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a) To prevent the sale of vulnerable children by training and seeking safe jobs for their parents, especially mothers, so that they can support their families and not rely on child labour and child trafficking. b) To prevent the exploitation and abuse of children such as child labour and sexual abuse by providing direct community-based support, both practical for education and food, and psychological with counseling and abuse intervention.
Dec 13, 2013

What your $46 a month means for Chavy and family

Baby Chavy is now healthy and bubbly
Baby Chavy is now healthy and bubbly

This Christmas, we have many things to celebrate for – sales target achievements, bonuses, weddings, graduations and births. 

Close your eyes and imagine for while how a tiny seven months old baby could weigh only three kilograms, but here in Cambodia, we are celebrating triumphs over storms for a little baby, her sister and mother. 

This was the life of baby Chavy – she was fed wet rice with sugar and on her mother’s back in the Phnom Penh markets, watching her beg for their food daily. 

But, Chavy’s mother is our hero and ‘tiger mum’ this Christmas. She is a woman who has not let HIV, death, betrayal, rape and poverty push her down. 

Widowed and betrayed at her second marriage, she bravely packed her stuff to leave the house with her daughters when she discovered that her husband attempted to abuse her six-year old. 

She fought fiercely to protect them, found another place to stay, a school for her six-year old, got HIV medication for herself and her daughters tested repeatedly to ensure they were negative. 

Riverkids helped with formula milk, food, rent, healthcare and counselling. This came from the $46 a month you gave us through Global Giving, just $46 a month, and that changed their lives completely. 

We are crossing the half way mark in our funding for the Wings program on Global Giving. We need 66 wonderful supporters like you to each give $46 a month for the next twelve months to form a steady stream of aid that achieve the same impact for a family like Chavy’s. 

This Christmas, would you give a gift of $46 a month or forward this to a friend who could help? Thank you so much!


Please note that the photograph above is of another family with a similar aged child as Chavy. Under our child protection policy, we do not use identifying photographs of our children. We also used a different name for Chavy.  

Sep 16, 2013

Thanks for believing in our families in Cambodia

Snacks before a field trip to Bophana Centre
Snacks before a field trip to Bophana Centre

A young woman turned up at our office last month, swollen in her left eye and bleeding as a result of getting beaten by her husband because an ex-client of hers came to her house.

The man went to her house because he had wanted to pass her some rental money and check if everything was fine after hearing that the husband had not been supporting the family and had flung the daughter to the wall when she was caught in mischief with a group of boys in the slum.

Kunthea is a sex worker, pregnant and the mother of her nine-year old daughter. She works hard to make ends meet, but was often blamed for many carelessness at home. Despite being beaten by her husband a few times, she did not wish to bring a charge against him, but is fine with our suggestion to introduce a counsellor to help.

The aid that you provided assisted the girls to get their wounds treated. It settled the outstanding rent incurred when Kunthea was unable to work due to her injuries and pregnancy. She also got her pre-natal checkups done at the hospital, thanks to you, both the mother and daughter have recovered and are safe.

There are numerous pockets of such families that Riverkids work with. One afternoon meal for a child means a safe day in school, learning instead of picking up trash on the streets to help with income. Health checks for a pregnant mother means increasing the chance of a safe delivery and a healthy mother. Abuse is rampant, but our social workers are able to intervene before a crisis happens because you decided that the children and families we serve deserve to have a better future.

The worst could have happened if we didn’t have your help. In no time, the family could have spiralled into debt snowballed by exorbitant interest rates, Kunthea could have had a miscarriage or thought about giving up her baby in the future to settle the debts, but you changed all that. Thank you for believing in Riverkids and our families in Cambodia. 

Kids at Weekly Boarding, Riverkids
Kids at Weekly Boarding, Riverkids' safe shelter.
Jun 11, 2013

Our Get Ready Girls have graduated!

Guests and donors presented certificates
Guests and donors presented certificates

Finally, on June 8th 2013, eleven young women graduated on Saturday from our ninth Get Ready for Girls program. Nine times! That's over a hundred teenagers who've gotten six months of intense support and counselling, kids who've become young adults with safe jobs, some of them their own families now. The occasion was celebrated with distinguished guests, Riverkids staff, staff members, students’ parents and friends of the girls.

Batch nine of our Get Ready Girls program started on December 5th, 2012 with nine girls. Susequently, two more girls joined the program. Today, three girls were reintegrated to the State School where one studies in grade 12, one studies in grade eight and one studies in primary school. Six other girls will go for further skills training with our NGO partners – four girls will attend classes at the beauty salon, one girl will attend cooking class and one will attend baking class. Two girls will continue with the next cycle until they are ready to go back to school or attend further skills training.  

The girls are facing a much brighter future now that they have so much more confidence and hope than when they first joined us. Thank you so much for your support. 

e are raising funds for WINGS, a program that feeds over 400 Riverkids children and gives direct cash to girls and families in crisis in Cambodia. WINGS is tied to specific outcomes and has sustainable long-term poverty reduction capability. Rigorous impact evaluation studies show impressive outcomes of such programs around the world in increasing productivity, accountability and empowerment. 

Online donations made on GlobalGiving Bonus Day June 12th in your specific qualifying timezones will receive 50% matching funds to feed more children for free! 


Please click here to help feed Riverkids children and give them wings on Bonus Day.


Thank you.

Riverkids Project

PS: Feed a girl like Dara and keep her out of danger

Gift packages of clothes, stationery and books.
Gift packages of clothes, stationery and books.
Congratulations to our Get Ready Girls!
Congratulations to our Get Ready Girls!
Feed a girl like Dara and keep her out of danger
Feed a girl like Dara and keep her out of danger
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