Aug 20, 2021

Project Report Cure their Hunger

We are delighted to report the success of the initiative taken by ISKCON Prayagraj to help the poor and orphans.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the economy of the world has drastically declined. In under-developed areas like ours, orphans and needy people are put in difficulty, struggling for essential elements of life. As a part of our national project, "Food for Life", our team at ISKCON India will be supporting the local orphanages in feeding the much-needed nutritious food to orphanage kids and nearby villagers in the city of Varanasi, India.

Being a non-profit organization, the only source of revenue for the orphanage is donations from local people. During this time of difficulty, the contributions to the orphanage have drastically declined, thus putting the children, staff & the nearby villagers in urgent need of support.

The orphanage has 55 children, teachers & employees who are entirely dependent on the orphanage for their food, shelter, clothing, and other needs.

Last quarter, the second wave of COVID-19 affected all very much, but we continued to support these children here. Again in the previous quarter, We provided the "Happiness Kit" to each child here along with teachers and employees. The Kit consists of 3 Kgs of grains, two shampoos of 250ml, Shops, and sanitizers. We are also providing nutritious food to them regularly.

Along with our support to the orphanage this time, we went the extra mile. We started an initiative to teach poor children in slums and villages.

Due to COVID-19, schools are closed for more than a year, and children are bereft of their studies and forgetting their lessons learned. We went, connected, provided them stationaries, and taught poor children of nearby slums and villages. We taught 60+ new children last quarter.

Leading our team, our friend Madhur shares his experience "It was a great experience for me to meet the orphans and the poor and serve them. Children were enthusiastic about learning, and they have good potential. The parents were pleased to see their children study."

We are very thankful for all our generous donors, brave volunteers, and local administration for their valuable support when all needed you in this time of dire need.

At Last, we request you to visit and share our other initiatives with your family and friends. It helps us reach more people and grow.

  3. Shelter & Care for 58 cows in INDIA
  4. Youth Welfare center for Food, Skills & Career IND
Aug 7, 2021

New Flooring & Fans for mother cows

New Flooring in Goshala
New Flooring in Goshala

We are very delighted to report the successful progress of the ongoing project by ISKCON Varanasi to provide proper shelter and hygienic care to cows at our Goshala.

Cows are an integral part of human society and Vedic culture teaches us to respect cows as our mothers and we are trying to incorporate this principle by giving our best care to our cows.

Thanks to all donors, our cows are eating high-quality cow feed and living in the well-ventilated cowshed and spacious playground, being taken proper care of by 3 employees concerning their hygiene,  food, and cleanliness.

Highlights of last quarter:-

  • New Flooring of Goshala has been done to provide better sanitation and cleanliness.
  • The walls of Goshala have been repaired.
  • New Fans are put in Goshala for better ventilation and Air to our cows.
  • We have also extended Tin Shade put last quarters to provide more space for the cows and shelter them from the sun.
  • We have also purchased a total of 50,000 KG of good quality fodder for our cows this quarter.

We are thankful to the GlobalGiving team, our generous donors, and our volunteers for their support in this noble cause to serve our mother cows.

New Fans For Cows
New Fans For Cows
Dear Ganga
Dear Ganga
Jul 25, 2021

Youth Welfare Center Project Report

Alumni Mentorship Program-2
Alumni Mentorship Program-2

We are very delighted to report the successful progress of the initiative taken by ISKCON Varanasi to establish a Youth Welfare Centre at Varanasi to expand its mission of supporting academic education, skill development & healthy food to needy students at Varanasi, India. Equipped with all modern amenities, the center will cater to the children of poor laborers in the local region.

Young Indians today are grappling with anxiety, loneliness, depression & unhealthy habits. Over the last five years, more than 40,000 students committed suicide in India. Lack of value education and over-emphasis by our society on external success are two main reasons for depression among students. Youths need proper career counseling, a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly - character education.

To facilitate this we have organized many online seminars and counseling sessions over the past years to help the students.

450+ students have been provided counseling for JEE Main / Advanced.

250+ students from different colleges attended the online seminar "Amazing Benefits of Sattvik Living" last quarter.

We also conducted an Alumni Mentorship Program, where we invited alumni of colleges to interact and guide the students. This session was attended by 100+ students.

This quarter due to COVID-19 wave 2 we were not able to conduct our programs offline. But to help students we conducted various Online Programs. We conducted follow-up sessions for students who had attended "Industry Oriented Training Bootcamp" last year to help them solve their problems.

We are very thankful to our donors, experts from different fields to join us, and volunteers who helped us to reach out and help more and more youths to shape their life and career.

Benefits of Sattvik Living
Benefits of Sattvik Living
Follow up Sessions
Follow up Sessions
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