Feb 23, 2021

A Story of Strength and Hope

Hope, love, smiles
Hope, love, smiles

We are proud to witness the completion of this stage of the academic and artistic training of one of our most beloved students.

Jaime came to Enlaces at age 9, recruited from “El Chorrillo”, through the “Casa-Talento” program.

Since then, that quiet boy, with the ability to escape at supersonic speed of any situation that would put him in front of cameras or in the spotlight, sworn enemy of schedules and clocks; was transforming into what he is today: a disciplined, responsible, sensitive, respectful, and brave young man.

In the artistic field, he stood out obtaining the highest distinctions in international competition “Danza Activa” between the years 2016-2019. His talent allowed him to win scholarships and participate in dance programs in Ancona and Rome (Italy), Costa Rica, Cuba, and New York

With his modesty, internal strength, resilience, talent, and performative intelligence, is a living proof that when talent, perseverance and opportunity meets, the results can be unimaginable.

Jaime is shaping up to start dance studies in 2021. He is an example for his community and for his companions. His story fills us with reasons to move on.

Thank you for being part of his success!

The flying Jaime
The flying Jaime
Growing and dancing
Growing and dancing
Nov 24, 2020

What the global crisis taught us about resilience

CAPTA is closer than ever!
CAPTA is closer than ever!

Resilience: Calicanto’s Secret Sauce

#genderequality #sustainablelivelihoods

Like to so many other organizations globally, 2020 represents a year of great challenges but also incredible opportunities for Calicanto. As a result of the COVID19 crisis, Panama established strict sanitary restrictions reducing social and physical mobility by 80%. Since this measure limited the continuation of the face-to-face execution methodology of the CAPTA Program (Training for Work), the foundation rapidly began working on alternatives to continue the implementation of the program. Meanwhile, the team worked directly on assisting 332 former graduates on issues that would help them cope with and counteract the effects of the health crisis.

By the end of August, the foundation had managed to pilot the new version of the CAPTA Program under the virtual modality. This adaptation has allowed the continuity of the program and the inclusion of more beneficiaries, approximately a 45% increase. Through CAPTA Relief and the support of the French Embassy we were also able to reconnect with the program's graduates to implement a new program called CAPTA Ambassadors, part of our follow-up program Conexiones.

According to the United Nations Development Program, Latin America will experience the most severe economic recession in decades due to COVID19. Most countries in the region are at risk of losing two decades of progress in the fight against poverty and inequality. The foundation seizes this unique opportunity of adapting the CAPTA Program through which it can continue to fight poverty and reduce the social gaps towards access and economic opportunity.


Our Program’s Evolution

Our 2020 Impact

 So far this year we have directly benefited 506 women through our programs through the support of international and local partners.Through the implementation this year of three CAPTAs, we will have 86 new CAPTA graduates. They will continue their personal and professional journey to be ambassadors of the program and agents of change in their communities.

What we know

 The public health crisis and social isolation have amplified the uncertainty, placing many women's livelihoods at risk. With the appearance of COVID19, we have observed the emergence of three variant at-risk population that:

  • Increased their vulnerability due to recent inequalities.
  • Relapsed due to risk factors within their environment.
  • Became vulnerable to the social and economic crisis.

What we have done

  • We have strategized on reducing the digital gap to reach and support more populations through CAPTA Virtual.
  • We continue to educate and empower women while expanding our impact to other regions of Panama.
  • We have reconnected with the CAPTA graduates to expand their sense of belonging and connection to the local economy.
  • Our weekly Espacio Positivo sessions on IG live are stronger than ever! This month specially, we have partnered with the French Embassy in Panama for a special project called Network of Ambassadors for the Prevention of Gender Violence. The project builds awareness towards the topic of women & violence. So far our 10 female ambassadors have reached and mentored 625 women across the country.


Our plans for 2021

Thanks to our partners and donors we have started to fundraise towards next year. For this #GivingTuesday we are seeking to continue to raise funds to be able to implement our 2021's strategy to continue to fight poverty and educate women in Panama through:

  • 5 Virtual CAPTA's
  • 1 CAPTA pilot program for men 
  • 1 CAPTA Ambassadors 
  • Strengthen our virtual platforms for the CAPTA & Conexiones Programs
Our first response was to help our beneficiaries
Our first response was to help our beneficiaries
We can all give a hand!
We can all give a hand!
We went where our support was needed the most.
We went where our support was needed the most.
Oct 28, 2020

We continue responding to the crisis due to COVID

Reading allows us to go out & discover new worlds
Reading allows us to go out & discover new worlds

COHERENT: [person] Who acts according to his ideas or with what he expresses.
For 10 years we have told our students that they must be courageous, creative,
resilient, brave, and persevering in the face of adversity.

Facing this crisis that challenges us: Let’s educate by example!

Good news!
Through our humanitarian response program, we are impacting 360 children by cash
transfers, food bags and humanitarian assistance.
We continue nourishing the soul and mind of our children with dance, reading and
cognitive stimulation, 100% in the virtual format
100% of our children are connected to the internet and have returned to their schools
Sueños (Dreams), a piece made during lockdown, has been selected to participate in
the Move to Change Dance Festival 2020, New York.

We have been able to produce the Podcasts "Encuentros" (Encounters) developed by
young Panamanians and refugees. Stay tuned for the release date
Thank you for allowing us to remain a space for growth and a window of opportunity for
our students.
What do our parents say?

"... I thank all the teachers for their kindness to the boys"-Franklin M.

"Thank you so much, the truth is that you are our right hand in the development of our children " - Miriam A.

"I'm very grateful with the program. My son is very excited with the videos. He always makes time to practice." – Raquel P.

"... The calls made to me by the social worker recomforted me a lot, I thank you very much” - Rosa R.

"Thank you so much for teaching us, as parents, new tools " - Rosario G.

"... The activities offered have been a window of education when schools were closed..." - Yumico M.

As long as there is dance, there will be hope
As long as there is dance, there will be hope
Reading Club.  Imagination gives us freedom!
Reading Club. Imagination gives us freedom!
Our right to education is not in quarantine
Our right to education is not in quarantine
100% Our students are re-connected to their school
100% Our students are re-connected to their school
Your support allow us to serve our community
Your support allow us to serve our community


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