Aug 22, 2019

Traditional Dance & Music helps those who need it

Channa (left) with her grandmother & older sister
Channa (left) with her grandmother & older sister

Salvation Centre Cambodia (SCC) is celebrating 25 years of operation this year with an expanse of impactful programs and projects across three major regions of Cambodia. The organisation has managed to maintain Khmer ownership and management, and is one of the most respected charities supporting vulnerable and at-risk families affected by HIV/AIDS. 

As an organisation, SCC continues to innovate and develop new programs to support those in the community affected by HIV/AIDS. A strong aspect of Khmer culture is Apsara dancing and music which has been part of Cambodian tradition for thousands of years. SCC has made a conscious effort to include Apsara dancing and music in the education of their students. The Music and Dance program continues to help 52 students in Siem Reap participate by providing expert teachers, instruments and facilities. 

The Apsara Music and Dance program is the latest initiative that SCC has opened up to the global community to support through donations. SCC is already strongly reliant on international donations and this program joined our donation outreach programs only two months ago. We currently have $180USD in donations and it is your support for this program that will help it continue. We can’t thank you enough for your support so far.

How has the program helped local Khmer children?

One of our vibrant Traditional Dance students is 16 year old, Channa. SCC first met Channa many years ago in the small Bosh Krolanh Village in Siem Reap. Her parents had both passed away from the HIV/AIDS virus, leaving 2 year Channa and her older sister in the care of their elderly grandmother. Both daughters were born with HIV/AIDS and lived in poverty, supported by generous families within their community living on 500riel/12cents per day.

In 2010, Channa was registered with Home Based Care (one of SCC’s community programs) to support people living with, and orphaned by, HIV/AIDS. Her small family received support such as supplementary food, rice, oils and salts as well as school uniforms, school material and basic health care. Channa also enrolled in the SCC Children Basic Education program to further enhance her state school education. She also became a Youth Group Leader in the SCC Community Centre which allowed her to to earn $15 per month. Over the next few years, Channa developed a love of learning and was included in SCC’s Traditional Dance Program. 

Today, Channa is excelling in both her school studies and her dancing. She is in Grade 9 at Chreav Secondary School and makes sure she never misses a day of state school or SCC classes. Although her living conditions continue to be tough, the Traditional Dance program allows her (and many of our other students) to earn an additional income for their families by performing traditional dances in cultural centres and hotels. Channa knows that, for now, she can work hard and keep performing with hopes to graduate and become a traditional dancing teacher one day. 

Channa would like to personal thank you for helping to support orphaned children in Cambodia “to have goals, learning and a good future”.

Aug 5, 2019

Salvation Centre Cambodia exam results and our expanding international networks:

Salvation Centre Cambodia has had a fantastic couple of months expanding their international networks and sitting their first term exams. 130 students in our Phnom Penh school took Level 1 to 3 First Term Exams with great results! We had 125 students passing speaking and listening skills exams with over one third of students achieving an Excellent score. This is a great testament to our fantastic teaching staff and the commitment of our students.  

The success of all of our SCC-CBE schools is very reliant on the ongoing support of our international friends and donors who want to see our impactful projects succeed. Almost all our generous donations come from the global community and for that we want to say thank you!

One of the things you may not know about SCC is that, since it started in 1994, it has maintained Khmer ownership and management. This is unlike many charities and NGOs within Cambodia and allows for such impactful community work and connection. In additional to SCC’s local management team and workforce, SCC has been lucky enough to benefit from a global network of international volunteers. We have volunteer teachers, volunteer fundraisers and volunteer consultants who all provide their time to see SCC continue to develop and support vulnerable families with HIV/AIDS. I wanted to specifically talk about two international volunteers who have had a significant impact for SCC over the last few months. 

Firstly, Courtney was a volunteer teacher with SCC Phnom Penh from January to March this year and was heartbroken to hear that one of our schools was in danger of closing. Courtney ran her own fundraiser and managed to raise 660 by saving her head and donated it all to SCC!

Secondly, Ellie from Sydney, Australia has joined our team as a volunteer Fundraising and Grants Advisor. She began working from our SCC Siem Reap management office and is now travelling around the world building more fundraising and grant relationships to expand our international network. 

Our SCC projects and schools wouldn’t be possible without our international donors and volunteers who make up our network so thank you for all your continued support. Lastly, I wanted to say a big thank you to some of our donors who consistently support SCC and the work we do with our schools. Thank you to Susan, Sarah, Jennifer and Leila for your regular donations.

SCC Head Office staff, CBE teachers and voluntary teachers had invited the venerable monk to teach and educate our CBE children about the morality, solidarity and how to become a good child, a good students and a good citizen for the humanity being at the SCC-CBE School Boengkak, slum area, and Phnom Penh municipality.   It is the very special event for our children who has a valuable time to get the physically and mentally education at our school. Furthermore, SCC Head Office staff, CBE and voluntary teachers and our kids get the best way of the peaceful mind by meditated. Additionally, meditation help us and our kids with breath and heart beat working well, stable and peaceful mind, freshly feeling and it’s easily to get more informs.  


After performing a Buddhist Ceremony, children had a chance to play various games led by SCC CBE teachers. Moreover, this Happy Happy Program was participated by voluntary teachers and community people as well. Our kids played very happily and exhausted too on their holiday.Happy Cambodian children!! 


From May-July 2019, SCC-CBE School located in Phnom Penh city has been warmly welcomed the eight volunteers from Denmark, Ireland, England, Australia and Italy. They help us teaching our children and other required work at SCC-CBE School. Most of them are kind, friendly, and adorable to everyone. They shared the lovable quote that “Life is not about making others happy. Life is about sharing our happiness with others.” That’s why they do love Cambodian children, especially kids at SCC-CBE School.

Regarding guideline children's basic education (SCC-CBE School) has been training our kids to singing and dancing because they will have the kids’ song contest at the Ministry of Information Hall. It's a good chance for our kids to challenge with this competitions which have more children who come from different schools to participate on the special kids’ song contest.  All of them feel over excited when they have these Kids’ song contest, thank you so much all donors and supporters who always help them.

Budget Expenditure from 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2019 (12 months)

Thank You for your kind support us!

May 6, 2019

Little things big things grow:

Dedicated to the people who believe that from little things big things grow:

The Salvation Centre Cambodia school in Phnom Penh has welcomed many international visitors over the past 3 months. Some bought gifts of educational materials and others volunteered to teach the children English. While the children benefit enormously by learning about different cultures and countries, they also have the opportunity to hear spoken English from a world perspective. They hear different accents, different ways of saying the same words, differing pronunciation and spelling. The volunteers that visit the school also benefit as SCC aids their future learning & job opportunities by providing references acknowledging the work that they do at the school. Music and Art always plays a large part in learning at SCC, and past music students such Chamron, Chaprya and Nowna frequently return to the school to welcome guests with a musical greeting. For 23-year-old Chamron, learning music at SCC has provided him with a career path that enables him to financially support himself and his sole parent family. He teaches music at various schools and offers private tuition. 

A special thank you goes out to Sue and Gary Heap from the UK for their consistent support of school. They regularly brave the difficult Cambodian postage system to send parcels to the school filled with educational and fun stuff. Also, a special mention goes to Micheal Wilson and the members of St George Rotary Club in Australia who raised $500 for the school. Despite the pressing needs of their own drought ravaged community, this small group of caring people worked tirelessly to raise the funds to help the kids of Cambodia.

The school continues to suffer financial difficulties despite requiring a mere $1,100 US a month to remain operational. Donations have dwindled, and the school’s future beyond September 2019 remains in doubt. It is with a heavy heart that I advise that I can no longer assist SCC with their fund-raising efforts. The Global Giving Project will continue under the leadership of SCC Programs Manager, Kirivan. Thanks to all the donors and supporters.


Sue & Gary Heap, UK. Kind supporters of Salvation Centre Cambodia.



St George Rotary Club, Australia. They work hard to help the kids of Cambodia.


Visitors from Denmark bring books & educational materials to the school.


Me….thanks to all the donors…If you cannot do great things do small things in a great way.


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