Oct 29, 2020

New Staff in Mosul - October 2020

Mosul Treatment Center Report

October 2020


New Staff  in Mosul

We are happy to report that our treatment center in Mosul has hired five new staff. In March 2020 we reported that our treatment center in Mosul was looking for new staff to reduce wait times for patients. Soon after, the pandemic caused fewer patients to engage with in-person treatment in exchange for tele-health where applicable. This prompted us to change the short-term priorities to establish the infrastructure necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the situation with the pandemic remains uncertain, our treatment center is experiencing again large volumes of patients, prompting us to refocus on staffing needs.

A total of five staff have been hired in Mosul including one administrative assistant and four psychotherapists. These new mental-health professionals will greatly reduce wait times for appointments in both tele-health and in-person care.


How Donations are Spent - Medication

The most pressing issue for our patients is access to medication. It is our mission to provide life-saving services to our beneficiaries at no cost to themselves. Many of our patients barely have enough money for food, and so this medical assistance is greatly needed.

As we receive more and more patients our budget for new medication continues to increase, and right now our treatment center in Mosul is in need of funding for a variety of medications for children in particular.


Stay Informed and Spread the Word

Your support means the world to our patients, and there is more than one way to help.

Share this project with friends and family, and let them know why our treatment center in Mosul is worth supporting. With so many good causes out there, word of mouth is perhaps the most valuable tool at our disposal.

If you haven't already, please consider liking our International Facebook Page for regular updates on all treatment centers and projects: https://www.facebook.com/JiyanFoundationInt

Thank you for supporting our treatment center in Mosul.


Oct 26, 2020

Healing Garden October 2020 Report

Receiving the National Energy Globe Award Iraq
Receiving the National Energy Globe Award Iraq

Healing Garden Report


October 2020


The Healing Garden is getting noticed

These past few months the Healing Garden in Chamchamal has won two awards.


  • iF Social Impact Prize 2020:

“The Healing Garden impresses with its simplicity and effectiveness. The cultivation of the garden by locals, who earn their living with it, and at the same time the use of traditional loam construction and sewage techniques impressively confirm the sustainable approach of this wonderful project!”

iF Social Impact Prize Jury Statement

Click Here to see the award page


  • National Energy Globe Award 2020:

Winner Energy Globe Iraq -The Healing Garden: Preservation of Resources and Sustainable Planning in a Post-Conflict Setting.

Click Here to see award page


The Healing Garden during COVID-19

The Healing Garden has proven to be an excellent tool for therapy during the pandemic. The spacious outdoor meeting places throughout the Healing Garden allow beneficiaries to continue their engagement with therapeutic programs and maintain in-person contact (in accordance with social distancing regulations).

While we have limited the number of persons allowed in the garden at the same time, this has not been a burden on patients.

During this time our staff are continuing to improve the facilities and extend the garden. New pomegranate trees are expected to arrive and be planted by next Spring, along with a variety of vegetables greatly extending the usable garden space.


How your money is spent

Excluding staff salaries, the Healing Garden costs on average $3,500 each month to maintain.

  • Therapist / Mental Health Specialist: $600 - $900 per month
  • One 60-minute therapy session (individual or group) is about $12
  • Animal feed and supplies: $1000
  • Veterinary appointments and medication for animals: $450
  • Garden maintenance and other staff: $1500

All donations collected during this campaign will be used for the aforementioned programs and items. Funds will be distributed as they are most urgently needed.


Jul 23, 2020

Donor Report - Spending So Far


Donor Report – COVID-19 Spending


Since the last report in March 2020 we have so far utilized $5,000 of donations collected on GlobalGiving to give 138 families access to food, clothing, and basic necessities. The uncertainty of the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic means that we need to be responsible with how and when we distribute goods or funding to beneficiaries. We hope that with more and regular financial support we can expand the number of families who receive support in the upcoming months.

The situation

The 2019 offensive into north-eastern Syria by Turkey continues to affect internally displaced people in the region. Infrastructure supporting drinking water and electricity has been destroyed leaving little access to both. In the cities of Qamishli and Amuda most people have on average only four hours of electricity a day. It is in these locations that we have provided the most assistance.

Many of the 138 families that have received direct assistance from this project live in emergency housing. These facilities are converted from public buildings like stadiums and schools and are designed for short-term housing. Due to the current conflicts, IDP’s in these facilities are staying much longer than intended.

How we choose our beneficiaries

With so many families in need of support, our humanitarian workers have chosen to direct our assistance to the poorest families most in need.

Providing assistance directly to families means that our workers have closer relationships with each family and can closely assess their needs. The needs of each family are circumstantial and differ based on the size, ages, and health of family members. Each family has been provided with an average of $36 in total assistance so far. This is enough for 3-4 weeks of food.

The ability to transport goods remains fickle at best, and so money is best spent locally. To make donations go further, each family which is accepted to receive assistance has been given funding to purchase their own food and goods at specific local markets. This way, we can ensure the greatest impact and maintain assurance that the funds are going to food, water and necessities.


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