Jan 31, 2020

Some really surprising and important reporting from our SCC-CBE School. The things/events that kids

Christmas Day! was celebrated on the 25th of December 2019 by SCC-CBE teachers and our children at the SCC-CBE School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In the Christmas event, the children received various gifts from our generous supporters. They enjoyed a happy time surrounded by their friends, classmates and teachers eating delicious food and playing various educational games led by their teachers. Our students were able to strengthen the relations with each other. Moreover, they were encouraged and motivated to come to SCC-CBE School and public schools regularly too. We talked about children’s rights to education, their rights and child protection, in order to encourage them to be more self-confident and successful in their studies. It is important that the children themselves know about their rights and the chances they have in Cambodia’s society. In this event, they also learnt about a new culture and traditions, which have flourished in Cambodia after having brought here from western countries. They were able to experience some Christmas spirit and traditions, thus broadening their knowledge of other cultures and their festivities.


Happy Happy Program was conducted on 13th December 2019 by SCC’s staff members including CBE teachers for children at the SCC-CBE School located in Phnom Penh with 63 children of which 29 are were girls participated in this activity. In the program, the children played together, explored their skills and learned from each other. They were also able to build new relationships with one another and strengthen existing ones. During the program, the pupils were very happy together: They learned some new skills unconsciously, interacted with each other, shared knowledge, played educational games and enjoyed refreshments. It was a great opportunity to strengthen their relationships and grow together as a community. Through having fun, our children were encouraged and motivated to study at CBE School and state schools regularly. This activity promoted our SCC-CBE School and informed students and parents about their options and possibilities in the education offered, and encouraged more children to join the SCC-CBE School. Additionally, this program aimed to end stigma and discrimination against vulnerable children.


Mrs. Christine is a former volunteer teacher and a fundraiser of SCC-CBE School from Australia. She has been supporting and saving SCC-CBE School’s life keep opening until now and children’s rights to education in Cambodia. At 8 o’clock on 13th January 2020, she invited her best friends, Nicola, Zoe and Xyavia to visit our SCC-CBE School and all beloved children. She has praised that all teachers and children at SCC-CBE School are doing a great job. Whereas our visitors felt surprised and impressed when they saw SCC’s staff members including teachers and children welcome them very warmly. They told that they have learnt a lot about the real situations of CBE School and children. They appreciate our jobs. They encouraged our children to study for the sake of yourselves, your family and especially for your country. 



Mrs. Jane is a volunteer teacher from UK and she teaches our children for two weeks. She felt that the children in her class enjoyed interactive learning. She felt very welcome by both the local teachers and children at school. She found the behaviors of some children very hard to manage but she understands and appreciates of the help that she gave. The children seemed to enjoy interactive play and activities while learning. They enjoyed songs with actions and really enjoyed the creative side of learning through craftwork and coloring. Due to these attention span and age ranges, games should keep in short and with stickers.


Friederike a volunteer teacher from Germany. She teaches our children for three months. She said, “I feel very important to share my English lessons with all SCC-CBE children in Cambodia.” She added that, “I know they will improve their skills a lot.” For me, it is a great experience and the children it is an importance and fun time. Next to class, you connected with many students (from all levels) and it is great to see how they get attached to you.






Regarding teaching children at SCC-CBE School, if due to the language barrier the students do not understand English well, so the teachers try to be patient to talk to the students in English. Not only talking, I have used body language, drawings and pictures from course books for getting my students understand. They sometimes do not understand what I meant. For my opinion, it is important to all that the students get translation from the local teachers. It is necessary for a good lesson; especially for the younger students a local teacher who assist in Khmer language is very important.  























Nov 19, 2019

Performance of Music and Dance Program in SCC Siem Reap




The first generation learning Khmer Traditional Music at SCC Siem Reap 2018


Music and dance program were established in September 2013 at SCC-Community Centre in Bosh Kralanh village, Chreav commune, Siem Reap district, Siem Reap province. The program has organized and supported two groups of orphans and vulnerable children. One is learning Khmer Traditional Music and another is learning Traditional Khmer Dance (APSARA Dance). The aim of the program is to provide an opportunity for vulnerable children aged 9 to 21 years old living around SCC community Centre and from various villages and communities to learn these vocational skills for the sake of their benefits.

At present, there are 52 children (of which 28 are females) have learned and improved their knowledge on Traditional Arts, culture, morality and loving-kindness through teaching and learning music and dance program. Moreover, they have self-confidence and strong commitment on their studies. It was because the vocational skills give much benefit to them both in the present day and in the future. This program also has reduced expenditure of the parents/caregivers in the field of music and dance education. 

Children practicing dance styles inside SCC Community Centre at Siem Reap province 

From the beginning until now, they come to practice and learn the skills at SCC-Community Centre regularly. Moreover, some of them are be able to perform more than 50 songs and 10 styles of Apsara Dance. Besides, some of them have a chance to perform music and dance at the Five Star SOKHA Hotel and Sofitel Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap town, at the wedding ceremony and at the various ceremonies.  In this reporting period, 40% of the existing children have earned some income from the skills to support their family and themselves. 



We are fortunate to have many visitors come to our music and dance school. Moreover, the visitors who are on a trip can visit the rice field nearby the SCC community Centre as well. We are very grateful to many people for spending their time to support SCC’s children. Our children warmly welcome visitors with the blessing dance (Robam Chun Por). In the reporting period, VBNK staff, Tem Sokchea and team of Protectkids Kambodscha from Germany visited the program and they wish to support and keep the program running.


 Protectkids Kambodscha team visited Khmer Transitional Music inside SCC Community Centre, November 2019, Siem Reap, Cambodia


Protectkids Kambodscha from Germany visited Khmer APSARA dance inside SCC Community Centre, in November 2019 Siem Reap, Cambodia.



On behalf of children, musician, and dancing instructor, we would like very much to take this opportunity to acknowledge thanking for generous supporters, Sadeep and Micheal who have supported the program through Global Giving. Their kind support made our musician, dancing instructor have job, and children gain skills for improving their lives both in present and in future and we hope all of you will share and continue to support us. I would like to appreciate the Governing Board, all of my colleagues and SCC’s volunteers for their hardship and energy in work so far.


  • At present, music and dance classes, funding is insecure. It means we do not have a full budget package for running teaching and learning services. Therefore, SCC would like to ask all generous supporters to save these fruitful vocational skills.     
  • The administrative work of music and dance classes not well organized yet. Therefore, SCC needs more time and technical training to improve these. 
  • Beside a traditional musician and dancing instructor called “Kru Robam”, we do not have any responsible persons for coordinating this work yet. Therefore, we will coordinate to have a responsible staff with his/her job description in order to improve these vocational skills.  
  • Now, both music and dance classes lack of instruments for practicing and learning. For instance, dance class lacks of instruments such as Angre, Angrout, Tralaok, Chhneang and dance clothes for performing Apsara dance. In the meantime, musical class lacks of Sralai Thomm (Quadruple-reed shawm), Sralai Tauch and some musical instruments have broken, but have no budget to repair them.     


Nov 1, 2019

Successful initiative fund SCC CBE School Cambodia

That's great! Our children have been doing lots of beautiful craft work lately. They have gained some of the benefits of craft work. They learnt to develop their motor skills, increase dexterity, improve hand-eye coordination, boost self-esteem, encourage self-expression, help in socializing, promote innovation and creativity, and enhance decision-making skills. They were very happy. This is one of many life skills they needed. in


Their achievements of SCC-CBE Children doing craft work outside SCC-CBE classrooms, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Their achievements of SCC-CBE School children in Phnom Pen, Cambodia  doing craft work outside classrooms


In this reporting period, from August to October 2019, SCC-CBE School located in Phnom Penh municipality has been warmly welcomed the 16 English Voluntary Teaching Assistants: They are 7 persons from England, 1 person from Japan, 1 person from Netherlands, 1 person from USA, 1 person from Belgium, 2 people from Ireland, 1 person from Australia, 2 people from Italy and 1 person from Germany. They help us teaching our children and other required work from SCC-CBE School. Most of them are kind, friendly, courteous and adorable to everyone. They shared the lovable quote that “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” That’s why they do love Cambodian children, especially kids at SCC-CBE School. 

On the 30th of October 2019, SCC-CBE School located in Phnom Penh warmly welcomed the 2 German visitors. They were kind, friendly, and courteous to our kids, teachers and SCC staff. They are individual sponsors of SCC. They have been supporting our children both spiritual and materials. 

Group photo with Mr. Micheal and Regina in SCC-CBE School Phnom Penh, Cambodia 

Mr. Micheal and His wife Regina visited SCC-CBE school children in the classroom, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

SCC-CBE School located in Phnom Penh would like very much to express our gratitude and profound thanks to Healthy Fresh Factory (Pure Drinking Water Company) located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for their generous heart and donated 250 US dollars, 20 liter tank of pure drinking water and 20 cases of pure drinking water to SCC-CBE School, Boengkak slum area in Phnom Penh municipality. We definitely appreciate their valuable support orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). Their donations save SCC-CBE School’s lives and Children’s Rights to Education. 


Group photo with private sector & CBE School kids and SCC monk

Education is an investment in the future of children and of nations: Overall, large numbers of girls and boys remain out of school at all levels of education, from early childhood through to adolescence. Most children drop out before reaching secondary school. Girls and boys from disadvantaged groups are struggling to realize their potential as they face difficulties getting to, and staying in school. 

(Source: https://www.unicef.org/cambodia/education

SCC-CBE Schools contribute to solve the above mentioned issues, so our project wouldn’t be possible without our international donors and volunteers who make up our network so thank you for all your continued support. Although SCC reached their Global Giving funding target of $10,000, this amount of funding has been spent based on weekly work plan, monthly work plan and annual work plan have been made by SCC-CBE School. Therefore, SCC still continues to do fundraising for supporting children and other unavoidable expenses such as school building rental, electricity, water and school materials for teaching and learning both for children and teachers.                                          

    Thanks very much for your do kindly to support poor and vulnerable children in Cambodia!!!



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