Mar 1, 2021

COVID-time and Hope in the Air

Dear friend,

Spring is here in Portugal!  What is amazing to realise is how little Nature cares for the COVID or politics or stress that we humans may feel. It offers it glory again after winter hibernation and for those who take their time to walk in forests or Nature elsewhere, will immediately feel the uplifiting and healing powers and ultimately feel a great sense of HOPE inside.

I visited our selected forest land yesterday, again dreaming about the day I will see groups of children visiting the forest. Learnign about native species and the importance of conservation & reforestation in a way that promotes mult-cultural and native biodiversity to bounch back. The image of seeing my own son one day walkign there harvesting food with other children and preparing a meal together is a dream I will hold on to. And those of you who are mothers, can surely agree that the power of mother's dreams is strong. We want the best for our children and we want the world to be rich in biodiversity, intelligently managed through scientific aid and Nature-connection been used side-by-side to ensure there is no imbalance caused by human actions. 

We have just prepared a small request for funding towards this project where we could pilot the agri-forest project with 3 groups of children (once COVID restrictions allow - planning for June). What we need to do now is to try to gather enough funds to purcahse the 1ha forest land identified for this project so that the planting can start and some harvest could be gathered already in September. 

We need to raise 20,000Euros to purchase the land, and your support has been and is crusially important. The work itself we will do volunterily to enjoy the children will have deep and meaningful connectionst to the forests and leave them feeling exhited about the collected & planted 'forest food'.

If you know any individul or entity willing to sponsor towards the goal, now would be a great time to get HOPE for better future back on the menu :) 

With great smile towards the future,

Sari Bernardo -CEO Romi's Way

Feb 18, 2021

COVID-time report #4

Who would have thought last year this time, that the COVID situation would be having such a significnt effect on most of our lives a year later! Portugal, our home counry being one of the worse situations in 2021 has ensured our activities and efforts to get our hands into face-to-face activities continues to be in halt. 

But, as usual, we have (and will not!) stopped! We have actually prepared a 'COVID related' support project plan targeting struggling young mothers and their children in a way that engages them in two-way communication, sharing and receiving & giving donated itesm of needs. More impornatly, it allows peer support and mother-to-mother comfort to help our 'sisters' who have been affected financially due to COVID or even before the pandemic. 

Our aim as an organisation is to restore balance between humans, animals and enviroment and to remind us all on how that is mainstreamed to all our actions, is that we never seek to 'solve problems' caused by imbalance, but rather to act in a way that eliminates elements contributing to imbalance. For our support project to young mothers, poverty is the underlying imbalancing root cause and therefore our motivation is to leverage the young mothers out of poverty (not necessarily meaning lack of money kind of poverty, but also lack of self-respect, lack of empowerment and lack of joy are forms of poverty that we look into carefully). We look forward to updating you all on the developent of this project, which can be conducted with online and face-to-face modalities. So as usual, keep watching this space and maybe next report would provides some toe-ticklingly exhiting news.

Huge thanks for your continuous support and care!

Kind regards,
Sari Bernardo - CEO & Founding member of Romi's Way

Nov 2, 2020

Land for agri-forest playground identified

Happy November!

We do not have much to report, however we are thrilled to notice a perfect land for food-forest-playground has been identified for us, and we are currently seeking for ways to raise funds to secure this. This, as the title suggests, would be a practial learning platform in Nature, but also be a case study and example of agri-forests in Portugal, providigin an access for public to see how native, organically grown forests can provide food for famileis while teaching children through practical experience.

We woudl be delighted to secure this small land and start small activities there already in 2021.

If you can, pleas support our efforts though donations and following us. 

Kind regards,
Romi's Way Team

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