Jun 14, 2019


Dear friends,

Greetings from IDEA!

Our Digital literacy centres are helping hundreds of underprivileged young girls and women become e-literate. This is helping them become a part of the mainstream by ending their marginalization while opening many doors of self-improvement.

We run digital literacy classes teaching basics of computers, internet and useful mobile apps under Govt. of India’s National Digital Literacy Mission which is an ecosystem of digital literacy awareness, education and training programs that is helping many underprivileged people participate in the digital economy. It is helping both rural and urban communities shape a technologically empowered society.

As we are moving towards become a cashless economy, many women from marginalized backgrounds feel alienated, hence we contacted experts from the field of financial literacy who are teaching our women both – advantages of financial prudence, how to save, how to invest and also useful mobile apps for online payments.

One such Financial literacy session was conducted which was attended by girls and women from our skill development courses. They were taught basic concepts of finance through animated videos in their local language which made it easy for them to understand various financial concepts.

Later they were given a demo session on how to use online payment apps which will help them in their day to day life. Many of these girls want to start their small businesses like tailoring shops or tiffin services and for them using these apps will be a great advantage and a good boost to their sales.

Another batch was conducted in a Girls’ school from an underprivileged area in Pune city. These girls never had access to computers and the internet before and were thrilled to learn more about the world of computers. Financial prudence starting at a young age is a good practice and the girls are taking the lessons seriously.

In today’s age, digital knowledge is extremely important to get ahead. Therefore we are striving hard to provide it to as many girls as possible so that they too may leverage this knowledge for their benefit and self-advancement. 

Friends, please donate to this project, Let’s make more girls e-literate!


May 9, 2019


Dear Friends,


Thank you for your continued support, we bring this report to you with great joy...

Joy of learning Science – Science Exhibition

IDEA started running Study centres for underprivileged children to provide quality education and ensure their holistic development with focus on improving their fundamental learning skills through various fun activities. More recently we have increased our effort to make Science – fun and easy for these children. Many children are intimidated by the subject and hence do not enjoy it. Hence we came up with our new initiative called – Joy of learning Science! All study centre teachers were trained to teach science through new teaching aids, videos etc. and science kits were provided to all study centres.

Once we saw that the children are enjoying the subject and are excited to conduct scientific experiments, we decided to hold a science exhibition where children from all our various study centres participated and showcased their home made scientific experiments, some demonstrated new science kits. Children explained the science behind their experiments on Water Purification, Solar Energy , Air Pressure Effect, Magnetic effect, How to identify Starch, Volcano eruption, Combustion needs oxygen, sound waves, Solubility, Magnetic force, Work and Energy etc.

Later they also presented few skits on how superstition is wide spread amongst the people from underprivileged communities and how we must stop believing in magic tricks performed by the so called godmen. It was wonderful to see that they are beginning to understand the science behind something they see every day. It is this curiosity and scientific temper that will improve their logical and critical thinking.

Summer Camp – 2 days of learning and fun

It is summer in India and schools are closed for the holidays. While children take vacations to exciting locations, their underprivileged peers cannot afford fancy holidays. We did not want our children to miss out on summer fun so we conducted a 2 day summer camp for 70 of our study centre children.

The camp was conducted at a scout and guide training centre near Pune. The excited children explored the whole camp before the activities started. On the first day, there were interesting sessions like storytelling session where a story was narrated by our guest who asked the children to complete the ending of the story. Children used their imagination to come up with many possible endings. Next was a Warli painting session during which the children were first taught the basics of the tribal art. Then they were given paints to unleash their creativity. In the evening, it was time for sports. Teams competed with each other in various games like discus throw, cricket and hoola hoop. In the evening there were dance performances by some children.

Day 2 started with Yoga – A yoga teacher taught different breathing exercises and asanas. This was followed by – laughter club, another expert taught various kinds of laughter like loud laughing and Estonian laughing. Doing Yoga surrounded by hills under a clear open sky charged the children for another day! Next, the children were asked to scout the surroundings for trash from which they can make toys or accessories. This challenge was taken up with great enthusiasm and children made many things like hair bands, bows, purses, boats, cups, rings, etc. This activity was aimed at improving team building, imagination and coordination skills.

Later many fun games were enjoyed by the children like - Don’t break the egg challenge, finding way through hurdles game, Balloon race, etc. These games made taught them how to work in a group, how to plan and overcome challenges and how to be a team player. Two days of summer camp full of new learning and fun came to an end and children did not want to leave their new friends. They expressed their gratitude for giving them an experience they will not forget.

Dear friends, please continue to donate to this project so that we can bring more such fun activities to many such underprivileged children!


Apr 22, 2019

SKILLING brings new hopes for MANISHA

Manisha and Mansi with new school stationery
Manisha and Mansi with new school stationery

Dear Friends,

This time we bring to you a success story of one of our many women beneficiaries enrolled with our skill development courses. Learning new skills brings wonderful economic opportunities for these women. With financial independece, comes the courage to fight back oppression. This is one such story...

Manisha is a spirited young woman from Pune, India who has recently completed our Tailoring course. She sews beautiful kurtas, tops, pants and blouses and has recently added new patterns like palazzos, balloon frocks and scarf top to her ever increasing portfolio.

If you saw her today, working on her sewing machine with focus and determination, you will never believe her troubled past. 5 years ago, Manisha along with her young daughter walked out of her abusive alcoholic husband’s home. With no income, she and her daughter became a burden on Manisha’s ageing parents.

Deciding to become independent, Manisha joined our Tailoring batch. Her daughter too was enrolled with our Sponsorship programme through which she is getting monetary support (school fee reimbursement) and non-monetary support (school bags, stationery, life skill and career counselling sessions) to complete her education.

Initially Manisha suffered from lack of self-confidence but she kept working hard fine-tuning her craft. As her skills improved, she started getting a lot of appreciation from her instructor and classmates. Weekly life skill sessions on topics like health, inter-personal relationships and financial literacy gave a big boost to her confidence and motivated her to stand on her feet. 

Manisha is currently self-employed, she gets tailoring orders from women from her community and every month she is earrning better than before. Along with skill training and Life Skill sessions, she says that Counselling by IDEA’s social workers also gave her a lot of strength and courage. 

She recently fought and won custody of her daughter after divorce and wants to become fully financially independent so that she can set a positive example for her daughter Mansi. Manisha says that she does not want her daughter to suffer the same fate and wants to provide a happy enviornment for her. This is just the beginning of a life full of new hopes and dreams for Manisha and her daughter.

Our skill development programme is helping thousands of women like Manisha and others who had to drop out of school and were soon caught in the drudgery of life. Skilling gives them a second chance to explore their capacities and capabilities. Expert mentors guide and motivate them to become self-employed and take charge of their life.

Friends, we request you to help women like Manisha find hope and purpose in life again. Please Donate to this project. 


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