Jun 23, 2021

Building Hope to the Hopeless people

Flooding has been an annual disaster that occurs in Kisumu Kano plain where Nyalenda slums lies. It something that has gone for several years and the government has not come with a lasting solution to help it's people. Whenever it rains heavily property are being destroyed, washed away and houses destroyed.

JW foundation has come up with several mitigation strategies that have seen members of the Nyalenda community get newly built houses. So far we have constructed a total of 5 houses but our target is 50 houses. Our fear is that if the rains again then we may have more houses destroyed and hence will increase our budget and target. A simple house costs US$1000  with all windows and doors fixed.

We still believe that with more friends and partners we shall be able to overcome and meet our objectives. JW foundation is still open in doing all the numbers has per indicated on their proposal.

We kindly request for prayers and support to enable us achieve this noble goal. Together we shall get there.

May 6, 2021

Food Distribution During the Pundemic

Hello Friends,

I sincerely send my greetings to you,

It has been a while since we shared about what happens in our town-County annd County since Coronavirus was detected in Kenya for the first time. We have gone through the first, second and now the third wave which has been claiming several lives in different countries. It has been a challenge keeping with government measures and protocols as people tend to look for ways to earn their living.

The pundemic interfered with job opportunities,travel plans and education plan making life be unbearable in Kenya. slum families have been finding life difficult as they always live below a dollar a day. Jobs are not there so getting food is a challenge. Some either lost their jobs or their salaries reduced.

JWF has been in the forefront in ensuring that we provide food to the affected families. We still ahve a plan of helping our people in getting PPEs and food. Friends and partners like you has been instrumental in making this happen and giving hope to the hopeless. Lets contimnue putting our heads together in making this possible.

JWF will continue to network and share more stories about this pundemic within our slums of Nyalenda Kisumu-Kenya for our people to get help.

Thank you very much for getting your time to read our stories.

May 6, 2021

Back to school report semester II

Hello Friends and Partners. I hope this finds you well. we are doing fine and getting ready for back to school by monday 10th May, 2021. It has been tough on school programs due to the Covid -19 pundemic.

JWF has tried copying up with difficult situation of raising money to keep the needy students in school. we still have 10 under sponsorship program and waiting to admit another 5 in July 2021 when the new year starts. The outbreak of the Coronavirus made Kenya school term dates to change.

we had our primary school KCPE candidates and high school KCSE candidates take their exams in March 2021. Both primary and Secondary candiadtes are very ready to Join grade 9 and colleges/university this coming July and September 2021.

JWF is still mobilizing more resources to make this dream of taking high school students to school.Together with partners and friends we will make it happen.  We have very challenging cases this year with five students passing their exams scoring 400 marks over possible 500, some of the cases are extreme but we believe with your prayers and support, we will manage and make it happen. I also want to friends that two our students under sponsorship are also transiting to the university.

JWF is still making more effort in networking and connecting with friends and partners to help us achieve our goals and objective.Yes we can.

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