Oct 29, 2020

College for the Poor!

The Covid-19 pandemic has gripped life globally. Education system is getting worst in many countries as schools remain closed. As coronavirus control measures spread throughout South Asia, universities such as India, Pakistan and Afghanistan find themselves poorly prepared for online learning or distance learning because their campuses are closed and their students return home, some remote areas are without internet facilities and offline facilities to continue the classes system. 

Furthermore, the Educational infrastructure is badly shaken in the wake of this pandemic and UNESCO reported that nationwide closures have impacted 89% of the world’s student population. Students belonging to the poverty stricken areas are worse off when it comes to accessing education owing to lack of facilities.

Our major concern is that we are in process of building the college building in an area where the entire student body is affected due to lack of facilities. Around 48 percent of schools in the country do not have toilets, boundary walls, electricity and drinking water while Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkwa (K-P) are ahead of the other two provinces – Sindh and Balochistan – on various educational parameters.

A new index for school completeness shows that only 52% of all government schools in the country have all four facilities – toilets, boundary walls, running electricity and drinking water. Only 24 of the 146 ranked districts scored more than 90 in school infrastructure score.


It also shows that a whopping 81% of all government schools are primary schools which imply that after the primary education, children in the country have limited opportunities to continue their education.

Due to COVID19, the construction had been halted, however, now that the schools and colleges have reopened, we have resumed the development work on the project but the biggest hindrance is the lack of funds available.

With the challenges mentioned above, NUR Foundation started its schools in the year 1996 and since then, it has not only took 18000 children out of the dark holes of illiteracy but also helped them in attaining jobs to earn a respectable living. However, the current schools are not sufficient to cater to the needs of the rising number of students. Hence, in pursuit of its mission of providing free education to the underprivileged in Malikpur, NUR Foundation has started the project of constructing a College building for them. In order to finance the building, generous donations from our esteemed donors are necessary.

Given below is the breakdown of the funds that we require to start the college:

Furniture: Rs. 1,540,000 = USD 10,000
Computer Lab: Rs. 550,000 = USD 3,500
Science Lab: Rs. 350,000 = USD 2.250
Library: Rs. 500,000 = USD 3,250
Play Area: Rs. 200,000 = USD 1,300
Cafeteria: Rs. 100,000 = USD 645
Mosque: Rs. 200,000 = USD 1,300
Conference Room: Rs. 150,000 = USD 970
Principal Office: Rs. 200,000 = USD 1,300
Boundary Wall: Rs. 2,700,000 = USD 1,710
Guard Cabin: Rs. 30,000 = USD 200

Our request to the valued donors is to help us during these testing times so that we can achieve this milestone.

Thank you!

Sep 10, 2020

Clothes for the Deserving

While the poverty rate in Pakistan declined by 40 percent over the last two decades to 24.3 percent in 2015, the IMF projects a sharp reversal, with up to 40 percent of Pakistanis living below the poverty line in COVID-19’s viral wake.

Real GDP growth is expected to slow by 3 percent, with downturns in services and manufacturing. Agriculture will also lag if lockdowns continue and disrupt needed transportation, logistical support, labor, and access to inputs for the next planting season.

NUR Community Outreach program has been actively providing education to the underprivileged children in Rural areas near Lahore, Pakistan. Not only education, but NUR Foundation also provides these children clothes, food and other necessities through donations. With current pandemic i.e. COVID19, the poor have been the worst affected losing their daily wages.

Forecast also depicts a slowdown in inflation rate in less severe shock scenario but surge to over 16% in case the implications of the COVID-19 are severe.

According to experts, our poverty is caused by inflation, unequal distribution of resources, lack of facilities, high unemployment rates, and growing population. Inflation has become an epidemic disease which gives birth to multiple issues.

NUR Foundation took an initiative in 1985 and started a program known as NUR Community Outreach Program (NCOP). The purpose was to serve the community in various sectors including, health, education and employment. Additionally, various programs under the aegis of NCOP are working to ameliorate poverty. One such program is NUR Sandooq which has its genesis in the year 2016. The idea behind it was to make storage facilities for donated clothing in all the elite areas of Lahore and to encourage people to donate apparel items for the underserved community. In execution of the plan, one dedicated room known as Sandooq is placed in Fatima Memorial Hospital, Shadman Lahore. The donors often come and drop off apparel items in the Sandooq and those items are then distributed among the underprivileged people living in the backward areas of Lahore including Malikpur, Nainsukh, Lakhodair and Gajjumata.

There are a total of around 2,100 students currently enrolled at NUR Foundation schools and they all belong to impoverished backgrounds and are unable to afford two basic meals of the day let alone clothing items. Hence, we wish to increase our donor base in the future which would help us in meeting the clothing needs of the children at NUR schools.

We will be now moving into the winters and all these deserving children will be needing clothes for winters. Our esteemed donors have always supported the cause and we urge you to support more this winters.

Thank you so much.

Sep 10, 2020

Serving the Deserving Patients

About prevalence of poverty, it is said that Pakistan’s 50 to 60 million people were already below the poverty line and the figure was expected to touch 125 million due to the COVID-19, while 19 to 20 million were expected to lose their jobs.

Pakistan reported its first 2 confirmed cases, on 26th February 2020 linked to travel history of Iran. The number of confirmed cases nationwide rose to 7,025 on 17th April 2020 with 135 deaths and 3276 confirmed cases in Punjab,2008 cases in Sindh,993 in Khyber Pathunkhawa,303 in Baluchistan,237 in Gilgit Baltistan,154 in ICT and 46 in Azad Jammu Kashmir. To-date 7000 Pakistani pilgrims have returned from Iran and placed in quarantine in Taftan. Directing of pilgrims back to their cities without testing at the border resulted in introduction of virus in country. Pakistan’s weak healthcare system with 0.6 bed for 1000 people and less than 0.75% of GDP as health spending is doubtful to bear the COVID-19 shock in case of exponential increase in cases.

With poverty levels increasing, Fatima Memorial Hospital in pursuance of its social welfare goals, provides free food to the families of hospital patients. However, the influx of patients is rising day by day and the funds of Fatima Memorial Hospital are limited.

Due to COVID19, Fatima Memorial Hospital played a vital role in treating as many patient as it possibly could. Since the hospital provides various medical facilities and that too to the needy and deserving patients, it requires support from the donors in providing healthcare facilities and food to the patients.

The number of patients is increasing as the spread of the virus cannot be stopped. In addition to that, due to lockdown and social distancing in practice, unemployment has risen immensely, we require more donations so food can reach thousands of families. In these times, the nation is looking towards us to support them.

As a result of which, we rely on the donations by our esteemed donors to cater to the nutrition needs of the patients/patient attendants.

Your valuable donation is of utmost importance to Fatima Memorial Hospital, so please continue to donate maximum so that we can provide food to maximum patients at Fatima Memorial Hospital.

Thank you.

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