positive. Please keep up the good work."                                     Asim Ashary  CFO SHINE                                                     February 20, 2010

8. “We are all extremely proud of you Todd, it is not easy to do what you are doing. Thank you once again for taking such good care of all of us and keeping the atmosphere so positive.”                                                                                         Farzana Naqvi MD.   Board Member, SHINE                                                                           Feb 20, 2010

"I was deeply touched after reading all the attributes dedicated to your relentless efforts from these people who witnessed your commitment and hard work up close and first hand."                         Adeela Ahsan MD. Board Member, SHINE February 21, 2010

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