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To evolve a sustainable and replicable model for an effective and decentralised public school system To achieve this vision, we will: Work in collaboration with the Central and State Governments and from within the system. Share our model, expertise and experience with anyone in a similar space, with similar goals. Create and adopt methods, systems and techniques that improve learning levels in public schools - and put these into practice with quantitative targets and time schedules.
Dec 16, 2014

Tapping children's creativity

Students involved in creative drawing
Students involved in creative drawing

Dell Corporation has been actively supporting the four government schools in Domlur, Bengaluru where Sikshana Foundation is present with volunteer participation and conducting events to motivate the students. In the last quarter, Dell conducted a Talents Day program in its city campus on 28th November in which students from the government schools in Domlur participated. Sikshana selected 15 students for the program—10 for the drawing competition and 5 for the cultural programs.

 The 10 students actively took part in the drawing competition by using their imagination and drawing different themes. A set of 5 students joined the Dell employees and exhibited their talent through a small dance program. These students were from the Tamil and Kannada medium government schools in Jogupalya.

 Yet another event was the celebration of the birthday of senior management member of Dell R Jagdish in the Appareddypalya government school on 5th December. He sponsored lunch for 90 students of the school by contributing Rs 100 per student. The luncheon arrangements were made by the Sikshana mentors in co-ordination with the school authorities.

 Besides, Dell volunteers have been visiting these schools regularly to interact with the students. Every week volunteers from Dell visit the schools and teach children simple mathematics, share interesting videos, guide students on the usage of computers and the Internet for improving their academics, motivate them with inspiring stories and anecdotes, etc.

Sep 18, 2014

"Health is Wealth" - the first footsteps with a health awareness camp

Medical Care for children
Medical Care for children

Dell organized a Health Camp in three primary schools of Domlur on July 3rd 2014, partnered with RMV Foundation. 20 volunteers from Dell and 2 doctors from RMV Foundation came forward to conduct a health check up for 40 children from Jogupalya (Kannada, Tamil and Urdu) schools. The health awareness camp was organized to teach children the basic health and hygiene like brushing teeth everyday, to drink clean water, at least 4 to 5 glasses in a day for keeping good health and take bath every day to keep your body and system healthy. Children were encouraged to keep their class rooms and school surroundings clean.

 The RMV Foundation doctors did a thorough health check of 40 children like eye testing, ENT check, skin check and ailments and lastly dental check. Those children who were detected with basic ailments were given immediate medical aid like medicines and first aid. There were a few children who had chronic asthmatic problems, those children were asked to visit the RMV Foundation hospital with their parents for free health care.

Health Awareness camp
Health Awareness camp
Jun 25, 2014

Quarter Report II 2014

The Endline Assessment was conducted  by Sikshana for the children in the classes IV  to VII . The feedback from the assessment was positive with enhancement in learning levels for language reading and writing and arithmetic skills.

 This ASER based assessment reflects the state of learning among children. The ASER based assessment tests the basic language (reading simple sentences in the regional language) and mathematics skills (simple division skills) among children studying in Class IV and VII.

In schools adopted by Sikshana, the children are doing remarkable in language and mathematics skills. Sikshana's intervention shows that the children are way ahead of ASER level skills. To prove that, Sikshana introduced a level higher than ASER in assessment the year 2011-12 and continued in the last academic year.  In Government Higher Primary school,Appareddypalya, Domlur alone, 75.5% of the Class IV students are able to solve mathematics problems which are higher than ASER level and 87.7% of the students are able to read Kannada language which is a level higher than the ASER level.

Similarly, 65% of Class V students are able to solve mathematics problems which are higher than ASER level and 70.7% of the students are able to read Kannada language which is a level higher than the ASER level. In class VI, 69.7% are able to solve mathematics problems which are higher than ASER level and 94.5% of the students are able to read Kannada language which is a level higher than the ASER level.

92.1% of Class VII students are able to read complex Kannada language text, which is higher than the ASER level. Nearly 59% of the students are able to solve mathematics problems which are above ASER level. Sikshana's programs such as providing writing sheets, mentoring the children, teachers and schools has helped in the overall development in the schools.


Efforts were made by the field mentor to engage the children with holiday reading and writing assignments.

The children were away for the summer holidays for two months and the school reopened in first week of June , with the begining of the child tracking and data entry exercises.