Dec 30, 2019

Moringa to support Farmers progress Report Dec'19


Christmas greetings from Drylands Natural Resources Centre (DNRC) family. As the year ends, we are happy to share our progress report on Moringa to support Kenyan farmers healthy and wealth. We applaud your kind and continued financial support which makes us to achieve our dreams for the community and the organization. Your support help us to continue working with our now 800 smallholders farmers in planting indigenous diverse trees addressing issues of environmental degradation, community disintegration as well as community economic development. The trees we have been planting have both short term benefits as well as long term benefits. The diversity of trees we are planting solves diverse needs in the household ranging from; fodder, timber, medicine, fuel, fruits, conservation and ornamentals. Moringa tree is one of the trees we have been planting since 2007.In this case most of the farmer’s have mature trees as they plan more. So the farmers continue to use both the moringa powder as well as fresh leaves for their nutritional supplement which they have experienced great healthy improvement. Apart from selling through DNRC, they also sale at personal level thus getting more income. Farmers continue to get income from our international order for the moringa seeds which is still running. We say thank you once more for not just being part of this project but playing a critical role in making succeed through your kind donation.

During the reporting quarter, the following activities took place: Preparing farms to plant more trees, issuance, collecting moringa seeds, processing moringa powder.

Below are detailed activities during the reporting quarter.


During the reporting quarter, we were busy issuing moringa seedlings to plant with other seedlings for October-December rains. A total of 3000 moringa seedlings were issued to the farmers. Seedlings are issued in ratio depending on how much seedlings a farmer is ready to plant every year based on available labour.


During the reporting quarter, about 600kg of moringa seed were sourced from the farmers for the 1000kg of moringa seeds order.


During the reporting quarter, 29kgs of moringa leaves were sourced from the farmers and dried for moringa powder


During the reporting quarter, major challenge was a lot of rains which slowed down seeds drying and shorter time to dry the leaves for powder.


  • Farmers follow ups to monitor the planted seedlings.
  • Train new farmers on moringa project
  • To continue tending the balance of moringa seedlings in the tree nursery for gapping in March – April 2020 rain season.
Dec 11, 2019



Christmas greetings to all of you. We are happy to once again share with you our progress report on food forest and gardens in Kenya. The long ongoing rains in Kenya have been source of blessing to us despite the challenges associated with excess rains. Both DNRC and schools food forest have received more than enough rains and the production trees ranging from: Mango trees, citrus trees, paw paws, cassavas, avocados, banana etc are growing very first. Farmers continue to take advantage of the above normal rains we are receiving by planting more trees. DNRC staff, interns and visitors continue to have diverse vegetable supply from DNRC kitchen gardens ranging including Kales, spinach, black night shade, beat roots, coriander, eggplant, arrow roots, carrots etc. Kitchen gardens are helping DNRC to self-sustainability in terms of food supply for the staff and income from the sale of extra vegetables. DNRC vegetables and other crops are organic produced through permaculture/agro ecology so highly preferred. The school food forests are doing great and all the 12 schools we partner with were able to expand their plots this season and they were supplied with enough food trees to plant. Planting of this diverse trees and food crops not only benefits the nutrition part but also plays big role in the whole ecosystem services. We can only say thank you so much for your continued financial support to make this happen.

During the reporting quarter the following activities took place: Gapping and expansion DNRC and other food forests in schools as well as planting perennial crops and cover crops, Issuing fruits trees to the 12 school we partner with and helping them expand their food forests. Also supplying farmers with vegetable seedlings to plant in their individual kitchen gardens.

Below are detailed activities during the reporting quarter.


DURING THE REPORTING quarter, the following activities took place: Expansion of DNRC food forest by planting more fruit trees ranging from paw paws, bananas, citrus, Cassavas and sweet potatoes .Also beans and cowpeas were planted in the food forest. In terms of output, we harvested 13.3 kgs of Bananas and 7 passion fruits.


During the reporting quarter, DNRC staff in charge of the gardens were busy tending the gardens and weeding .They were also involved in establishing more vegetable nurseries for next quarter planting.


Water remains the main challenge for DNRC operations especially during dry season.


  • Plant more parts of the gardens
  • Tend and weed both gardens and food forests
  • Propagate more vegetable seedlings  
Dec 3, 2019



We hope this report finds all of us well. We are happy to share with us our progress report on forestry training and finance for the last three months. The now 800 small holder farmers we work with continue to establish both woodlots and food forests to continue achieving our goals of environmental regeneration, community strengthening and economic development and sustainability. So far, the trees we have been planting continue to grow and we are slowly getting to our goals as the tree canopies broaden and their barks widening for quality timber. The soils are more fertile as the vegetation cover has reduced erosion and increased water retention. With the current rains in Kenya, some springs have started to show up in the covered areas implying that the vegetation cover has really helped in raising the water table with reduced evaporation. The community is more organised and the social fabric continue to strengthen as they work together, train together, eat and dance together. Farmers now have enough firewood for home use something they used to buy and they have excess which they sale to DNRC and make extra money. Moringa which is one of the trees they have continued to grow, apart from the agro forestry benefits, farmers continue to get income from the sale of seeds and leaves for powder. Thank you so much for your financial support which has played a role for us to get this far.

During the reporting quarter, the following activities took place: finalised transplanting of remaining seedlings in the seedbeds, constant maintenance of the entire tree nursery, constant follows ups of the farmers to make sure they are ready for planting, seedling issuance and preparing for the end of year party.

Below are detailed activities during the reporting quarter.

DNRC tree nursery program

During the reporting quarter, the nursery staff were busy finalising transplanting the remaining seedlings from the nursery beds as follows : Moringa oleifera 1000, pawpaw 160, passion 41, banalities 360, kigelia Africana 50, Gakeana gakii 20..For the year 2019, DNRC propagated a total of 60,124. During the reporting quarter, farmers were issued a total of 27,851 diverse seedlings. Total of 2000 seedlings was issued to the 12 schools we work with as a sign of giving back to the community. Over 5,000 seedlings were sold to non-farmers. We continue to issue more as the rains continue.

Outreach and training program

During the reporting quarter, the outreach staff were majorly involved in follow ups to make sure farmers are ready for planting more trees. All the 14 groups were visited and were trained in whole farm design. Also the 14 fifteen groups were issued with tree seedlings. Famers are encouraged to take more seedlings to take advantage of the prolonged and good rains in Kenya now. During the reporting quarter, the outreach staff were busy also coordinating and mobilising farmers for the end of year farmers get together party which scheduled on 6th Dec 2019 at DNRC grounds.


Water was a major challenge especially during the dry seasons

Next quarter

  • Famers annual get together
  • Plan for the year 2020
  • Do follow ups on the planted tree seedlings
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