Jun 22, 2020

Help Me Find a Forever Home Report

May is the month when Ping An was born. Because Dad is missing, Mum works and lives alone, and there is no way to take care of Ping An. In order for Ping An to be taken care of, grow up and grow up in a healthy family, so Mum is giving birth Before Ping An, I quickly came to the Erfu Union and asked the social worker aunt to help. This day is the fourth day of Ping An’s birth. The mother-in-law and her mother-in-law just came home from the hospital to take care of them. The nursing sister told her mother-in-law that Ping An is a baby with a mild personality, whether it’s feeding her or changing diapers Ping An always opened her big eyes and looked at the aunts with her watery eyes, without crying or making trouble, so that the hearts of the nursing sisters would be melted. Although my mother and grandmother felt unhappy, in order to allow peace to grow up healthy and worry-free, after handing over peace to the hands of the mother-in-law, her eyes turned red to her mother-in-law. The response will take good care of peace until the parents who love her appear quickly!

Jun 19, 2020

Taiwan Children Nutrition Subsidy Program Report

"Xiaohao has always been the pillar of the Ocarina, and it plays very well, but in fact, Xiaohao hides the helplessness in the face of family changes in the sound of Ocarina, and vents his emotions through music." The director is distressed. Talking Xiaohao.

In the eyes of classmates, Xiaohao is a happy pistachio, who talks humorously and jokes. The students who often laugh are laughing. Also, Xiaohao is a superb club post of the flute art, but it is little known that Xiaohao's father Suffering from heart disease and poor physical condition makes it difficult to find a job, so I often worry about drinking and drinking, but the more I drink, the more worried. The economy depends on my mother's teeth to support this family. My mother is tired at work, so Xiaohao shoulders Taking up the responsibility of taking care of my sister, playing the Ocarina with both hands and picking up the spatula, trying to learn how to cook, so that my sister can have hot meals after school.

"Brother's cooking is difficult to eat," my sister said naughty, but she could tell the dishes cooked by her brother like a few treasures. Later, she whispered that her brother would cook very well. I like to eat fried rice. At that moment, I saw my sister's admiration for her brother.

After school, Xiaohao had to share other household chores besides cooking rice for her sister, but the school work was not affected at all. She took notes carefully in class, even if no one urged, she could complete her homework spontaneously, and her test scores should always remain above 90 points. If there is something that my sister does not understand, Xiaohao will be transformed into her sister's exclusive tutor, patiently instruct her, and with the help of Xiaohao, she will be the best in the class this mid-term exam.

There is another month for the summer vacation. Xiaohao wants to continue training with the school’s Ocarina, and he is worried that his sister will have no one to cook for her at home. In addition to the camp activities funded by the Children’s League, the younger sister can have a place to go after Xiaohao’s practice. The brothers and sisters can go to school together happily during the summer vacation, even lunch.

Dec 23, 2019

Help Me Find a Forever Home Report

Every month we always have around 70 babies who need your help to find a new home.
They start to find a new home for a different reason.
But all the same target, to find a new home, a new family who gonna give them 100% love.

This year we also help babies find there's new home.
They might be adopted by local parents or some of the babies have specific needs.
It's gonna take a longer time to find a home, or we have to help them matching a new family from abroad.

Please see some pictures to know more about what we do,
and below is one of our babies who find a new home in Norway video.


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