Oct 1, 2020

Corona report

Dear reader,

The Speakers for Awareness project was one of the participants in the recently held GlobalGiving bonus week, where a 50% surcharge was given on donations.

Despite the great commitment of our organization for this sympathetic action of GlobalGiving, in which cooperation was provided by other Dutch NGOs such as Wakibi (www.wakibi.nl) and Economy Transformers Academy (www.economytransformers.nl/academy) who have informed their own supporters and donors (more than 10,000 people) by email about the Speakers for Awareness project and the bonus week of GlobalGiving, all these efforts unfortunately hardly led to donations.

We believe that the reluctance to make a donation stems from the financial difficulties many people are currently facing due to the Corona crisis. We also regret that the most common form of payment in the Netherlands on the internet, IDEAL, is not offered by GlobalGiving. We have investigated this, and for many people this also forms a barrier that causes people to refrain from making a donation.

Because the amount that has been raised for the Speakers for Awareness project to date is not sufficient to build the necessary booking site, Foundation Green Cross Netherlands is now focusing on approaching and writing the upcomming months to financially successful high net worth Dutch people.

We would like to conclude this short report positively by stating that the number of Dutch (top) speakers who have registered to participate in the ideal Speakers platform 'Speakers for Awareness' is growing every month. We expect to have more than 100 Dutch participants around the turn of the year.

These SfA participants believe in the necessity and strength of the SfA platform and together represent a goodwill of E 750,000 for IMPACT projects!

Jun 8, 2020

Progress Speakers for Awareness project

The top speakers of Speakers for Awareness.
The Speakers for Awareness project of Green Cross Netherlands has now started. As of May 2020, more than 50 speakers have already joined SfA. Green Cross Netherlands expects to have about 100 participating speakers in the month September, and around 150 participating Dutch speakers at the turn of the year.

Expansion with speakers from other countries.
Several Green Cross departments worldwide (including Green Cross USA / Global Green - https://www.globalgreen.org/) have now pledged to support this special project and to deliver top speakers. Because not enough funding has yet been realized to be able to build a professional multilingual speaker site for SfA, it was decided to temporarily include the speakers who are now affiliated with the Green Cross Netherlands site. (see: https://www.gcnl.nl/sfa-sprekers/). These presentations will also be added to the Green Cross site in June 2020 in English.

Projects financially supported by the speakers of SfA.
SfA strengthens itself by looking for connections with other NGOs that are allowed to deliver IMPACT projects, which are supported financially by the SfA-speakers. In return, these NGOs publicize the ideal SfA speaker platform within their own network and supporters of donors. These IMPACT projects can also be found on the Green Cross Netherlands site for the time being. (see: https://www.gcnl.nl/sfa-impactprojecten/). The IMPACT projects will also be added to the Green Cross site in June 2020 in English.

SfA logo.
Speakers for Awareness uses the Phoenix as its logo since April 2020. In Greek mythology, the Phoenix symbolizes immortality and rebirth. The expression “When a phoenix rises from the ashes” is used to indicate that something or someone is blossoming, after having first completely broken down. The spoken word is seen by Speakers for Awareness as “the source from which new thoughts and ideas can arise,” while people with new insights and knowledge can come to wisdom. These newly acquired insights are an absolute precondition for raising humanity as a whole to a higher level of existence, with which our world with all the life that arises therefrom has a greater chance of a peaceful future.

50th anniversary Earth Day.
Earth Day celebrates its 50th anniversary this year 2020. At the request of sustainability event EarthX2020 in Dallas / USA, Speakers for Awareness has asked some of its participating speakers to participate in a special video in which the speakers express their hope for a world in which more people are committed to achieving peace and justice. and sustainable societies.
This video of about 3.5 minutes can be viewed here: https://www.gcnl.nl/en/50th-anniversary-earth-day-2020/

Expectation and follow-up.
Speakers for Awareness assumes that there will be enough donations in the coming months to build a professional multilingual international speaker site. Among others by new donations via the GlobalGiving site, but also through new collaborations with other NGOs.

The Corona crisis.
Due to the Corona crisis, events, conferences and symposia no longer take place in the Netherlands. For that reason, no speakers have been booked since March. However, SfA expects that applications will come in from September, SfA-speakers will receive assignments, and that money for IMPACT projects will be realized. Wonderful when the multilingual Speakers for Awareness site will be ready by then! So, donations for the SfA-project are therefor very welcome !

Clients, and promotion of SfA.
An earlier survey conducted by companies and governments that regularly organize congresses and symposia has shown that, without exception, the SfA speaker platform is preferred over commercial speaker agencies! Furthermore, these clients expressed their interest in helping to raise awareness of the SfA speaker platform in their program booklets and announcements of their events. IMPACT projects supported by the speakers they have booked will also receive additional attention in program booklets and announcements.Companies and government institutions are very happy to participate in this. The reason is that the attention they ask for the SfA-platform, the IMPACT projects, and for the speaker(s) who donates his/their entire fee to this IMPACT project, also benefits their own image.
Due to this free promotion of SfA, its speakers and IMPACT projects by these clients, SfA itself does not have to incur any promotional costs.

Temporary informative site.
Until the realization and delivery of a multilingual international Speakers for Awareness site, all information about the SfA project of Green Cross Netherlands can be found at: https://speakersforawareness.org/en/


Dec 9, 2019

Fundraising for SfA still in progress!

Dear donor,

Here's just a quick message to let you know that the fundraising for SfA is still in progress. We are currently exploring other platforms as well, which offer the advantage of making donations by iDEAL. We will keep you updated, of course.

Also, we are engaging in new and exciting partnerships to get our project off the ground. More news on this to follow in the new year.

Thanks again for your support! If you feel like giving extra during the holiday season, please visit our project page to make an additional donation. Or forward this message to someone you know who might like to donate.

Kind regards, on behalf of Green Cross Netherlands,

Mick Janssen

PS: Have you signed up for our newsletter yet?

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