Sep 7, 2021

Songs for Hope is Hoping for Publication!

Virtual Learning Goes On...
Virtual Learning Goes On...

Dear Supporter and Friend,

We are so grateful to each of you who has donated to this project. We are now at the stage of this effort where we need to see if the book can become published by a music publisher. This is a big hurdle to clear. Print publishing has been significantly eclipsed by electronic publishing, and the pandemic has sent so many of us online. But not all of us have equal access to tech. Buying a music book as an electronic document for download means people need a computer, internet service, and a printer to turn their e-songbook into sheet music. To be able to play a song all the way through on two facing paper pages means no scrolling. It means being able to play music without being online or staring into a screen. Restoring music making to a non-virtual experience has many benefits. 

When we first had the idea for the book, there was no pandemic. The publisher we spoke with was uninterested in the concept of the book. Now we think the need is exceptionally strong, so we would like to try again.

When we figured we would need to do the project on our own, we knew it would be a large undertaking. Securing print licenses to include songs that are in copyright gets expensive. This is money that ultimately goes to the song copyright holders. Often, they are the songwriters themselves or the songwriter's descendants. That is a wonderful thing. But in the case that a songwriter has sold their publishing to an agency in exchange for money or some sort of business deal, the copyrights must be licensed by a company. So this can be a lengthy process, as well. Hurdles, hurdles, hurdles.

However, working with a publisher places the task of clearing the copyrights in their capable hands. Definitely preferable! We will need copyright clearances for 18 songs in this book if we are to keep the work intact.

The songs that have become part and parcel of this body of work are helping teachers and children get through tough moments as the pandemic continues to threaten, detail and take human lives. But there are thousands of guitar and ukulele strumming people who are not involved in education for whom this book could also make a difference. What if we can find a publisher who sees the point of it, has a team to get copyrights licensed, and a sales department that can get it out onto shelves (brick and mortar as well as virtual) where more people can find solace and inspiration between its pages?

This is where the project stands now. We will revisit the possibility of getting the book published by reaching out over the next two months to potential partners on the project. If we come up empty handed, we will go about book making ourselves. Either way you will get an answer in the next project report! Until then, please take great care of yourself, stay strong, and we will look forward to getting back in touch with you soon.

Thanks for keeping the faith and giving as you have.



Our Virtual Faculty Members Send Love!
Our Virtual Faculty Members Send Love!


Sep 7, 2021

Infuse the Joy of Learning with Music this Fall!

Music in the classroom creates connection!
Music in the classroom creates connection!

Dear Friends,

 The new school year brings a sense of anticipation and excitement. As students return to campuses, principals and teachers are focusing on reconnection and healing as they seek effective ways to help them overcome the academic and social emotional disruptions caused by the pandemic.This is particularly important in pre-K - 8 classes where friendships fuel social learning and give students a chance to learn and grow together. Unfortunately the pandemic is rolling forward with iterations we cannot yet prevent, and this is already resulting in many school closures, quarantines, and a prolonged state of uncertainty and adaptation. In the midst of this teeter-totter effect, music continues to serve as a source of comfort, upliftment, and connection.  

Thanks to your support, teachers who train with GITC have been able to bring courage, strength and resilience through our programs to students while schools were closed, and they are now welcoming them back into the classroom with music, keeping music alive for students as changes occur. Whether the students are attending in person or online, starting the day with music is exceptionally motivating for them and is resulting in better attendance and an improved readiness to learn. The magic combination to make music possible is free after school teacher training in our online professional development courses, and teaching artist residencies guided by GITC teaching artists in collaboration with the classroom teachers during the school day. Thank you for helping GITC make this possible!  

 Your donations are helping us increase our capacity to serve students in need right now. We were recently asked to begin training a group of highly specialized educators who are serving students in a wide variety of stressful situations, from being removed from their homes due to alleged neglect or abuse, to those who are being treated around the clock in hospitals for serious, chronic or terminal illnesses.  Our work in classrooms, both in person and virtual, is keeping kids showing up for school everyday. 

This fall, GITC is grateful to be able to continue to provide crucial support for everyone. And you can help in a way that gets matched!

On September 13, GlobalGiving’s Little x Little Bonus Matching Day will be matching small gifts up to $50 at 50%! Donating to this campaign or to our newest one, Provide Life-Changing Music for Fragile Students can immediately bring positive experiences through music to students in GITC classrooms from coast to coast.

We thank you for empowering us to pour our collective determination, inspiration, musical instruction and instruments into the lives of students, giving them hope, joy, and a chance to improve their quality of life and learning everyday. 

With heartfelt appreciation,


Aug 31, 2021

Hope and New Opportunities with Music for At Risk Youth

Everyone Deserves Music!
Everyone Deserves Music!

The new school year brings a sense of anticipation and excitement. As students return to campus, principals and teachers are focusing on building hope and healing as they seek effective ways to help them overcome the academic and social emotional disruptions caused by the pandemic. This is particularly important for at-risk older youth. 

Thanks to your support, classroom teachers who train with GITC have been able to bring courage, strength and resilience through our programs to students at continuation high schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), and they are now welcoming them back into the classroom with music! 

Ulyana Wms-Kohlmeyer, principal at John Hope Continuation High School said, “I believe that music and GITC teaching artist residencies have been, and will continue to be, the saving grace for our students. Because of GITC we were able to reach and teach our students through an art form that captured their attention and motivated them to sustain it. We would be missing a  crucial opportunity to turn their prospects for the future around if we do not continue such programs.” 

This month, through your generosity, we were able to deliver 25 guitars and a full complement of acoustic guitar accessories to a new group of students at two continuation high schools in LAUSD so they can begin training with us. We are so excited to welcome them as they start making music for resilience! 

These students will be able to restore a sense of normalcy by building classroom community and a sense of belonging. They will have an opportunity to share their individual and collective musical experiences and preferences, and, throughout the year, will be able to see their own musical and academic growth and accomplishments, and look towards a brighter future. 

Thank you for empowering GITC to provide a safe place and space for these students to grow and learn.

 Wishing you health, peace and inspiration to keep making our world better,


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