May 13, 2019

"Our goal is always to provide all the children with a happy life..."

Mr. Qiao Dengqiang
Mr. Qiao Dengqiang

Mr. Qiao became a social worker because he wanted to help people. He just didn’t think those people would be children. 

“I used to care for the elderly before joining the Kunming Children’s Social Welfare Institute, so I felt like I transitioned from a son to a father. I remember asking myself, How can I become a good father?” 

He turned out to be a great father. In fact, he excelled in his work so much that he was promoted to be the director of the institution. 

“I realised that when I served the children even a little bit, they appreciated it and would give much more in return."

We’ve known Qiao for over a decade now, and we are consistently encouraged by his work. 

“Our goal is always to provide all the children with a happy life and support the foster parents, so they can enjoy their work. This has been my purpose from the very beginning.”

He was quick to recognise the benefits of foster parents and has become an advocate for a community-centred approach to childcare. 

“One of our project sites is in Luquan (Yunnan Province), where a community of foster parents looks after the orphans together. It has become a culture of raising children in the community, and it has been awarded as a model of best practice in foster care nationwide.”

Qiao has seen the way the families have built even stronger bonds with their community through their shared commitment to providing homes for children.

“They support each other, learn from each other, and discuss openly what they need to improve together. Their practice and action of kindness also inspired other surrounding villages. More and more families are joining them to foster children!”

In addition, Qiao has seen the way foster care is able to address a child’s needs for love and security and help that child grow into a healthy adult.

“I think what they [foster families] do the best is they have helped the children grow up holistically, and the children in Luquan are more complete psychologically."

We have hope for the future of orphan care in China because of people like Qiao. His dedication to finding the best way to support orphans in China is what will move that system forward. 

“China’s success is not related to de-institutionalisation [removing orphanages] but remodelling their services to meet the needs of the children they serve."

Your support helps train and equip individuals, like Qiao, who are working to change the lives of children every day. Thank you for your support.

Mar 6, 2019

I saw her transform before my eyes...

Foster mother and foster children
Foster mother and foster children

While our team in Thailand was recently visiting Vieng Ping to deliver some training, we interviewed one of the foster parents who had taken in a child from the orphanage…

“There was a little girl at the children’s home who had special medical issues. I noticed she was always alone – she ate separately, she didn’t play with the other children and she slept apart from the others. She cried constantly and especially going to and from school. My heart went out to her. I have always thought of myself as an ugly duckling and someone who didn’t always fit in, so I felt a deep compassion for this little one. After I received permission to foster her, I made sure that she knew that she could be right by my side and I was happy that she was close to me. I sat her right next to me when we ate together, I took her everywhere I went, and I gave her constant love and warmth. I saw her transform before my eyes. 

“The day they told me they had found her an adoptive family in the US, I cried and cried and I thought my heart would never recover, but I knew this was a wonderful opportunity for her to be part of a long-term family. I never forgot her. She has a permanent place in my heart. I wasn’t sure if she remembered me but several years ago I received a message from her saying that she had been trying to find me for some time. She wanted me to know how well she was doing and that she has had a wonderful family life and she has never forgotten the love I showed her.”

Once again, thank you for your support and staying connected to our work.

Feb 14, 2019

"It made me think about the children..."

Workshop participant in full flow
Workshop participant in full flow

In December, Care for Children held the final two ‘Introduction to Foster Care’ workshops for government officials at the provincial and local levels, including staff from the two Social Protection Centres (orphanages) that are part of this pilot project. In total, 82 people attended the training.

The training, which aimed to raise awareness about foster care and its benefits, was delivered in an extremely interactive and participatory way, engaging the participants through a mix of case studies, small group discussions and brainstorms.

“It made me think about the children, knowing that when they receive love, they develop much better.” Participant

In March, the team will begin the delivery of eight workshops for staff at the two Social Protection Centres. This training will enable them to become family placement workers who can recruit, assess and train suitable foster carers from the local community, as well as place, support and monitor children as they move into families. Over the second half of the year, they will also receive tailored, on-site training every two weeks to walk them through their first placements.

Our ultimate goal is to for the two Social Protection Centres to launch successful family placement programmes – becoming the first government-run orphanages in the country to begin the process of moving orphaned and abandoned children into local foster families. This will serve as inspiration and a blueprint for all other orphanages across Vietnam.

Once again, thank you for your support and staying connected to our work.

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