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Jun 4, 2019

The Seedlings of Success!

This is the seed of Urucum!
This is the seed of Urucum!

Dear Rainforest Guardians,

After the the record planting season in 2018, where we planted 6,000 seedlings we have now moved on to the next step, Monitoring!

Do you want to know how we are getting on?

Here in the Atlantic Rainforest it has rained more than usual, which has made our seedlings jump for joy!

We are currently visiting the properties in the community where we planted, recording information, such as: mortality, ant attacks, if the plants are being cared for (if not, why), if they require more organic fertilizer, need replanting, development, which species are developing or dying etc. Identifying and addressing any problems to give the seedlings the best chance of success!

We are only at the beginning of monitoring, so there is still a lot of data to collect and analyze. That said, we have already begun to identify some trends.

Of 5 properties we visited there are already some species that stand out such as: Guapuruvu and Adrago, which are seedlings that have adapted really well! (Look at the size of them! This Adrago, was planted in January and is bigger than me!)

You can also keep up with the planting progress via our map: Mapa ArcGIS

It has been so satisfying to visit the properties and see the growth of the seedlings, and witness the beginnings of new forest growth! We cannot begin to express the gratitude that we (the community, volunteers,the Atlantic Rainforest, fauna, flora) feel in being able to make a positive difference to the life of an individual, a family, a spring, a water course, to nature. All this has only been possible thanks to YOU, doing your part, believing in our work and contributing to our cause.

I cannot stress enough how much YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I wish each and every one of you could visit us and see EVERYTHING that you have helped us achieve. Who knows, maybe you would like to come and give us a hand to plant the next round in Mid-October / November 2019?!

In addition to the good news that the seedlings are doing incredibly well, we have already started planning for this year’s planting.

We are at full force and feeling very inspired in 2019!

The nursery has recently had all its planting tables renovated, and Deivid, our main man in the nursery, has been working hard collecting and germinating many different kinds of seeds! (Let's see if you can guess the trees of the following seeds and seedlings!)

Incredibly, we already have 6,000-7,000 seedlings developing in the nursery for planting later this year!

We recently produced E.M (Efficient microorganisms) which are tiny bacterias and fungi that live naturally in fertile soils and in plants. They can be used in agriculture and animal husbandry and are extremely cost effective and easy to produce. There are several advantages in applying them, such as:

  • Increasing crop production;
  • Controlling spontaneous plants, diseases and pests;
  • Improving soil structure and quality;
  • Reducing the need to apply other fertilizers;
  • Working in conjunction with green fertilizers to aid in decompacting soil, increasing porosity and water infiltration;
  • They can be mixed with other organic fertilizers such as biofertilizers, compost and humus;
  • Composting organic matter to accelerate the preparation process of compost or biofertilizer.

We are applying E.M to our seedlings and organic compost in the nursery and have already seen fantastic results in terms of growth!

As you can see, time is flying here in the Rainforest and as it does we become more inspired, growing in both strength and numbers as more and more people join us in our efforts to reforest the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil!

Our eternal gratitude to each and every one of you!

With much love and gratitude, as always!

Arielle, Ecoleaders, Deivid, Team Iracambi, Volunteers, and of course the Atlantic Rainforest 

This is Adrago! It was planted in January 2019
This is Adrago! It was planted in January 2019
Guess what seeds are? It
Guess what seeds are? It's the Abrigo de Macaco
Volunteers planting Palmito Jussara!
Volunteers planting Palmito Jussara!
Effective microorganisms (EM)
Effective microorganisms (EM)
Effective microorganisms (EM)
Effective microorganisms (EM)
Maranhao chestnut growing in the field
Maranhao chestnut growing in the field
Urucum seedling in the reforestation
Urucum seedling in the reforestation


Jun 3, 2019

Kids in the forest today, eco champions tomorrow!

The end of the holidays arrived in March and the Ecoleaders project is back at work! So we’ve been taking our international volunteers to the local village school, where they got to share stories about the natural environment where they live - for example Jamaica and Florida. The volunteers and the kids had a blast- through a rich exchange of smiles and knowledge.

These kids also visited Iracambi and hiked our Atlantic Rainforest trails. During the forest hikes, they made many discoveries about the forest. They also had the opportunity to learn a few words in English while interacting with our volunteers- all native English speakers.

During this past trimester, school visits for the end of the year were also set up. The next activities, which will be in the schools will enormously enrich the Ecoleaders program, because we believe that if we start inside the classrooms, we’ll be able to get the kids excited about nature before they go into the forest. After the classroom activities aimed at  stimulating interest in the environment, the kids become more excited about taking part in outdoor activities, where they absorb much more knowledge from the forest.

Great things will be happening this year! Next week we'll be hosting a big school visit from Ervlália ( a neighboring town,) The students will  be hiking in our forest trails and learning about Mother Nature through fun activities, as well having the chance to interact with our international volunteers and a group of Brazilian students who will also be on campus. But the details of this visit we’ll be sharing in our next report which will be full of fresh new stories of the Atlantic Rainforest!

Iracambi and the children you have helped want to send you a big thank you for everyting you do  to support us. 

A warm rainforest hug to you all of you!


May 10, 2019

Sustainable Agriculture: Changing Our Ways of Livi

The Sustainable Agriculture Project has been through important changes during this time, turning the activities very intense this trimester.

In this trimester, we set a time for the planning of our next actions, which include the management of an area planted 5 years ago which follows the model of Agroforestry- and visits to well-established local sustainable farmers.

The participation in community-work in local rural properties was also included in the planning, as well as the restoration of a previous pasture, and finally a meeting with farmers of the region to promote Iracambi's sustainable agriculture program and to exchange knowledge and ideas.

The activities planned which have already been started includes a walk to potential areas of new field experiments with agroecology in the property of the NGO, as well as the realization of a group-work in the area of test called AREA2, which was a previous pasture that it is now in the process of restoration, specially to contribute to the riparian forest which is located right beside. We chose crops that require minimum maintenance so we can better exemplify the reality of the local farmers of this region.

Another crucial action of this project is to compose and become part of groups of farmers to exchange field experiences. Last month, we started to participate in the Network of Farmers of the Federal Institute of Muriaé (IF-Sofocó). They give free agroecology lessons to the members. The entire staff participated in one of their courses and learned immensely with the class "Soil components and its utilisation on agro-ecological agriculture.", which was extremely an useful knowledge for the NGO for the areas in which we want to restore as for our work in the reforestation nursery.

We still have a long way ahead of us and we count with your donations to keep working with the Planet Earth in search for solutions for food production that respects the environment, with forests that provide a dignified life for wildlife and human beings.


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