Jul 24, 2021

Thank You for Supporting Barefoot College Tilonia!

Norti, 11, attends digital night school in Indole.
Norti, 11, attends digital night school in Indole.

Hunger-Free Villages

Since April 2020, the Barefoot College Tilonia has been providing survival kitsto thousands of migrant laboers, daily wage workers, men and women with no ration cards or other government documents to be eligible for government assistance.  

This past spring, the Barefoot team in Tilonia has distributed more than 4,100 survival kits benefiting more than 40,000 individuals in 150 villages in rural Rajasthan. More than 1,000 children have received over 30,000 Super 5 supplemental nutrition packets as part of the College's children's nutrition program.

The Second Wave

During the second wave of the pandemic this year, the Barefoot College has mobilized resources to obtain medical supplies and equipment to deliver COVID medical relief to rural communities overwhelmed by the health crisis. 

Working with a network of local government officials and civil society organizations, the Barefoot College has establish 12 COVID care centers in 11 districts in rural Rajasthan and distributed life-saving oxygen and medical supplies. The College has expanded the 10-bed medical unit on campus to a 40 bed COVID isolation center.

Challenges Ahead 

There are also employment and education challenges that need to be addressed. Families have little or no money for the basics, including food. More children are out of school and educational inequalities are worse due to the pandemic. 53 percent of children in low- and middle-income countries cannot read and understand a simple story by the end of primary school. The Covid-19 pandemic has worsened educational inequalities like these worldwide.  The Barefoot College, with support from WorldReader, is working to change that outcome. Reading helps these students achieve educational success which will improve their earning potential and lead healthier and happier lives. 

With support from donors like you, the Barefoot College Tilonia continues to provide COVID relief to communities in need in rural India.

Shankar Jat teaches students at the night school.
Shankar Jat teaches students at the night school.
Girls read from a digital reader from  WorldReader
Girls read from a digital reader from WorldReader
Children learn by the light of solar lanterns.
Children learn by the light of solar lanterns.


Jun 3, 2021

What We're Doing for COVID Relief in Rural India with Your Generous Support!

Rural Communities Benefit from the Survival Kits
Rural Communities Benefit from the Survival Kits

Relief in 2020 During the First Wave of COVID-19 Focused on Alleviating Hunger.

Hunger relief efforts were desperately needed during the COVID-19 lockdown in the spring of 2020 when the daily wage laborers, migrant workers, and families with no source of livelihood in remote villages and slums were left without any food or means of income. As a response to this humanitarian crisis, Barefoot College distributed essentials for survival that these affected poor families needed. Working in collaboration with the Rajasthan government, Barefoot College identified the very needy and distributed survival kits to them to ensure hunger-free communities.

With the help of generous donors like you, our relief work from April 2020 to September 2020 delivered 13,800 ready-to-eat food packets and 12,375 survival kits to more than 57,000 individuals directly, and  benefiting indirectly over 800,000 people in over 550 villages and slums across 11 districts in Rajasthan.

More than 2,800 children received over 325,000 packets of Super 5 nutritional supplement to help strengthen their immune systems, especially during the pandemic, as part of our child nutrition program. Barefoot College's nutritional supplement Super 5 is made from 5 locally sourced ingredients: chickpea, groundnuts, sesame seeds, jaggery and wheat. Super 5 helps to reduce anaemia and fight malnourishment in children. Barefoot College's Super5 production unit is licensed by the Indian government’s FSSAI.

Barefoot College also supported Village Grain Banks in over 20 villages in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh directly benefitting over 4,000 beneficiaries.

The relief efforts of Barefoot College created employment for more than 650 women.

Relief in 2021 During the Second Wave of COVID-19 Is Focused on Delivering Medical-Relief As Well.

Barefoot College is expanding its 10-bed medical wing to provide a 40-bed COVID Isolation Centre (planned and structured according to international guidelines) for COVID positive villagers. And in collaboration with a network of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), we are setting up COVID Isolation Centers (12 currently in 11 districts) across rural areas in Rajasthan for people testing positive for COVID.

We have engaged a group of doctors to train staff for these isolation centres in the essential tasks for clinical management of COVID-19. To ensure proper in-patient care for severe or critical patients, appropriate government health agencies will be notified of any emergency by the CSOs. The government agency will then arrange for an ambulance to immediately shift the patient to the nearest government-run facility with available beds.

Village Health Awareness Campaign

Barefoot College is working with rural communities to encourage appropriate behaviors to help prevent the spread of viruses. Our awareness campaign focuses on simple preventive health measures including the use of a face mask, hand and respiratory hygiene, physical distancing, recognizing the signs and symptoms of COVID, the need for early reporting of cases and vaccination.This awareness campaign is also aimed at busting myths and counter misinformation about the virus and vaccinations.

Hunger-Free Villages Campaign

To safe-guard the economically vulnerable population, Barefoot College will continue its food relief efforts from 2020 providing survival kits to rural communities. These kits cost Rs. 3000 and provide basic provisions to help a family of 5 survive 15 days including food and essential hygiene products.

Our survival kits include:

20 kilograms wheat flour
2.5 kilograms dal
1 liter cooking oil
1 kilogram salt
250 grams chili powder
100 grams turmeric
2 kilogram onions
2 kilograms potatoes
1.25 kilograms Super 5

5 face masks
150 mililiters sanitizer
1 bar soap
1 packet of sanitary napkins


Your support has helped the Barefoot College Tilonia to provide COIVD relief to communities in desperate need in rural India.  

Thank you for your continued generousity.

The Barefoot College Tilonia

Distributing Survival Kits in Rural India
Distributing Survival Kits in Rural India
Packing Survival Kits
Packing Survival Kits
Survival Kits
Survival Kits


May 18, 2021

Capturing Rainwater

Dear friends,


As supporters of our project, you know that the rainwater harvesting program of the Barefoot College is a sustainable solution to the extreme shortage of clean drinking water sources in rural Rajasthan, India. Rains are often undependable and ground water has unhealthy levels of arsenic or fluoride, and in many areas is too saline to drink. Rainwater - as a direct source of potable water when filtered - can be collected from the rooftops of schools and stored in underground storage tanks. Communities contribute to constructing the system.


The Barefoot College of Tilonia also works with local communities to capturing rainwater for other uses as well. Construction of check dams, channels and reservoirs create rainwater harvesting systems that channel the water to ponds or wells for use in irrigating fields or watering animals. Local communities work together for to construct these rainwater harvesting systems. This short video, Rainwater Harvesting, Khatoli Project, introduces you to this approach to water conservation.


Thank you for your support for capturing rainwater.  We appreciate it.



Ellen Fish

Friends of Tilonia, Inc.




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