Dec 17, 2019

Skills for the future!

Dear friends,

Greetings from IDEA!

Friends, our children under educational sponsorship programme are really fortunate to receive your support. With your help they are not just getting an education but are also learning important life skills which will make them aware and responsible adults. We bring to you reports on 2 such sessions.

Session on - Communication & Listening

Last month, a life skill session on ‘Communication and Listening’ was arranged for 30 students including children sponsored by you. The whole session was focused on how to increase attention level, how to differentiate between useful information and noise, and how to be alert listeners. The Resource person explained how alert and attentive listening help us coming up with exactness in our replies which saves our time and also results in meaningful conversation. The resource person gave some wonderful examples of how we miss the details if we are not careful in listening which ultimately ends up in unpleasant and undesirable situations.

The impact of the session was immediate and we could see students becoming little careful, attentive and alert, they started spending time and giving a thought to what they had listened, before answering and replying.

At the end of the session, a group activity was conducted where students shared their learning of what they had understood from the session. Almost all the students said they learned about -

  • Difference between listening and hearing.
  • Importance of careful listening.
  • Answering with observation and giving a thought before replying.
  • Asking question if not understood.
  • Not to assume or be biased before speaking.
  • Communication can also happen with gestures.

 Session on - Problem Solving and Decision making

In October, a session on ‘Problem Solving and Decision making’ was conducted for college going students under our sponsorship programme. A resource person who is a career consultant conducted the session. She started by explaining what a problem means, how to define a problem to see why and what makes something a problem. She defined the problem as “When a person is not able to handle or capable to handle a situation then that situation can be termed as a problem for that person.” It also means something can be a problem for person “A” but not necessary it is a problem for person “B”.

She further explained about the effects of a problem, which could be mental or physical. Later she took the session in the direction of what is the process in defining a problem, what is needed while solving a problem, what needs to be considered while solving a problem vis-a-vis Common Sense, Concentration, Will Power, Initiatives and Own Thoughts. How a problem can also be solved by using Lateral Thinking and Logical thinking, and how to use POWER which is an acronym stands for;

P - Perspective

O- Options

W- Weighing the options

E- Elect

R- Reflect

The Resource person later divided the group into 4. The groups were presented with situations to which they had to come up with solutions to. In the groups children discussed about the given situation and came up with the thoughtful decisions. It could be seen that children understood the process of how to define a problem, weighing of all the possible and available options by taking into account of their positive and negative sides, and finalized the best option. This was also appreciated by the resource person who again motivated groups to think upon even better options to solve the given problem situations.

It could be seen that children were fully engrossed in the session that no one seemed bored but actually had enjoyed while learning about something worthwhile. It is also satisfying for us as well that we are able to help them out in dealing with today’s stressful life where there are lots of expectations, a lot of decisions to make, and widespread competition everywhere.                                                       

Children’s Feedback on the session -

  • Great session, interestingly delivered.
  • Came to know what problem really means.
  • Learned - how to face the problems in daily life.
  • Solutions are available, we need to arrive at them
  • Session actually provided the formulae how to solve any problem by taking right decision after weighing its positive and negative sides.
  • Whatever earlier seemed difficult now seems little easier.

Thank you dear friends, it is because of your generosity we could arrange these sessions which were chosen after thorough need based assessment of these children and hence are proving to be are really useful! 

Please keep supporting this project!


Dec 17, 2019

Opening new doors to success!

Dear friends,

Greetings from IDEA!

We are so happy to bring to you this report. As you know, IDEA runs various basic and advance skilling courses for underprivileged women and youth. One such course offers training in beauty care. After completing the course, the students start small beauty parlours from their homes or find employment at spas, salons or local beauty parlours.

Some ambitious students don’t just stop there, they are interested in learning more and want to pursue specialized courses in hair care, make-up or spa treatments. Recently, 4 of our talented students have availed scholarships to learn advance spa therapy treatments from Liva academy of beauty, Pune.

These young women have completed IDEA’s basic and advance beauty parlour course, then they have completed our Entrepreneurial Training programme and are successfully running their own beauty parlours while also working with IDEA as part time instructors.

Realizing their immense potential, our team contacted Liva academy which offers training in spa therapy where they went through rigorous theory and practical training in spa therapy and treatments.

The women were recently awarded course completion certificates which adds to their qualification stating that the therapist has studied the prescribed syllabus successfully and acquired standard theory and practical knowledge and is able to perform treatments professionally.

This opens many doors for these young talented women who have struggled poverty, patriarchy and lack of opportunities. They can now work at reputed spas or even start their own services. This will increase their income and quality of life tremenduosly. We are so proud of them and wish them good luck for their future.

Their success has triggered aspirations in IDEA’s other students who also want to pursue such specialized courses. Hence we request you dear friends to please donate to this project.

Many girls are waiting for just one chance to turn their life around. Let us help them today!


Dec 17, 2019

Gifting good health to 650 women!

Dear Friends,

Greetings from IDEA!

We hope you are in the best of health! Everyone believes that Health is Wealth but there are many women and girls in developing countries who have very little access to hospitals and health care. With our self-care initiatives, we are trying to change this. We want health care to be accessible and affordable to all women. and you will be happy to know that we could arrange Health Camps for hundreds of underprivileged women in Pune. Thanks to your donations and support!

Every year in India we celebrate DAAN UTSAV – Joy of Giving week on occasion of the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. During this time, everyone is encouraged to give – their money, talents, expertise or time to others who are less fortunate. This year we decided to give the gift of - Good Health to hundreds of underprivileged women who are a part of our skilling initiative.

Our team got in touch with doctors from various hospitals who were happy to conduct health camps in the communities we work in. Accordingly, 3 health camps were set up at various locations in Pune focussing on - General health, Blood and sugar testing and Eye testing. We were pleasantly surprised to see the massive turn out – around 650 women turned up to get their health tests done.

After the various tests, women got a chance to discuss one on one with doctors who advised them on their respective health issues. We also had an esteemed Ayurvedic doctor on board who advised them on how to consume herb-based medicines and on benefits of Naturopathy.

We thank all doctors and the hospital staff for conducting the camps and for their generosity. Friends, we also thank you for your contribution and continued support due to which we could conduct health camps for 650 women.

Many women were happy to receive doctor’s advice and have started getting recommended tests done. Our weekly sessions on health, hygiene and nutrition are also driving home the point of taking self-care seriously.

Please continue donating for the better health of underprivileged women in India!



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