Apr 17, 2019


At KARLA caves
At KARLA caves

Dear Friends,

Thank you for you continued contribution to our educational sponsorship project. It is because of well-wishers like you that we are able to provide new opportunities like exposure visits to many underprivileged children who otherwise may never have gotten to experience many wonderful events and places.


Exam time was over and children who had taken their board exams were finally relieved. Some fortunate ones get an opportunity to visit their native place during school vacation while many just stay back in Pune .

This is the time we organise many life skill sessions and creative workshops for children who have stayed back in Pune . 

We arranged an exposure visit for our sponsored children so that they could have some fun and learn about Buddhist architecture at the same time. Karla caves was the perfect place, nestled in nature giving us a chance to visit our past and roots. Children were enthralled to see the Buddhist architecture of 2nd century as they tried to understand the purpose of the caves, its spendid architecture and contribution of various emperors to Buddhism. 

We asked the children to read all information boards put up throughout the caves and later asked them to make a presentation on various topics like cave architecture, Buddhism and contribution of various rulers to Buddhism. The children surprized us with more information they searched on the internet. We were happy to see that they practise internet surfing that was taught to them during their digital literacy sessions. They presented their topics in groups. Working in groups improves their team spirit and communication. The trip ended with lot of signing, dancing and cheering! 

Our sponsorship project is enabling scores of underprivileged children to continue their education.

While children are enjoying their holidays, our Social Workers are busy in planning for the year ahead - inviting quotations and placing order for school bags and other school material required for children. We distribute these items in June first week before reopening of schools. 

We request you to continue your contribution to the project! 


Apr 4, 2019


Dear friends, 

The Kerala flood was a calamity of severe nature which claimed many lives and displaced lakhs of people. Many people who lost their homes, farms and cattle were left without any source of income. The worst hit were underprivileged people from Central Kerala.

After the floods they found it extremely difficult to replace their cattle, domestic animals, boats or fishing nets - their only source of livelihood. In this condition, they were struggling to provide for their families and for their children’s education.

To help them tide over, IDEA started with educational sponsorship and school support for flood affected children. But we wanted to go beyond and help the affected families in a sustainable way and thanks to your contribution, we could offer the livelihood support.

20 poorest families from flood affected area were presented with domestic goats. The families were selected at a parent-teacher meet to ensure transparency in selection process. The children along with their respective families will raise these young goats which will be an additional source of income in the coming months.

Commercial goat farming is a good source of additional income for underprivileged/ landless people since it is easy to raise goats with less resources. Goats can be raised with other animals and usually goats will consume vegetation declined by other animals.

They required small pasture area and are easy to manage. Kerala weather is also very suitable for goat farming. Besides, there are many business opportunities related to goat farming since goats provide milk which can be converted into many products, also providing manure and fiber.

Since these are young goats, children were very excited to welcome them. With long summer vacations approaching, the children will get more time to spend with their new friends and this will inculcate ‘animal love’ in them.

We especially thank The Government Veterinary department which has pledged to provide free medical care and will also arrange for insuring the goats. It is so wonderful to see participation from schools, health department, Government agencies and communities for ensuring welfare of these young goats.     

School teachers handed over the goats to the children at a special function where Government officials, school principals, teachers and parents were present. Everyone appreciated our gesture and a report on our initiative was also published in a local newspaper.

Friends, we thank you profusely for your valuable contribution. It is only because of your continued support that we could help the affected families in a real sustainable way. It has been months since the floods and while the focus has shifted from the tragedy, lakhs of people are still reeling under its after effects. MORE FAMILIES NEED YOUR SUPPORT !

We request you to please continue donating to this flood relief project and spread a word in your community if you can. The destruction was immense and it will take a long time for normalcy to return to the flood affected Kerala.


Mar 28, 2019

Self care prevents diseases

Dear Friends,


We are happy to bring to you another important update regarding our self-care for women project. Self-care is neglected by most underprivileged women in India. Managing house chores, children and job is very demanding leaving no time for considering one’s own mental and physical health.

Since we run skilling courses for underserved women, we come in contact with thousands of women who need awareness regarding this topic.Therefore since the past 10 years, we have been conducting life skill sessions and awareness sessions on topics like Health, Hygiene and Nutrition. Recently we conducted 2 sessions on health and nutrition for 70 socially and economically marginalized women in Pune.

One session on General health was conducted by Dr. Moolani who explained the different types of diseases that can be caused due to deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals. He told the women to watch out for warning signs of different kinds of mineral and vitamin deficiencies and also explained the various medical tests that they should undergo.

Another session was conducted by Dr. Riddhi on Anaemia. She explained the symptoms of anaemia and its causes. She explained how women can prevent anaemia through healthy diet, nutrition and annual health check-up. Considering the alarming number of women from underprivileged communities quietly suffer from Anaemia, this was a very important session.

It is essential to teach women to read warning signs so that they can catch any health complications before it becomes too serious. They need access to quality health care and mentors who can guide them towards inculcating the practice of self-care.

Friends, please donate to this project so that we can conduct health-camps for underprivileged women in India.


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