Aug 14, 2020

With your support we have managed to resist COVID-19

What this report talks about

In this report we present the use that has been made of the campaign fundraising: “Care and solidarity in times of COVID”; This was inaugurated in April and thanks to it we have managed to support the lives of more than 80 families in the south-west of Bogotá.

Stay despite the hardship

When habits were confined to us based on the new reality created by the pandemic, questions, uncertainties and fears came to us. So personally as well as collectively. And in that group and as a PT house, the challenges to continue accompanying the lives of the girls, boys and young people who participate in the programs were not strange to us. How can we let families know that they are not alone? How do we sustain each other in hope?

The pandemic with determination and without hesitation transferred us to the essence: to the family, to what is ours, to the earth, to mutual care, to material and spiritual food; to life without washers. We are located there and we want to continue moving from that foundation.

Reflections on the pandemic

"The pandemic and quarantine are revealing that alternatives are possible, that societies adapt to new ways of life when necessary and it is felt that it corresponds to the common good" (De Sousa, 2020, p. 31). Nothing different is what we have experienced with the increased interest on the part of many people in all latitudes to ensure that a fundamental need such as food is satisfied.

While it is true that the pandemic makes us all vulnerable without exception, it is also true that there are some “all” who are more vulnerable, “a large part of the world population is not in a position to follow the recommendations of the World Organization of the Health to defend themselves from the virus because they live in small or highly contaminated spaces, or they are forced to work under risky conditions to feed their families ”(De Sousa, 2020, p. 25).

Our experience as an organization has always been alongside the most vulnerable, the most excluded, the neglected; next to that large proportion of the world population that with difficulty can abide by the recommendations and stay at home because they must seek their own support and that of their loved ones in the “daily search”. It is for this fact that we deeply appreciate, value and appreciate the generosity of those who have joined this initiative and with their work ennoble us as a species.

De Sousa, B. (2020). The cruel pedagogy of the virus. S.F. Recovered from:


How do we develop our action?

Next, we show how we have been able to support the families with the greatest violation and who actively participate in the programs of the PT Foundation.

• On May 6, we were able to benefit 38 families by delivering 38 market vouchers that contained the basic food of the family basket. This allowed almost 200 people to have food in their homes for at least 3 weeks. 

• On June 12, we delivered 80 shelves for 80 families with cleanly grown products (oregano, spearmint, yanten, spinach, lettuce, celery, chard, kale, parsley, guascas and nettle); dough with Andean tubers (patties and cubio muffins and arracacha cake); pickles of vegetables, jams, antipasti and patés that also allowed families to supplement their diet and prevent them from going out to find sustenance for their homes in such a difficult time and thus exposing themselves to contracting the coronavirus.

• On July 16, we delivered markets to 35 families, most of whom are recyclers and in some cases, because they could not stay at home, they were infected with the virus, but fortunately they managed to recover. This market contained both perishable and non-perishable foods, which has allowed, above all, that children and older adults who are part of these families can increase their defenses against the virus.

We are infinitely grateful to all the people who joined and continue to join this cause. We know that most of this solidarity has come from the Netherlands and we want to make this recognition. To give great value to the support they have given us despite being so geographically distant. Your support has been hope for our families and has allowed us to resist the pandemic. A big hug and all our gratitude!!!

Jul 17, 2020

Resisting with hope and in unity

hope grows green
hope grows green

Queridos amigos:

Gracias por seguir confiando en nuestro trabajo y permitirnos llegar a más de 90 niños y jóvenes con sus familias.

 ¿Qué contiene este informe?

Él relata el trabajo realizado desde mediados de marzo hasta junio, teniendo en cuenta cuán desafiante ha sido el tiempo de la pandemia de COVID-19. A pesar de las circunstancias difíciles, seguimos trabajando en las dimensiones afectiva, nutricional y educativa.

¿Qué hemos hecho?

En el afecto: este tiempo de distanciamiento social debido a la pandemia no nos ha impedido continuar debido al cabo de nuestras acciones. Por el contrario, como organización responsable, hemos "rediseñado" y creado un sistema de acompañamiento psicoafectivo para los niños y sus familias. Lo primero que hicimos fue actualizar nuestra base de datos: números de teléfono de contacto y direcciones de las familias. Luego establecimos su nivel de movilidad mediante la recopilación de información como: número de padres y madres desempleadas, acceso de los niños a herramientas informáticas para permanecer en los procesos de capacitación. Tipos de lazos y gestión de conflictos dentro de los hogares.Desde allí, hemos estado en comunicación permanente con las familias al menos dos veces por semana a través de videollamadas. Nuestros 6 pedagogos y psicólogos han estado en contacto permanente.

En nutrición: Sabiendo que la comida es una de las necesidades prioritarias que se han visto afectadas por la pandemia, nos propusimos con gran esfuerzo trabajar para recaudar contribuciones y llevar comida a las familias. Así que con GlobalGiving lanzamos una nueva campaña llamada: "solidaridad y cuidado en tiempos de covid-19". Uniendo los esfuerzos de ambas campañas, hemos logrado llevar a cabo un mercado de 80 familias de la organización que han recibido este alimento en 2 o 3 ocasiones. Además, entregue "kits" a 25 familias para crear pequeños jardines en las casas de los niños. Esta ha sido una muy buena propuesta donde puedes ver el progreso para lograr la autosuficiencia.

En lo educativo.Dado que las escuelas también han tenido que cerrar sus puertas, nuestro equipo ha fortalecido la comunicación con los niños a través de plataformas virtuales donde han celebrado reuniones con varios niños y niñas, así como los consejos para llevar a cabo las tareas escolares. Esto ha permitido mantener la permanencia escolar. En los casos en que las familias no tienen planos de datos, hemos brindado apoyo en la entrega de paquetes de datos para que los niños puedan investigar sus tareas y desempeñar bien en la escuela.

También continuamos nuestra capacitación virtual con jóvenes estudiantes de cocina. Para esto, el chef-maestro se adapta a la nueva realidad y prepara sus clases para enseñar a través de "tutoriales". Los jóvenes se acercaron a la fundación para recibir los aportes de sus preparativos y continuar con su capacitación que culminará en una semana.


Compartimos algunos testimonios de niños y jóvenes que cuentan sobre su experiencia en este momento:

"Lo que más nos gusta estar en casa es que jugamos mucho y lo que no nos gusta es que no podemos salir, pero mi papá nos trae dulces cuando sale" (Miembro de la iniciativa Huerta el Edén)

Aunque no tenemos el privilegio del bosque, hemos sido creativos en rodearnos de la energía de las plantas. Por unos días, hemos plantado papas, zanahorias, ajos y cebollas. (Madre de familia)


home grown food
home grown food
together despite the distance
together despite the distance
Mar 19, 2020

Report: Love-food-education 100 children/Bogota

a look of hope
a look of hope

 Dear friends

Once again, we extend our gratitude and the joy of having you, to continue walking from the hope to the side of the children and their families.

What does this short report contain? This report reflects the work that we have carried out with 70 boys and girls for two months, and in late 2019 and early 2020, they celebrated the festivities together with their families and recharged batteries to continue this journey. We reiterate the impact achieved in the affective, nutritional and educational fields with them.

What have we done?

In affection. The bonds of trust and solidarity with Colombian and Venezuelan children continue to be strengthened, and also with their families; who after the holiday season express their joy at returning to the foundation. There have been 15 visits where the protagonists are women, mothers and grandmothers, caregivers of the children, with whom an approach is made, inviting to undertake a process of recognition and healing of painful victims who have lived and who, in general cases transferthem to the smallest, creating a vicious circle of guilt, victimization and pain.

Nutritionally. Thanks to your contribution, healthy snacks and lunches were provided to the children, prepared by the youth of the Cooking School. In total, about 900 snacks and 30 lunches were distributed. The young people have planned the development of two cooking workshops for the children, which will allow them to live a magical and amazing space,around the preparation of rich and nutritious recipes. It has also been considered to develop a strategy called "traveling basket", where children in a dynamic and playful way, learn about the nutritional benefits of the foods they eat.

In the educational. About 70 Colombian boys and girls and Venezuelan migrants have been linked to 7 initiatives, which are accompanied by 5 children's pedagogues. During the two months, about 60 face-to-face meetings have been held. Work tools and everyday learning continue to be multiple and diverse. The spaces are convened around play, plastic expressions, literature, exploration of the environment and urban agriculture, inviting children to relate from affection, dialogue, collaboration and respect. It is insisted on the accompaniment to the connection and permanence in the school, looking for that all the children are in school.


Children's voices 

“For the children and youth who are arriving from Venezuela, are these participation spaces also guaranteed? Because they are also being citizens, that is, they live here, they inhabit this city ”Children. (11 years oldEspiral de Papel

 "I like that different things always happen and we can share what we know how to do or think, it is like feeling that we all have a space, that no one is left out"Children (14 years old)Iniciativas Inquietos

party and sweets
party and sweets
reaping life
reaping life
laughs and more laughs
laughs and more laughs
Creating together
Creating together
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