Oct 19, 2021

4 Years On, You Are There For Rohingya Mothers

Hamida, a community educator and Rohingya refugee
Hamida, a community educator and Rohingya refugee

It has been four years since the Rohingya ethnic group have fled persecution in Myanmar for safety in Bangladesh. Today, more than 800,000 Rohingya refugees call the camps in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh home. 

With your support, UNFPA has been providing care in the camps to Rohingya women and girls who face challenges like high rates of child marriage, a lack of menstrual products, and limited safe spaces for women. One way that UNFPA has addressed these challenges was by building 28 women-friendly safe spaces.

$100 funds a community midwife in a clinic or safe space for one week. 

These safe spaces are critical because many Rohingya women and girls have experienced gender-based violence, including rape and child marriage. The safe spaces are a place for them to receive mental health care, build community, and process their trauma. At the safe spaces, women and girls can also receive sexual and reproductive health care like prenatal checkups and family planning. 

Hamida was 27 when she found safety in Bangladesh's refugee camps. That was also when she began attending a safe space and learned about issues like safe motherhood, healthy relationships, and human trafficking. 

You can provide three women with all the supplies they need to give birth safely during a crisis for $15. 

Now, Hamida is a community educator and mentor at the safe spaces. She says, “Through my efforts to help other women and girls in the camps, I have gained the respect of my community, family members, and husband. At first, no one listened to me. However gradually, they started to embrace me as they understood that information gives them choices and opportunities,"

Because of your support for Hamida's work and the work of others at UNFPA safe spaces, Rohingya women and girls now have access to the lifesaving care they need. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of Rohingya refugees. Your gift of $150 provides one clinic with the supplies, medications, and equipment necessary to safely manage obstetric emergencies. 

Aug 27, 2021

Midwifery training makes childbirth safer in China

Dr. Cairen provides prenatal care to a patient.
Dr. Cairen provides prenatal care to a patient.

Even though Dr. Cairen had been caring for pregnant women and new moms in northwest China for more than a decade, she didn't have all of the skills of a midwife. After participating in a UNFPA training course, she feels even more confident in her abilities and prepared to care for women. She says, "As a doctor working in the field, I carry out multiple tasks including attending births, procuring medicines, and providing outpatient services such as cervical and breast cancer screening.”

Just $15 provides three pregnant women with an emergency birth kit, which has all of the essentials for safe childbirth, even without a health care professional like Dr. Cairen.

One of the skills Dr. Cairen learned was how to manage pregnancy complications. This was important for one of Dr. Cairen's recent patients, who gave birth at age 41. Because the woman was able to deliver at her local clinic, her delivery was free. And, when barriers like cost and travel are eliminated, more women get the care they need to have a safe delivery. 

For $150, you can supply a rural health clinic with the medications and equipment it needs to provide pregnant women with prenatal and safe delivery care, even in the event of complications.

Dr. Cairen has seen this change, too. She observed that her patients are more comfortable and that she is able to provide quality care to more women and families. This is the work you make possible. Thank you. 

$400 equips one maternity ward and midwife with the resources they need to support 50 women through safe deliveries. 

Jul 28, 2021

Pandemic continues to upend life in Yemen

Before the war, Fatima's life was very different. She had a degree in clinical laboratory science, was happily married to her husband, and was raising three kids. 

But, after her husband died in a bomb attack, Fatima took her children and fled for a displacement camp in the countryside. Fatima remembers, "I had no one to back me up or support me to alleviate my pain and grief."

 $10 provides two pregnant women with emergency birth kits. The kit contains everything needed to ensure that women can safely give birth, even if they're on the move like Fatima was. 

Sadly, once Fatima and her family arrived at the displacement camp, she became sick with COVID-19. She was quarantined in a local hospital, but the isolation was crushing. Fatima said, “I felt so lonely and dark... I was struggling to save my life to go back to my children."

Thinking of her children gave Fatima the strength to recover. Back in the displacement camp, she was able to receive sexual and reproductive health care from UNFPA and her son was treated for his own sickness. 

$48 provides 40 women, including women in displacement camps like Fatima, with injectable contraception, so they can decide if and when to have children.

UNFPA is supporting 105 health facilities in Yemen, just like the one Fatima received care from. The work is incredibly challenging and the conflict has left UNFPA as the only provider of sexual and reproductive health care in the country. Fatima says that even though the pandemic and the war have proven that she is capable of more than she could ever imagine, she still dreams of moving back home with her children. "I hope, one day, the pandemic and war will perish from my country.”

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