Apr 25, 2011

Getting Closer with Your Participation!

Wicomico Early Learning Center in Salisbury, MD
Wicomico Early Learning Center in Salisbury, MD

Dear Contributors,

Thanks to your generosity, determination and compassion, as of today, Guitars in the Classroom is just about $1445 shy of the goal of raising $4000 to secure a place with Global Giving all year long! The $2555 that has been raised will fund classes in three GITC locations, now- Lee, Massachusetts, Brooklyn, New York, and Oakland, California!

Thank you for getting this campaign off to a wonderful start and carrying it through. This week is the home stretch! Please help us grow HeadStart training programs in Oceans Springs, Mississippi, a community hard hit by the hurricanes and the Gulf Coast oil spill. In this place, learning through music sets young children on a positive path despite all the challenges they have experienced in their young lives. The little ones whose preschools embrace making music were born after Katrina, around the time of Rita, and have lived through the failing economy from the spill. Born into a time of great challenge, they need- and deserve- our support. Please enjoy this photo submitted by star GITC teacher trainer, Dr. Diana Wagner of one of her teachers in training, Georgie Casselbury with a young student from the Wicomico Early Learning Center in Salisbury, MD!

Your concern for the children, for our culture, for the quality of education, and your love of music is already going to create a very different reality for children there and elsewhere around the country. Among your friends, family, and neighbors, are there other people you know of who share these values and who would wish to help us? Might they appreciate knowing about GITC? This is the perfect opportunity to pass along the news and the invitation to get involved with a link to this campaign!  http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/keep-music-alive-in-k8-classrooms-nationwide/

GITC's  person-to-person movement in which we are all participating is a gentle one that will have great lasting impact. We may not be sounding sirens and disaster warnings- but the impact of no music making in chlidhood education, and music appreciation de-evolving into 99 cent mp3 downloads of pop music is stark. Thank you for standing up for culture, creativity and kids.

I'd like to invite you to visit our website, www.guitarsintheclassroom.org, where you can watch a video of teachers from the Oceanside and Encinitas, CA GITC programs sharing the music they now make and lead so beautifully. The event was help by GITC's local Southern California sponsor, Art n Soul Gallery on 101 in Encinitas at their spring party. Imagine yourself in a classroom with one of these enthusiastic teachers leading children in songs for learning and you will get an idea of the benefit of the gift you have given. If you ARE one of these teachers, bless you!!

Let's keep working with the campaign together so this community can grow stronger and get music into more schools this coming school year! 

Warm and very grateful regards,


Apr 15, 2011

What The Teachers Are Saying

Teachers in Training at UC Berkeley
Teachers in Training at UC Berkeley

Thanks to you, this morning, GITC reached it's first goal of receiving contributions from 50 donors, so our place with Global Giving is better than halfway secured! We have another 16 days to raise the $1700 to get to $4000. Thank you for putting your hard-earned dollars where your hearts are- in favor of keeping music alive in school for the children. 

Placing your faith in the teachers and in our organization through your charitable giving imbues our work with your energy. We all feel it. SO FAR, YOUR PARTICIPATION has replenished funding for GITC-Lee and GITC-Brooklyn, where instructors Robin O'Herin and Daniel Loomis will be able to continue providing free musical training for classroom teachers and specialists in Massachusetts and New York! 

Just this week, we received a note from a teacher training with GITC who wrote us to talk about the immediate impact felt inside, and outside of the classroom. 




This message is to tell you how much I learned in the GITC sessions this winter. On the last day of school before spring vacation, I played  This Land is Your Land ( a planned part of our social studies lesson) and an innovation of Jet Plane to say goodbye to my students. They were amazed and intrigued, singing along and encouraging me and telling me they couldn't wait until after break so that I could bring my guitar again and we could sing more songs.


I have also found that when I return home after a long and stressful day, I NEED to play my guitar. After I return from wherever I was transported to, I find that I'm revived, invigorated, and my excited dog is curled up in the corner on her bed, fast asleep.


Still inspired and looking forward to the next (more advanced) session,


Francesca Miller-Schindler

Hamilton Elementary

Grade 1, SEI/MEC


WANT YOUR GIFT TO HAVE DOUBLE THE IMPACT? Make a contribution on April 19th, when GlobalGiving will be matching portions of any donations made that day through the Project Page!

Apr 5, 2011

Special Ed Teachers in MA Thank You

Teachers strum & sing at GITC-Lee, MA
Teachers strum & sing at GITC-Lee, MA

Amazingly - in just under 48 hours, and with the support of 26 individuals - Guitars in the Classroom (GITC) has raised almost $1100 dollars! Several of you donors are trainers who bring music training to teachers and students everyday! Thank you for your dedicated service to this mission and our schools! Others of you are program sponsors, guides, and advocates. You really understand the power of music to motivate, inspire, teach, heal, and unify. Thank you for your caring help! Some of you are GITC “family friends” and volunteers, people whose good will keeps us going and growing. Thank you for sharing your time, passion, and resources!! Others of you are brand new friends! We welcome you to our work and thank you for caring and making a difference!

The teachers your gift is empowering to implement daily music-making into their classrooms will experience the benefit of your support now and for the rest of their careers as they reach thousands of children for years to come. 

To show you just how much your contributions matter, we will continually be highlighting programs on the map that are coming to life with your help! This week it's GITC-Lee, Massachusetts. This program is a special pilot for our new MIRSE model- Music Integration for Resource and Special Educators! These teachers are discovering ways to use music with children facing diverse challenges from homelessness and violence to learning disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, hearing impairment and many more. Music has the power to bring them all relief and opportunity. Trainer Robin O'Herin is an accomplished Blues and Gospel musician and a passionate educator, and you can learn all about her at www.robinoherin.com. Thank you for supporting all of our efforts in Lee!

This week, we’d like to offer a special thank you to anyone donating $100 or more to this cause. We will send you a special GITC guitar strap, pictured here, and not available in stores, thanks to our wonderful sponsor, Levy’s Leathers. Again - thank you, and please share this project with your Facebook friends if you haven't already - one post can go a long way.

See you in next week's Project Update, and feel free to contact me at nick@guitarsintheclassroom.org if you have any questions or comments about the project. You can always learn more about GITC at our website.


Nick and Jess

GITC Strap by Levy's Leathers
GITC Strap by Levy's Leathers
A new tool for teaching & learning
A new tool for teaching & learning


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