Jul 25, 2011

Family Planning: A Means to A Better Quality of Li

recipient of long-term contraception
recipient of long-term contraception

Jambo, to all of our generous donors:

I want to begin with an excerpt from the United Nations Population Fund’s web page.

It [family planning] is one of the wisest and most cost effective investments any country can make towards a better quality of life. Limited access to contraception, on the other hand, constrains women's opportunities to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.


When you read statements like this, you can see how investing in family planning is like investing in preventative medicine: it pays off in the long run. Having the choice to decided how many children one wants to have and at what time, is not only a basic human right, but a means to a more healthy, quality, life. Your continual support of our efforts to provide reliable and affordable family planning options, helps us to ensure this right is able to be practiced by the remote communities of Northern Kenya.


In our most recent family planning trip to Northern and Eastern Samburu a total of 309 clients were reached with long-term FP methods. Of those clients, it was observed that women were escorting their daughters to the clinic to receive long-term methods and men were seen accompanying their wives. The presence of men in the company of their wives, gives us great hope, as they are often the ones most resistant to our services.


10 years of commitment to these communities has created a relationship of trust. Through education and consistency, we find ourselves in front of more open-minded audiences, willing to trust in the beneficial options available to them- options allowing women to be in control of their health and bodies. As the trust grows, so does the demand, which is why partnerships are such an important part of CHAT. Many hands do make light work. The Ministry of Health and the British NGO, Marie Stopes have been invaluable contributors to the work we do, the MOH recently having placed family planning as one of its top priorities.


So, know that we are busy at work. And we thank you, always, for your interest and generosity.


We will be back with more updates in a couple of months.


Asante Sana.


The team at CHAT

May 5, 2011

Spring Report

village visit
village visit

Hello to all of our donors-

We wanted to give you a quick update on news of the Kenyan government’s recent public commitment to family planning on account of the country’s unsustainable population growth. The below remarks come from a Kenyan publication called, The Standard Group:

Planning Minister Wycliffe Oparanya has promised to revive family planning programmes to counter the country’s high rate of population growth…..

If Kenya did not control its high rates of population growth, quality of education, health and housing would suffer while food security will decline.’

‘NCAPD statistics show that Kenya’s population increased by 12 million since 1999 to stand at 40 million today, a 35 per cent rise in only a decade.’

"The risks caused by overpopulation include lack of living space, shortage of jobs, sky-high housing prices, environmental deterioration and scarcity of energy and resources…."


The clinic has just returned from an eight-day monitoring and evaluation trek in northern Samburu. Camping alongside dried up riverbeds, and conversing with the local Samburu at the watering holes, we observed the impact and reality of over-population. This region has not seen rain in more than 8 months. Luckily various organizations such as USAID, have installed pumps, so there is clean water for the people and their livestock, but, as I am sure you know, the question remains- for how long?

One of our most dynamic family planning mobilizers named Susan Lenatari accompanied us on this trip and during the day she would walk through the various villages simply speaking to the local men and women about health services in the area, the availability and or knowledge of family planning and whether or not there was a demand for it. Often times we can find ourselves developing all sorts of complex charts and questionnaires in order to gather information, yet, what continuously proves to be most informative, is good old fashioned face to face casual conversation.

We are making another trip up to these areas at the beginning of June and will be anxious to inform you of the demand we were met with.

Thank you again for your continuous generosity. What you give, whatever amount, goes a long, long, way……

Below are the numbers reached over the past three months:





Insertions / Implants ( 5 years): 1379

Depo – Injectibles ( 3 months):  768

Oral - Pills: 635

Tube Ligations (TLs): 21

Condoms: 16,000

No of people reached with reproductive health information: 6,159

*Stats include the static clinic ,motor and  camel mobiles 




Evaluation Meeting- Archer's Post
Evaluation Meeting- Archer's Post
Day at the Clinic
Day at the Clinic
Mar 15, 2011

Global Giving Matching Day! March 16th!

A happy little Samburu child
A happy little Samburu child


Bonus Day: March 16! Bonus Day: March 16!


Hello again to all of our donors-

This is just a quick note to let you know that On March 16, GlobalGiving.org is matching at 30% all online donations up 
to $1,000 per donor per project! CHAT has two active projects- The Camel Clinic and Family Planning/Environment.

We realize that you are receiving reports like these because you have generously given money to CHAT in the past. We are very appreciative of that and are only now soliciting more directly because of this wonderful opportunity afforded to us by Global Giving. Any dollar amount from 5 to 500 and beyond will be matched and will go a long way.

The one catch is that there is a limited dollar amount available in matching 
funds on March 16 and once these matching funds are used, Global Giving will no
 longer be matching. If you are to donate, please try and do so on the earlier side of the day to ensure that the funds are still available.

Asante sana, in advance, to all who decide to join in on this matching day. We will send a follow up report to let you know of our hopeful success and to get you up to speed with the ground work here- our camels are currently up in Samburu with the team most likely eagerly awaiting the needed rains!


All of our very best-


The Team at CHAT.

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