Jul 12, 2021

Nutrition project moves forward despite ongoing pandemic

In Bolivia, the situation regarding the pandemic remains critical. Despite the obstacles, we continue to help the local people, especially the children in Micani, to eat healthy and support the immune system as best as possible.
In March, the school year had initially started normally, and we were able to use the time in the schools to conduct training sessions and intensively supervise the work in the school gardens. Some villages were able to harvest during the last months. Pupils, parents and teachers were enthusiastic about the variety of vegetables, we introduced to them, some of which they hadn’t seen before.
In June however, school activities had to be suspended again due to the high incidence of infection in Bolivia's cities. The winter vacations usually scheduled for July were brought forward and extended to 4 weeks. About a week ago, classes resumed.
Fortunately, this meant that the construction phase of the "Carpas Solares" could also start with a slight delay. The people in the villages currently have about one month to prepare local material such as adobe and to carry out the excavation work, since the "Carpas Solares" will be built about one meter deep into the ground. At the beginning of August, the actual construction will begin. For this purpose, we are currently organizing the purchase and transport of materials and are completing a descriptive manual that will serve as a reference book for the village community even after the construction phase supported by us.


Jul 11, 2021

Current situation in Bolivia

Regarding the COVID in Bolivia, the third wave is about to end.

The last cases per 7 days in Bolivia were around 1500 - here is the infographic of 07/07: https://twitter.com/LosTiemposBol/status/1412963305224814596?s=20

In Cochabamba there are not so many time restrictions and there are no more problems of trafficability between departments. Today was defined (through the COED) the new norms for the department of CBBA: https://twitter.com/LosTiemposBol/status/1413109693527072771

Vaccinations: as of 07/07, 2,204,299 people have been vaccinated with the 1st dose and 769,737 with the 2nd dose. This weekend many vaccinations are expected (from Russia, China and through COVAX) and also any person over 18 years old can be vaccinated : https://www.lostiempos.com/actualidad/pais/20210701/mayores-18-ya-pueden-vacunarse-llegan-6-millones-dosis-mas

Now as for Micani and its communities: Not many people get vaccinated there, because there is still the thought that it does not "exist" and there were also rumors that it can turn you into a "werewolf"... https://www.paginasiete.bo/miradas/2021/6/22/no-los-vacunados-no-se-convierten-en-hombres-lobo-como-aseguran-en-bolivia-298949.html

Also if a person gets infected with COVID, the mentality is that "better to die in family, than alone in the hospital". Also the locals cure themselves or self-medicate with plants and natural ancestral remedies".


Jun 17, 2021

Monitoring progress despite corona crisis

In the past three months, a lot has happened in the project. The trainings in the Escuelas de
Campo continued as before. In the meantime, about 473 families are taking part in these
trainings. And 183 families from 16 villages are involved in the cultivation of Tara. In
addition, we were able to carry out a detailed monitoring of the project's progress and the
situation in the families for the first time. For this purpose, a questionnaire was developed in
advance and with the help of the monitoring app developed by Aktion Sodis, the survey was
then carried out on site.

In addition, a community fund was set up to provide financial support to families who want
to start their own business.

In our project work in Germany, we have also been focusing more on the issue of gender
equality in recent weeks and are developing a strategy to achieve our goals in this regard. In
the course of this, we also held an extensive workshop with our partner organisation to
ensure that our ideas on this topic are the same.

Finally, there was a personnel change at our partner organisation on the ground in Bolivia.
From now on, it is no longer Antonia Oporto but Lily Negrete who is responsible for the
training of the families in the ECAs.

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