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Mar 10, 2020

Wells Empower Women and Girls

Haoua and her daughter, Habiba
Haoua and her daughter, Habiba

 “Since the construction of the well, our lives have changed. My daughters and I don’t have to wake up at 5 a.m. to walk a long distance and fetch water on our heads. I’m so glad that they can go to school.”   - Haoua, 47

Women like Haoua and girls like her 13-year-old daughter Habiba understand the transformative power of water better than anyone. Before a well was drilled in their village of Garin Maizouma, Haoua and her daughters would rise before the sun to walk miles in search of water. Often they would find that a water source they had accessed just the day before had run dry, so they would keep walking. The water they managed to find was often contaminated, and they knew that drinking it would likely make them and other members of their family sick.

Once a well was drilled in Garin Maizouma last year, everything changed. Instead of walking for water, Habiba and her sisters spend their days in school. Haoua has joined her village's savings group, which consists of other women from the village who contribute money to the group pool every month and then take turns borrowing the funds to invest in their families, buy seeds for their gardens, or launch a money-making venture. Haoua has already been the recipient of one of these monthly loans, which she used to start a small soap-making business. Most importantly, water-borne illness in Garin Maizouma has been eliminated. Haoua and other women like her no longer fear that they water they give their children will give them a life-threatening case of diarrhea.

We are thrilled to report that in 2019, we helped to deliver the kind of transformation experienced by the villagers of Garin Maizouma to a total of 66 villages. We also funded a solar-powered mechanized water system for a rural health clinic that will benefit 8,000 to 10,000 people a year. We are looking forward to funding another clinic water system and many more village wells in 2020!

With deep appreciation for your compassion in action,

Kate Cusimano

P.S.: We are so excited to be participating in GlobalGiving's Girls Fund campaign, which launched on March 6th. If we are one of the organizations with the most unique donors when the campaign ends on March 13th, we'll be eligible for year-long membership in the Girls Fund, which is supported  by hundreds of donors who are committed to creating a more equitable future for girls around the world. It's the number of donors that matters, so a donation of as little as $10 could make all the difference!

A girl at the well in Garin Maizouma
A girl at the well in Garin Maizouma
Mar 10, 2020

Health Clinic Water System Installed!

Village Chief Ada and Clinic Leader Louli
Village Chief Ada and Clinic Leader Louli

Since we last updated you, construction on the health clinic water system that you helped to fund has been completed! The clinic is located in a community called Kawaye , which is in the Maradi region of Niger. Prior to the drilling of this borehole well and installation of the mechanized, solar-powered system, people in Kawaye  did not have any access to safe water, relying on shallow open wells that were frequently contaminated.

Now, not only does the village have a safe water well right in their community, but the clinic has running water! That means that laboring mothers don't have to bring their own water to their deliveries. It means that health care professionals can wash their hands and instruments between patients. It means that giving birth in Kawaye is now a joyful experience, not a life-threatening one.

Unfortunately, in light of recent security issues in the region, we canceled our February trip to Niger out of an abundance of caution. Sadly, that means that we don't yet have photographs or stories from beneficiaries for you, but we will have more to share in the next report!

As always, thank you for your compassion in action.




Dec 9, 2019

First Health Clinic Funded

Thanks to the incredible support of our donors and the GlobalGiving community, we have successfully raised the $50,000 necessary to fund a solar-powered water system for a health clinic in rural Niger, the poorest country in the world according to the 2019 UN Development Report.

Construction of the system began in October and is expected to be competed in February, 2020. The healthcare facility receiving the water system is located in the Chadakori commune in the Maradi region of Niger. We are sending a team to Niger in February and plan to see the new system in action and capture some photos and video to share with you! 

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