Jun 24, 2016

Forestry Training and Finance Quarterly Report


Greetings from Drylands Natural Resources Centre (DNRC) family. We continue to say thank you so much for your continued and generous support you continue to accord our projects. Your support is enabling us to work with now 500 families (5,000 people) in the drylands of Kenya to improve their economical status, improve their environment and strengthen their social fabric as the work together. We are realizing positive impacts since we started up to now. The first trees are big enough and have formed canopy and the microclimate is improving. The farmers are saying now the region is raining more and its cooler compared to when the project had not started.

 As we prune the branches as part of the management of the bigger trees, the families have enough firewood and extra to sell for income. Moringa trees we planted are big enough to produce seeds and leaves for income. The farmers are bringing the leaves at DNRC for processing into the powder and hence making money. We are on the process of looking for ways to start extracting moringa oil for domestic use and sale for income. Some of the fruit trees have started producing like the papaws and so the food and nutrition insecurity is slowly being addressed. As the environment and economical aspects improve, the farmers are slowly realizing that when alone you can realize little but together you realize more. As you support us, we also encourage in case you get a chance, you visit us to see the positive impacts and we build more relationships. The following are more details of the activities which took place during the quarter.

Tree Nursery Program

The goal of this year is to propagate 60,000 plus tree seedlings of different varieties and uses .We plan to plant at least 30 different species for biodiversity, wildlife and diversified income opportunities. During this quarter, we have propagated 45000 seedlings. We also continued the normal activities in the nursery including sowing, transplanting and soil preparation and maintaining the already existing tender seedlings.

Farmers training/outreach program

During the quarter, DNRC training and outreach staff was involved in training the groups on tree management as well as recruiting more farmers. She management to mobilize and recruit 50 more new farmers and we are in the process of inducting them to our programs.

Farmers bi-annual get together.

 To strengthen and build the community, we have included in our programs farmers day where they come, eat, dance and share their experiences. On, 10th June 2016, we had our get-together which went on very well with over farmers attending and the area government officials joining us. The occasion was full of celebrations as the farmers presented educational skits, poems and songs with tree planting themes.

 Main Challenge

We have the challenge of transport of our extension officer and also an extra staff to be able to effectively train and reach the now 500 farmers.

 Focus for next quarter

 To continue propagating more tree seedlings to meet our year target of 60,000.

To train the newly recruited farmers and the others on tree management and planting

Jun 7, 2016



Greetings from DNRC family. We continue to smoothly implement our social, economic and environmental activities because of your faithful support. We say thank you so much for partnering with us in our mission of promoting sustainable development of natural resources of the drylands region of Kenya in order to bring about improved livelihoods of peoples living there. In the last 3 months, we continued to implement different activities at our tree Nursery program, training/outreach program and administration program. The highlights is that through outreach program, we were able to recruit more 50 farmers, propagated 35,000 tree seedlings and trained 500 farmers on tree pruning. Below are detailed activities accomplished during the 3 months period in both the nursery and training and outreach programs.

Tree Nursery program

Our target for the year is to propagate 60,000 diversified tree seedlings which are both indigenous and high value exotic trees. Besides continuous watering of the existing tree seedlings, the nursery team potted and raised 35,000 tree seedlings during the quarter. (See attached pictures of the same)

Training / outreach program

This program entails, recruiting, training and follow ups of the small scale farmers we are working with. During the 3 months period, we recruited 50 new farmers, making a total of 500 current farmers working with DNRC. The farmers were trained in sustainable tree pruning for firewood and green charcoal production. (See attached pictures). The farmers have been actively involved in planning the bi-annual get together scheduled to take place on 10/06/2016.


Dry season starting hence water problem for the tree nursery. We are digging shallow well to help solve this problem.

Focus the next quarter

  • Watering the existing tree seedlings
  • Potting and propagating more tree seedlings
  • Training of new and old farmers on different tree management and planting as they prepare to plant trees on October-December rainy season.
Apr 26, 2016

Moringa to support Kenyan farmers March '16 Report

a. Introduction

Greetings from Drylands Natural Resources Centre (DNRC) family. We are more than grateful for your kind donations through global giving. We are able to continue to regenerate Maiuni community through income generation, environmental protection and social capital build up through planting of Moringa oleifera and other trees by 450 farmers and 6 schools. We focus more on moringa oleifera due to its high nutrition value and saleable product due to its increasing demand locally and internationally. During the quarter, we were able to sale both seeds and powder locally worthy approximately $1000.This amount was distributed to the 450 farmers thus improving local economy. Also the farmers continued to use the Moringa in their diets thus improving their nutrition and diversify their diets. We also continued to propagate more moringa seedlings in our tree nursery, issue ready moringa seedlings to the farmers to plant and also to follow up to the farmers fields to train them on tending the planted moringa seedlings in their farms. The following are more detailed activities which took place during the quarter.

b. Propagating Moringa seedlings

During the quarter, we continued to propagate moringa seedlings to be issued to the farmers during the rainy season. The target for this year is to give each of the 450 farmers at least 10 saplings. (See attached pictures of our tree nursery attendant propagating the saplings)

c. Follow ups of Moringa trees in the farmers’ farms

DNRC training and outreach staff visited 20 individual farmers’ farms as a follow up and on farm training to make sure they are managing the planted moringa seedlings well. During these visits the farmers were also sensitised on the importance of moringa and need to continue caring and increasing the volumes for increasing market. (See attached picture of a DNRC farmer next to her flourishing moringa tree).

d. Processing Moringa powder.

During the quarter, farmers continue to harvest their moringa trees leaves and bringing them to the office for processing. Once they bring the leaves in the office, they are weighed, recorded and dried under shade to retain their nutritive value and then pounded into power and packaged for sale. (See attached picture of some processed powder).

e. Focus for next quarter.

  • Continue propagating more moringa seedlings
  • Farmers getting more training on moringa.
  • Harvesting of moringa seeds from the mature trees for sale.
  • Continue processing and packaging moringa powder for sale.
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